Sunday, 23 March 2008

Control your Nokia device with simple hand gestures!

Gadget88 from Howard Forums has found a cool video demonstrating upcoming applications that allows the user to control their phone in a new way...

Eyeplay by eyesight allows the user to control their device simply by making hand gestres infront of the device's camera. Sounds good, doesn't it? Check out the (hebrew) video here to see just how well it works even with old S60v2 devices.

just imagine the ways in which this could be implemented into your phone! Swipe your finger down over your front-facing camera to scroll down a web page with ease! Connect your Nseries device to a TV and play games by moving around like with the eyetoy!

The NinjaStrike game that's demonstrated in the video has been released already according to eyesight's site, but I've been unable to get the game from anywhere.

Unfortunately, to take advantage of this new input method, new applications must be installed which means you can't use eyeplay with the default applications on your device.

I'm hoping that Nokia will pick up on this!


  1. Anonymous

    Hey mr-x, I found out you have loads of interesting posts on this blog ^^ my thanks again.
    Just one question, since my N95 8gb already has an accelerometer in it, would I be able to play these games with that or does it only work via the phone? I'd love to see more games which use that accelerometer, the Iphone has loads but havent been able to get them for nokia.
    Have you mayb found a chinese site that has more of these games? ^^

  2. Anonymous

    And forget that first question, I realise that 'won't work with inbuild apps' means that it won't work with accelerometer either. Sorry!

  3. G.R.G.

    Yep, I believe it only uses the cameras for input, but maybe I'm wrong.

    No worries, easy mistake to make!

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