Thursday, 24 January 2008

ShutUp Beta 1 released and ready for download!

Still remember Samir? You know! The guy that brought us RotateMe and NokMote...DUH! Well, he hasn't released any thing in a while but that has just changed with the release of ShutUp beta 1!

ShutUp was announced quite a while back accompanied with this rather cheesy demonstration video:

As you should know Samir tests his applications by allowing donators to download them and then make suggestions, these suggestions are what will make up the final version of the application.

Anyways, I got my version of ShutUp and it's pretty good! Of course Samir included some features that gives ShutUp an advantage over FlipSilent, the most notabl
e being the 'SlideCall Mode' which allows you to end a sliding your phone down OR up! Yup, Samir has filled another void created by Nokia on the N95.

Go and get yours now!


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