Tuesday, 4 December 2007

NokMote, in action

Samir from bysamir.fr has recently posted a video of an application he has in development called NokMote which allows you to navigate through phones that have built-in accelarators simply by moving the phone around!

The video shows him playing some games with the application, and from what I can see this is gonna be another hit from Samir!

It's true: "A FRUiTY Phone can't rival a smartphone" (easter egg)

I'm sure that I'll be donating to Samir because from what we've seen so far come from this man, I certainly want him to carry on! Also, of course...I wouldn't mind showing this off to friends at school!

Seriously though, If you ever read this Samir, I love your work and the fact that you make it ALL available for free is even more commendable. Please, keep it up!


  1. Anonymous


    Thank you for your support ;)


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