Monday, 4 February 2008

Ngage First access install for N95 8GB and other N-Series devices! Direct download here!

Want to know how to get Ngage first access onto your N95 8GB? P@sco has found a way!.

Download the pre-extracted SISX by clicking here Don't forget to add me to your friends list, my user name is maximus.


1) First of all, go here to download the Ngage application.

2) Then, click here to download Sisxplorer, then install it.

3) Import the Ngage app into sisxplorer and extract it to your folder of choice.

4) Find the sisx file named 9_n-gage.sisx and install it.

Done! Enjoy!

I look forward to playing you all at the Ngage arena, watch out!


  1. Anonymous

    It works, thank you
    Me, from SA

  2. Anonymous

    Thanks! Got it working on my n73, much appreciated!

  3. Anonymous

    tahn you sooooooooooooooooooo much!

  4. Anonymous

    Thanx its Cooooooooooooooooooool!

  5. pulkit

    cool thanx dude

  6. Anonymous

    yeh its on there blog if you search the pages youl find it i have had no problems with it on the n95 but nokia do warn that it may be harmfull

  7. G.R.G.

    Yup, I found the link.

    It's just what the guy has been told to post. This is the same .SISX file the N81 guys were getting so how could it be dangerous?

    N-Gage STILL isn't out yet, even with the help of the countless others that have gained access to ngage now.

    What is going on?

  8. Anonymous

    its might be it might not be i just put on my site wot it says it hasnt done any harm to my phone

  9. Anonymous

    how do i import the ngage app to the sisexplorer!!!!!! help!

  10. Anonymous

    hey the link from ngage installer isnt working!!!

  11. Anonymous

    fuck offfff

  12. Anonymous

    The link works and so does the installer.

  13. Anonymous

    Hi I'm trying to install route66 on my nokia n95 8gb, and I managed to get through all the steps. But I still can't install this software on my phone.

  14. Doktertomi

    Thank you, mate! Working in my N95 8GB.

  15. SEO Training

    n95 ithis one is usefull.

  16. s60v5 apps

    thanks man works for me :D

  17. MujjuBhai

    where is N GAGE 2.0 application i need it for my nokia n95 8gb please send me the valid link

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