Saturday, 22 March 2008

Get your own developer certificate NOW.

As most of you already know, SSS (Stupid Symbian Signed) have revoked the end user's ability to attain a developer certificate, forcing us to use their open-signed online system. This of course meant that ALOT of freeware was unable to be signed... until now that is; read on to become liberated!

First of all, I'd like to thank MORF of the Symbian Freak forums once again, if it wasn't for him many thousands of Chinese-illiterate people would still be without certs.

Read ALL instructions and click ALL pictures before attempting

Head over to OPDA clicking here.

Click on the register button at the top right corner of the page.

Fill in the registration form as shown in the image below (Click for full size):
Once you've registered, log in and click on the large orange 'apply cer' button. Fill in your phone's details (you can find your IMEI number by typing in *#06#):

Wait for about a day and then log back in to your account. Click on the 'My Certificate' link and check to see if your certificate is ready:
If it's ready, there'll be a big green tick. Now you can download your certificate and key files.

Things to note:

  • Posting your IMEI on the internet may be dangerous depending on where you live.
  • It may take several days before you receive your certificate, OPDA generate certificates for thousands of people per day.
  • You MUST keep the key file and certificate file safe as they're directly linked, I recommend emailing them to yourself or keeping them on some flash drives/memory cards.


  1. Anonymous

    dude, i love you. Thank you so much!

  2. G.R.G.

    Glad to have been of assistance :)

  3. Anonymous

    Great, thanks!
    Just one question; ive posted my imei and such, still have to wait a few days to receive mine, but I've downloaded one of the previous .rar files, and it only contains 1 certificate and 1 key file. These files are, as said, personal, but how can they be if a 1000 people can use it for 1000 different imei's?


  4. G.R.G.

    Marten, yes there's only 1 Cert and Key in the rar. I don't know how they do it because like I've said, sometimes they have 3000 IMEIs in 1 certificate.

    It does 100% work, it's just that you're sharing a cert with many people around the world.

    I know that probably wasn't explained to well so if you have any more questions just comment again.

  5. Anonymous

    Thanks mr-x! It wasnt really that I needed an answer, just a verification that the system really works. I've been browsing the net for over a week now to try and find a bypass or dev.certificate for ss, with no luck, until I came here! About 7 more days should do it..
    Thanks alot!!!

  6. Anonymous

    Ever tried to think of it as identity thieft? These guys are collecting thousands legit IMEIs for unknown purposes. E.g. Don't get suprised finding your phone banned in your operator network as stolen... or false emergency calls (e.g. a "bomb in the airport" call you'll be responsible for) originated from "your" mobile in Sim-less mode...

  7. G.R.G.

    The only way to report your phone as stolen and get it barred that I know of is to call your operator. What you're saying is that these people at this forum are gonna get people living in the MANY DIFFERENT COUNTRIES that these IMEIs are coming from and then 1 by 1, using a different phone number each time for over 50,000 IMEIs report the phone as stolen.

    Check the other threads in the forum, these guys aren't trying to harm your phone, they're trying to make it YOURS.

    Besides, if my phone does get barred, I think I know of ways to change the IMEI.

    Thanks for the comment ;)

  8. Anonymous

    mr-x you rock brother

  9. Anonymous

    mr-x....can i know if da cert n key file can b used to sign any application or it can only b used once to sign a signle application...thanks in advance


  10. G.R.G.

    William, it can be used to sign any application.


  11. Anonymous

    mr x or any can you help me please with this sitaution. i want nokmote ive tried everything im too dumb for this. contact my email and i will give u everything u need from me to do this.

  12. Anonymous

    I saw my IMEI and I saw the rar file, but if I want to download it I get: "You have to pay to download the attachments." and "Sorry, the balance after transaction is less than the limitation of 0, please return."
    Did I miss something???

  13. Anonymous

    Same problem with balance... cant download...

  14. No Substitute

    Forum url fails for me.

  15. Anonymous

    looked by another site and they told me to earn some credits by posting on the topics at least 5 times

  16. Anonymous

    hope you can help as i am new to this stuff, i got my cert and key which was great thanks and simple, but now i have them how do i use them to sign things, i have unsigned retateme and route66 i want to put on my phone,
    thanks in advance.



  18. Anonymous

    fuck, i dont underrstand any nothing/ (((( please send me more information in my mail : i can't read this chines simvols.
    I have NOKIA 6124 and big problem with this serteficate.

  19. Anonymous

    OPDA seems to have removed the Text Entry Field

    Once you've registered, go back to the page we started at and scroll down to the bottom where you should find a text entry field. Fill it in according to the image with your IMEI & Date of Application.

    Request you to modify the guide to suit the Re-designed Website

  20. Anonymous

    I see. The hack didn't fail you, it's just that for you to be able to install unsigned applications, further steps must be taken (Manually placing the installation files in their appropriate locations) but hopefully, there'll be an easier method, if there ever is, you know where to look.

  21. Anonymous

    Cool, it took me just 12 hours from finding this web page till getting my ReadDeviceData-using application signed and working on my phone.

    Thanks a lot, Mr.X.

    What I'm wondering about is why OPDA is doing this? Pure generosity or they can somehow make use of the obtained EMEIs? ...

  22. Anonymous

    Hi Konst,
    OPDA (as far as I can tell) are doing this out of generosity. I think it is possible to somehow use the collected IMEIs to create cloned devices but that's simply the risk we have to take for Symbian liberation!

    I'm glad that I could help and thank you for commenting!

  23. Anonymous

    Hey Mr-X, I've got a question...

    As soon as I get my certificate and key file...

    What do I with them to sign my .sis files? How do I apply the certificate into .sis files or sign them with the certificate I get?

    Thanks and congratulation on your great work!

  24. Anonymous

    same question as geraldo18 above:
    I got the certificate rar file.

    Whats next ??!!

  25. bllah

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. Anonymous

    I'm getting the following message. Can anyone help??

    ""You do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons:

    Only specified group users have permission to access this forum.

    You have logged in, but do not have permission to access the page that you were trying to.""

  27. Unknown

    i hope this works. if so many many thanks in advance. oh and one question, can i do this again when i get my n85?

  28. Anonymous

    great tutorial man thanx!!!

  29. Anonymous

    Thanx a lot dude !!!!

  30. Anonymous

    I ' ve been posting but when open that url i can't log in.
    how i can sign in, i am not understand those people said.

  31. Anonymous

    well they've changed the way things go there,u can find yrelf a way 2 go, there's an English guide out there, or maybe our dearest friend Mr-X can just update this post according to the changes.

    Really thx alot, u've been alot of help in many things actually :)

  32. G.R.G.

    @Alfi and everyone else,

    I've updated the guide with how to get a certificate. Everything should work fine now.


  33. Anonymous

    Sorry, but this procedure is illegal?? Thanks to all

  34. Anonymous

    Hi,i would like to know if it's possible delete IMEI by the site? Hi

  35. Anonymous

    Nice one, waiting for my file :)

    Great Work....

    BTW. I think it would be nice to pinpoint out were the login for the forum are, and were you find your file when you need to login again after a days time.

    Anyway, it didden't take so much time to find out, but would be a nice edition anyway.

    Thx a 1000 times, can't wait to see my phone cracked. (just got it:)

    Dearly Regards SpaceCow

  36. Anonymous

    how many times we can ask the certificate for different IMEI?

  37. Unknown

    thanks brother u help me correctly to get certificates

  38. Anonymous

    why i can download file....
    i finish all step...
    i test nothing 2 downloads certificates...
    please help me...

  39. Anonymous

    can any1 tell me how to log in bak in OPDA site am unable to find login thing :((

  40. Anonymous

    综合资讯中心 - OPDA智能手机网

    find this 2 log in...

  41. Anonymous

    u can see log in
    in the 1 picture above

  42. Anonymous

    I got the Certificate and Key. Now do i have to install or Save it somewhere on the phone for it to work?

  43. Anonymous

    You are Magic man !
    Got a cert for my 5800 just a few hours
    after request
    "Thanks" is even weak compared to my
    gratitude !

    Thanks a loootttt !

    -- DaWaBZ --

  44. Anonymous

    hmm.. how do i see when it's finish? i closed the the web after i put my imei.. so how can i get back to see when it's done? (btw, all asian language on my PC show as a box with 4 digits in it, how can i fix it?)

  45. Anonymous

    well, im an idiot, i was clicking the wrong button all the time :(

    but other question, i need 2 certs to hack my n95 v31, or 1 is enough? thanks a lot ! :)

  46. Anonymous

    GUD JOB MAN !!!!!!!!!!

  47. Anonymous

    You are an angel to this filthy world........

  48. Anonymous

    ok now i have it, what do i do with it??? and how???

  49. Anonymous

    Thanks alot

  50. Anonymous

    thnx..i now have the cer file but when i download the key file it sys in chinese that i have insufficient OP...whats that all about??how do i get more OP??do i need to??

  51. Anonymous

    hmm.. how do i see when it's finish? i closed the the web after i put my imei.. so how can i get back to see when it's done? (btw, all asian language on my PC show as a box with 4 digits in it, how can i fix it?)

  52. Anonymous

    some help here...i follow all your step..but when i want to put my imei and just do nothing...i wonder what when wrong???

  53. Anonymous

    I think this also doesn-t work. No one even in other sites can make this work. I think we know have to wait for someone to discover a new way to get a dev cert.

    Best regards

  54. Anonymous

    Great Job!!!
    stumbled on this while trying to register.
    click on "agree" and the rest is in english. with the screen shots above it will be pretty easy to register

  55. Anonymous

    after get the certkey, what i need to do...i've download helloox..

  56. Unknown

    I've got cerificate and key file on my pc now will this work with nokia n95 (firware 31.0.017). Now what i have to do next ?

  57. Anonymous

    how long did it take to get ur certificate huh?????

  58. Anonymous

    somebody can help me to get the certificate?
    i'd try the above steps ald
    but til the last part.i cant make it
    it says "Incorrect phone numbers, go back to modify. "
    i had try many different number ald
    but the result is also the same

  59. Anonymous


    I'm hanging at downloading the files. Requested them yesterday evening and now after less than 12 hours the color is green.

    However none of the links work! My chinese is a little bad today, but if I understand babelfish correctly you need something like "OP Coins".

    Can somebody help please and tell me where to klick?

    I made some screenshot:

    @Anonymous above: where are you hanging exactly? Is it after entering your IMEI and this 11digit random nummber? Just take the one on the screenshot and modifiy one or two digits.

  60. Anonymous

    Thanks...i ald got my key...
    but i do have the same problem as yours(Anonymous above)
    i cant donwload it
    it says like your link one...
    call me L

  61. Anonymous

    above anonymous, i downloaded ald the software.
    im using mozzila firefox [ u can download from ]
    but i choose the red text one...
    n click on the cer n key
    it'll download automatically but u need to patient. cos it took me long enough to download both of them.
    but after i downloaded ald...i duno wat to do with the cer n key.
    can u help me?
    >>>> L <<<<
    is E90 FP1 or FP2?

  62. Anonymous

    Thank you so much about this information! Cer and key are working fine and I got them in less than 24 hours.

    I had to download cer and key separately and I downloaded them from the red links, if I remember correctly. It also took some time to start the download.

  63. Anonymous

    I got it ald...but i dont how n wat to do with the cer n key. Can u Help me?

  64. Anonymous

    I keep getting a message that says "wrong validation email" when i enter my imei and email address. any ideas what i'm doing wrong? already tried different email addresses.

  65. Anonymous

    same here. it tells me wrong validation email. what can i do to get pass this?

  66. Thom Yorke

    hi there, just wanted to know whta to do with the downloaded files

  67. Anonymous

    it keeps on saying invalid email address no matter which email address i type in..

  68. yourBuddy

    Do NOT enter your email address below the IMEI box. Just enter any random 11-digit number starting with 13, 15 or 18 as instructed and it will accept your IMEI.

  69. Roar

    There has bee an update on the 11-digit number... Doesnt work anymore :-)
    Could you, who knows the site, check it out?


  70. Roar

    My bad, after X tries it went through :-)

    Thanks for a good guide and lets hope opda finishes my dev cert :-)

  71. RandyboY

    Thanks for a great guide for a starter.

    I followed the guide and got my download link. Great! Downloaded the first file and was about to download the next and was told (had to translate on google) that i was missing OP points or something?
    Can i wait for the point or do i have to do something, god forbid, on the site to earn points?

  72. sul

    thanks for your info.

  73. Anonymous

    can't geti into the page where you should fill your phone details... leads somewhere else... even copied the page on the pic but didn't work

  74. Anonymous

    Thank U, waiting for my file now...

  75. Shah

    Thanks Dude.... good thing they have an optionf for an english version now.... hope to work on my N97...

    PS: btw im just 13

  76. Anonymous

    jus incase... right side top corner there i an option that reads "English". click it to translate into english ;)

  77. Anonymous

    akhilesh:SIR THIS IS NOT HELPING ME .....the website pics u have mentioned are different when i tried to register.....after regestering in opda this following page is

  78. Anonymous


    As already mentioned above the OPDA website has been updated and there is now an 'English' option. My problem is that it says that my phone number is wrong. I assume it something to do with your 5th screencap and the number beginning with 13,15 or 18

    Hopefully you can update this guide with what we need to do or suggest some other way to ge the certificate

    All the best

  79. Anonymous

    Can someone please help me on the above. I have all the files copied on my phone but cannot get the Developer Certificate. I followed the images published by Mr. X and created an account but Im stuck from there and cannot get to the part where I have to enter my IMEI. Some one please help, I really appreciate it, my email is:, and I can give them my IMEI and account details for the forum.

  80. Anonymous

    has anyone used this recently as the OPDA website seams to have changed from the above images?

  81. Anonymous

    i can't type in my application details. I can't edit the box. How do i fix this?

  82. Anonymous

    From now it's in english:
    Pretty easy:
    1.Register (you can type fake e-mail, there is no activation)
    2. Select My Certificate on top bar
    3. Click orange button "Apply cer"
    4. Fill in the form and send
    5. Wait for it (about 24h) it will be shown in the My Certificate site

  83. Anonymous

    Thanks for the above comment.
    That did the trick !!! very easy.

  84. hiker

    Hello. im trying to hack nokia e72-1 031.023

    Please Help, This Nokia Symbian Signed Totally suX

  85. Anonymous

    very good

  86. Anonymous

    does it ask for credits while downloading the cer. and key files from website?????
    Please help...
    please reply as soon as possible

  87. Anonymous

    why when i entered my imei wrong imei appear, can u helpme?

  88. Anonymous

    now these bastards want money for dev cert

  89. Nahid Anwar Khan

    Thanks for this cool website.

  90. dawillzy

    I just apply 4 my devcert, so i'm waitinnnnnnnn.....................

  91. omizio

    i can help u to download if opda has provided u the cer and key without paying with the help of small trick bu why opda is not providing certificate now a days i need it yaar can some one help me ....plzzzzzz

  92. Anonymous

    how to get certificates because now that opda idiots wants money

  93. Anonymous

    guys if you want to download cert and key without having to pay you have to switch to chinese site and then download it.

  94. Anonymous

    Is there other way to get certificate....!!!

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