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Nokia Bluetooth headset BH-803 Review

The Nokia BH-803 was announced in June 2007 alongside the BH-602 and BH-604. A stylish design coupled with touch sensitive volume controls as well as DSP to help remove unwanted noises in conversations are things that will surely pique the interest of those in the market for a Bluetooth headset.

What comes in the box?

• Nokia BH-803 headset
• Nokia BH-803 headset loop
• Nokia micro-USB charger
• Nokia BH-803 clip
• Nokia BH-803 headset strap
• Manuals


It’s pretty obvious that Nokia were aiming for a simplistic design with the BH-803; the only colours seen throughout the whole device are a glossy black and the silver of the stainless steel. The touch sensitive volume control allows for the single multi-function key to take control of other functions while helping to keep to the theme of simplicity.

The glossy black finish is a major fingerprint magnet and this is worsened since you’ll be swiping the headset frequently with your fingers to control the volume.

There’s a sort of rubberised coating (like on the back of some N-Series devices, such as the N95) on the removable hook that helps to keep the BH-803 firmly in place on your ear. The hook is secured very firmly onto the device by a rotating rubber mound on the back.

Without hook, top:

Without hook, bottom:

With hook, top:

With hook, bottom:

Rubber mound:


The first thing most people do with a new device is charge it, right? Well, the BH-803 charges via a micro-USB port at the top of the device. A full charge takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour but apparently a 15 minute charge will yield 5 hours of continuous talk time.


Pairing is very easy. If this is your first time pairing with the device just turn it on as normal by pressing the multi function key and then entering the pass code on your phone once the BH-803 has been found. To pair your phone with the BH-803 (if it’s already been paired with another device) just turn off the headset (by holding the multi function key until the indicator lights bleeps red) and then holding the multi function button again until the indicator light flashes blue. This means that it’s in paring mode and you can then proceed to pair it with your phone by entering the pass code which is 0000.

Call quality:

Calls are crystal clear, whether it’s you that initiated the call or if you’re receiving a call. I asked my friends if there were any problems with call quality and how clearly they could hear my voice and there were no complaints to be found.

Battery Life:
Supposedly a full one hour charge of the BH-803 will grant you a good eleven hours of talk time. Unfortunately I haven’t had an eleven hour chat with anyone lately so I can’t vouch for these claims…However, I can tell you that the battery life shouldn’t be too much of a worry as I went several days on a single charge whilst keeping the headset on throughout.

Ease of use:

Since there’s only one button on the BH-803, users will have to memorise the different presses that are needed to call upon functions such as Voice Dialling, rejecting a call, switching a call from headset to phone and others.

The touch sensitive panel eases the user experience; swipe your finger upwards to increase the volume or downwards to decrease the volume. Muting the volume is as simple as gently tapping the BH-803 twice in quick succession.
Comfort in-ear:

The earpiece is edged with a round piece of very soft and flexible rubber that fits into your ears perfectly. Unlike my plantronics headset there’s no discomfort when the device is worn for extended periods of time. The loop that’s provided in the box also greatly helps to keep the BH-803 from going anywhere.

There are two accessories included in the sales package; a strap:
and a clip:
They are both attached to the BH-803 by pushing the device into the clip/strap’s rubber grip. The strap can be worn around the neck and the clip can be…clipped to any part of your attire. No need to worry about losing your shiny Bluetooth headset though, the grip is VERY, VERY tight and it won’t be coming out unless you really want it to.

Other people’s opinions:

A major selling point of the BH-803 is its design, it’s meant to look different to the traditional Bluetooth headset. I asked some people what they thought about the BH-803 in its design.

My male friends ALL said it was eye-catching and looked nice but a bit on the feminine side. A lot of my female friends said that it looked like lipstick but that it still looks nice.


In my opinion, the Nokia BH-803 Bluetooth headset is a well styled device that does very well at its intended use: making calls. It’s a device that will start conversations about how good it looks or how much it resembles a stick of lipstick. There are of course much cheaper alternatives available but if you’re looking for something that little bit more ‘special’, this is the headset for you.


Thanks for the oppurtunity, WOMworld!

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  1. Anonymous

    You are fortunate that it fits nicely in your ear because THERE IS ONLY ONE SIZE EAR BUD!

  2. G.R.G.

    I guess I am :)

    I guess I should mention it in the review then.

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