Sunday, 6 January 2008

Want to download ShutUp but just can't wait?

Samir has been very busy trying to finalise RotateMe and NokMote. Because of this he hasn't been able to work very much on ShutUp, another one of his highly anticipated applications...inevitably, a competitor has arised in the form of Tong Ren of who has posted his own app called FlipSilent.

It works in a very similar way to Samir's ShutUp meaning it allows you to simply physically turn your phone over and depending on your choice this will either change your profile to silent, reject a call or do both.

Unfortunately there's no download available and you must send your IMEI to Tong to receive a signed version of the app, which could prove to be tedious for him. EDIT: A new version of flipsilent, 1.01 is available here, you must sign it with a Certificate file specifically for your phone. I will sign for a few people if asked nicely :). Anyways, the more developers the merrier, I say!



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