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Bluetooth fun – Phonebooks, SMS, Contacts, “Bluesnarfing” and more with BTINFO

Bluetooth has become a standard feature in almost every phone releases since around 2004. It allows the wireless transfer of data between connected devices. But, there are some more things you can do with Bluetooth than just send a few pictures or your favourite songs to friends and family, like, umm...viewing their sent and received messages, exploring their contacts and initiating calls all from your own phone and without having to touch theirs.

These are things that many internet searchers are looking to be able to do on their phones. Some people have even capitalised on this by offering the FREE solution on internet auction sites like eBay and with many thousands purchasing it. The solution that I’m talking about is BT INFO, a Java application by Marek Šedivý. Seeing as it’s a java application, basically every phone on the current market can use it.

Here’s a summary of what BT INFO is capable of doing:

NOTE: The success of BT INFO is dependent on the manufacturer and model of your phone; some phones will be more vulnerable than others, for example when connecting to a Sony Ericsson you can do basically anything, but with a Nokia it’s more limited. Please ensure that Bluetooth is on before starting the application.

First things first – connecting to the other phone. There is of course a downside to this application, initially you must pair with and authenticate a connection with the phone you’ll be exploring so no phonebook snooping on the bus for you my friend! If you have easy access to the phone, you can just set it to always allow connections from you without any confirmation messages occurring.

Once you open BT INFO for the first time, you’ll see this page on your screen:

Scroll down to ‘Jazyk’, click it and select English.

Now you can connect to a device. From the main menu select Connect.

Then inquiry devices.

You should now have a list of phones with Bluetooth on.

Select the phone you wish to explore
You should see a page with the phone’s Bluetooth MAC address. Click it. On S60 a message will pop up asking you if you want to allow BT INFO to use connectivity applications, press yes.

Now is where the other phone will be alerted of your connection attempt and they’ll need to enter a pass code first. I usually just use 1. Once you’re paired successfully you’ll see this for about a second:

And then this, what you’ve been waiting for:

From here, depending on the phone, the options you’ll see are:

Gives you information about the phone: Battery level, Signal level, Phone model, IMEI number and firmware version. You’ll only be able to see the battery level when connected to a Nokia phone, with a SE you’ll see everything.

You can initiate the ringtones of the phone depending on which profile mode they’re set for.

You can dial a number, hang up a call, put a call on hold or dial the last called number.

Change Language
You can change the language depending on the languages available on the phone’s firmware. This doesn’t work on a Nokia.

You can control the Joystick, certain other buttons like camera and volume up, number buttons and Java?

Pressed Keys
You can control the phone with a skin of a phone on your screen, default is W800.

You can see all entries in the phonebook and save them too.

Reading SMS
Read all sent and received messages, time received/sent is displayed.

Silent Mode
Put the phone into or out of silent mode.

Phone Functionality
You can change the functionality of the phone; Change it from fully functional, to minimally functional. You can set it to GSM mode only or WCDMA only or even stop it from receiving signals. All of this can be fixed with a restart I believe.

Ring Volume
Change ringing volume

Change alarms, create new ones or remove pre-set ones.

Change the clock time.

Change keypad lock. status

I don’t know.

Don’t know either.

I think you can select the operator.

Change profiles.

Don’t know.

Media Player
Open the media player, change tracks etc.

Write text in the text editor.

SE Applications
Various Sony Ericsson applications.

Make changes to the calendar.

Key Sound
Change the key-press volume level.

View temperature levels.

My Devices
Bluetooth device names, nothing can be changed.

Volume Level
Change the volume level.

Memory Status
View memory status of the phone, memory card and internal memory.

Radio Icon
Toggles between displaying and not displaying the radio icon.

Change the keylock settings... Again.

Don’t know.

Custom Command
Don’t really know how this one works.

Details about the connection between the phone you’re connected to and your phone.

You can download BT INFO along with many over Java applications from the developer’s site here. Or just download BT INFO straight from here.



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