Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Samir reveals LoudUp and ShakeMe......Names

OK, surely you have heard of Samir by now and you may also remember the weeks prior to ShutUp's unveiling to the world. Samir has now released the names of his two mystery applications that he announced he had been working on in the beta tester forums; LoudUp and ShakeMe.

No information is known about the applications yet so your guess is just as good as mine. If Samir does it in the same way as ShutUp, we should be seeing a demonstration video along with a summary of the application's capabilities in a few weeks.

Maybe these applications will be for the music player?LoudUp to increase the volume and ShakeMe to change tracks.

Only time will tell.

EDIT: Bery95 of the Symbian Web Blog posted that he's found some information that has lead him to believe that LoudUp will allow the user to have the phone start a call in loudspeaker mode automatically.


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