Thursday, 20 December 2007

Nokia N96 leaked

Aren't the mobile-review forums amazing? Once again, they've come up with the goods (I know I've said this before). This time it's leaked images of what seems to be the N96.

Here's what I've noted from the pics (available here):
  • 5 megapixel Carl Zeiss Camera
  • Dual LED flash (NO Xenon?!?!?!)
  • Large screen but it still looks like QVGA to me. The black makes it appear even larger.
  • There's a stand on the back.
  • It seems there's no front facing camera. Maybe this is a China or America only phone?
  • Dual slider: top part looks empty, maybe there'll be touch-sensitive buttons.
To be honest, I'll be very dissapointed if this is the N96 as it seems to bring nothing new to the table unlike when the N95 was leaked over a year ago now. Back then, the N95 was amazing and I couldn't believe that Nokia could fit so much into a phone. This, however, doesn't really seem special.


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