Wednesday, 20 February 2008

iPhone advert: "ALL the parts of the internet"?

Take a look at that video. Notice that it says that the iPhone has ALL the parts of the interntet (If you didn't notice, the "all" is even emphasised in the advert) Apple have made atleast 2 versions of this advert: an UK and an US version but in both that last line bugs me quite a bit especially since the iPhone and Macbook air adverts are shown basically every 5 minutes (what does that say about sales to you?) You never know what part of the internet you'll need, right? What about the Flash part of the internet? You know, that large, large part of the internet? Or maybe the Java part? OR even the downloading straight from your browser part? Obviuosly, Apple don't consider these things to be parts of the internet, considering the iPhone has all parts of the internet, correct?

Or maybe this is a hint that the iPhone will eventually get updates so that it actually does have all parts of the internet? Atleast Flash video support (like the N95 8GB =]).


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