Thursday, 21 February 2008

It's time to duel! Nokmote to take on Rock 'N' Scroll!

As spectators look on, two warriors prepare for the battle that awaits them. A battle of titanic proportions. A battle that will decide...the fate of the world! Keynetik's Rock 'N' Scroll challenges Samir's Nokmote!

I accept that maybe I got a little excited while writing up the opening paragraph of this entry but when something like this happens I just can't resist!

Word on the street is that Keynetik will be setting their application free on the 29th of February, meaning that everybody will be able to download an unsigned copy of Rock 'N' Scroll from their forum.

Rock 'N' Scroll is an application that functions in a similar manner to Nokmote. The user can navigate through their accelarator equipped S60 phone with just the flick of their wrist. However, as users of the first beta of Nokmote may tell you, there is still a lot of work to be done: the bad menu navigation, Being forced to hold the phone flat and of course unwanted actions from external movements (in a car for example). This is where Rock 'N' Scroll comes in, watch the video and you'll see what I mean.

Samir isn't one to relax while others steal his thunder....FlipSilent-->ShutUp, Landscape Pro-->RotateMe and Shakelock-->ShakeMe. He says that Nokmote beta 2 will be out around the last week of February...Sound familiar? Hints from Andrew Galpin (A moderator on Samir's forums) suggest that it may even be out before Samir's own estimation. If we take a quick look at Samir's to-do list for Nokmote, there are only 2 things that need to be done:

"Todo list:
- Setting to calibrate Nokmote, in order to use it in any postion, not only horizontally
- Add a setting to choose a hotkey (to allow N82's users to activate nokmote)"

However, hints from Andrew once again suggest that there's more to come than just what Samir says....Hmmm

Who will be the victor? Will Samir sizzle his opposition or maybe Keynetik will kick ass? Stay tuned to find out!


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