Sunday, 20 January 2008

emTube version 1.0.10 available...BUT

As I was checking blogs this morning a post on Symbian Web Blog caught my eye: emTube has been updated to version 1.0.10!

After reading the changelog I went to the emTube site on my N95 8GB and proceeded to download and install the updated version of the application. Here's the changelog for those who are interested:

Fixed the infamous 404 error.
New: emTube searches now include restricted content.
New: added Spanish, Bulgarian and Hebrew translations.
New: added "sort by" option to the search view, also available as an settings option.
Fixed problems with playback of FLV files generated by SUPER conversion program.
Fixed: download percentage on the navigation pane wasn't updated in some circumstances.
New: Saved clips view now includes an option to scan your phone memory / memory card for flash video files.
Fixed: A lot of bug fixes and small changes suggested by users to improve usability.

Unfortunately, I've found an issue that means that I won't be keeping this version on my phone and will be reverting to 1.0.9 beta 5. Maybe some of you have also noticed it; for some reason the loading speed feels much slower on 1.0.10 compared to the previous versions.

If the above is true, I hope Sebastian will be able to fix it!


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