Friday, 14 March 2008

Couldn't sign RotateMe with open signed online? Now you can!

RotateMe is one of the most popular applications for Symbian at the moment, it allows you to change the orientation of your phone's screen and can even use the accelorometer to do this automatically. Unfortunately, because of SSS, (STUPID Symbian Signed) people who have recently bought their phones have been unable to sign RotateMe due to limitiations imposed by SSS...UNTIL NOW.

I was browsing the highly informative and friendly Symbian Freak forums and found a post by MORF, who is a regular at the forums. This is the post:

"btw, Russian developer fann95 created python app which can change UID and create new checksum. But it is only beta, it can't change dll's UID; only exe.
Not all apps works with this modification, but some works properly (he said)"

Basically, somebody who calls themself Fann95 has been able to create an application to edit the UID of sis files in a manner that will allow them to be signed using Open Signed! This means all you people who have recently purchased a S60 device and have been longing for RotateMe can now have it. Samir has of course said that he'll soon be editing all of his applications to allow for them to be signed using Stupid Symbian Signed's open signed tool but if you're just to eager to have auto rotation on your phone, download the open signed compatible version of RotateMe NOW.

EDIT: Upon further inspection, it seems that this solution doesn't work as planned. As I mentioned above, though, Samir will soon be releasing edited versions of his popular applications. Sorry for any inconveniences!


  1. Anonymous

    it doesn't work.

    it lets you sign and install but won't open.

    the author of rotateme is releasing another version shortly that will work with open signed online

  2. G.R.G.

    I see, thanks for notifying me.

    I didn't install it since I already have RotateMe on my N95 8GB.

    Looks like we'll have to wait on Samir again.


  3. Anonymous

    RotateMe works on my N 95 8GB.


  4. G.R.G.


    Are you talking about the rotateme that I've provided in this post?

    Maybe you have a normal version?

    Are you sure that the application opens?


  5. Jamshed

    We are sorry, this file was removed. This file may be re-uploaded if it does not violate our terms and conditions. :(

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