Wednesday, 20 February 2008

2 weeks without a laptop; N95 8GB saves the day

2 weeks ago my Laptop died. One of my first problems was how I would watch my favourite American and Japanese shows now that I didn't have access to a computer. Luckily, I have a N95 8GB which came to my rescue in my time of need.

How will I watch House!?

House was easy.
1) Open emTube and search for "house season 4"
2) Select the videos and watch.

This worked very well, everything was in sync and I didn't even have to wait for the videos to load before watching. Quality was fantastic aswell.

How will I watch Bleach!?
Bleach was relatively easy aswell.

1) Fire up the s60 browser
2) Go to google and search for "Bleach (insert episode number here)"
3) Find a site that streams the episode and enjoy.

This wasn't too bad, Subtitles were easily legible. Quality isn't on par with emtube though. The browser loaded up over 150MB in the temporary memory I think though.

How will I watch Lost!?

Once again, this was easy.

there are 3 ways I could have watched lost:

The first way is the same as with Bleach, search for a site that's streaming Lost in the browser and away you go.

The second way is to wait until Sunday evening and watch it on sky one.

This is how I did it though:

1) Download and install divx player for s60.
2) Find the pre-converted lost episode and download it
3) Enjoy

This way takes the longest , it took me about 10 minutes to download the 100mb file from rapidshare using Opera Mobile via wifi.

To conclude...

If you have a N95 8GB and your computer has kicked the bucket or is in for repair, or maybe if you just fancy some video watching in the comfort of your bed then don't despair for the saviour is here!


  1. Anonymous

    Me again for a change. I just downloaded emTube, already like it, but I wasn't able to find full episodes of House on it, like you did. Could you tell me what you searched for to get the full episodes?

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