Thursday, 22 November 2007


I was just browsing the WOMworld homepage and found a post relating to the N81 that Norman John of SymbianWorld received by winning the lip-syncing contest (I thought WOMworld said he would be one of the first to receive one to test? Oh well, If I was Norman and received an N82 aswell that would be more than enough to make it up!).

Anyways, there was a video at the end with what I assume to be a few of the guys from Nokia!

What can I say? GREAT dance moves, loving the little shuffle there guys! (Thanks for the much needed laugh after a looooong day of school!)

One thing I don't understand...

Why didn't the N82 get a boyband song? I was seriously hoping for one because the N81 pop4real number was so cheesey that it was beautiful!

Please Nokia, give us another boyband song!


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