Sunday, 30 March 2008

Guide/Tutorial: How to install unsigned applications!

This guide is outdated. Please use THIS NEW GUIDE.


  1. Anonymous

    Cheers for this, very much appreciated! Been waiting with anticipation for this kind of guide!

  2. G.R.G.

    No problem :) Enjoy freedom!

  3. Anonymous

    Yup, this works like a charm. Thank you!

  4. Anonymous

    Wow, this thing really works like a charm (A) Thanks allot!

  5. akapu

    Its really work. But all applications are installed on Phone memory.
    Is there any way to install apps on memory card?

  6. Unknown

    I can´t download the zip file. Please, reupload it...

  7. G.R.G.

    Apu, the only way I know of to install unsigned apps to the memory card is by using the first method described in this guide, but instead of pasting the files to C, you paste them to E(This should be your memory card/mass memory drive letter).

  8. G.R.G.

    filip, I just tried the link and it's working fine.

    Anyone else having problems downloading files?

  9. Unknown

    mr-x: It redirect me to this adress - ... I don´t know why...

  10. G.R.G.

    filip, I've uploaded it here for you:

  11. Unknown

    Thanks, you´re star. :)

  12. akapu

    Mr-X, Thanks for really fast reply...
    I tried first method and copied all files to mess memory. But for that my phone is not display any icons of that app. I tried appQLaunch but app doesn't open. I am using N81 8GB.
    Phone memory is very low of N81.
    Any Idea?

  13. G.R.G.

    Apu, I forgot some stuff, try this:

    Keep the exe file for the application in the phone memory.

    Also, there's a file ending in .rsc that you need to put in a folder called 10003a3f or something like that, you must also put this on the phone's memory.

    BTW, what applicaton are you trying to install?

  14. akapu

    I am trying to install MSDict Viewer 4.0

  15. G.R.G.

    OK, Apu, try what I said and if that doesn't work then I'm sorry but you'll have to install it to phone memory as that was all I could think of.

    Good luck!

  16. akapu

    Thanks for your support...
    I really appreciate your work...
    App is ok with Phone memory...

  17. Anonymous

    I have all the files saved to E/Manual Install. But than I don't understand what to do.

    you must copy them to C.

    If i want to copy to C, I can only save in this directory: C/data/....
    and not in C/sys/bin.

    And must all files be saved in one directory like C/sys/bin?

    Please help



  18. G.R.G.

    Jeffrey, try the python application that's at the bottom of the guide. That should be easier for you.

  19. Renjer

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. Renjer

    Hi again, I'm kinda stuck at this step. I can't seem to find my Python folder, though I've already installed Python for S60.

    "save the file and copy it to the Python folder on your phone."

  21. Anonymous

    Our mighty hackers did a great thing, FAC is genius and Symbian is now really an open platform!!!

    Anyway, I am here just to inform you that there is anew solution on the horizon, a 3rd party Python based installer that bypass default installer and allows installing any application with any privileges including allfiles, yeah you read it right, just be patient, it will be released soon ;)


  22. Renjer

    I think my phone hates me.

    I can't seem to copy the 4 py files in the RESOURCEpy folder into my C:\RESOURCES with my computer or with X-Plore. With the computer, the files disappear once copied. With X-Plore, it says "This file cant be opened" and it refuses to be inserted into the folder.

    Now, both Python for S60 and the shell has been installed, so I can run scripts fine, and the folder has appeared in my memory drive (E:\Python).

    Pls help.

  23. Anonymous

    renjer: I have the same problem.

    I have one small qst. - I read that I restart the phone, the apps it will be delete ... It´s true?

  24. Anonymous

    If I restart the phone, the app will be deleted? It´s true?

  25. Anonymous

    Guys, will it work on Sony-Ericsson smartphones (UIQ3)?

  26. G.R.G.

    No. The application won't be deleted.

  27. Anonymous

    Is it only for S60 9.2 (9.1 + FP1)? What about 9.1?

  28. Shaf77

    Hey Mr. X,
    Finally it's working for me.
    Nice one, now i'll retain a symbian user.

  29. G.R.G.

    I'm glad I could help, Shaf77!

    I was also thinking about defecting to a different brand but then this hack came along! However, when my upgrade comes up in October I'm seriously considering alternatives now and I hope you're doing the same!

    So much for S60 being "open to anything"!

  30. Keshav

    it does work ...using on my P1i

  31. Renjer

    So for those who managed to get it working, did you use the first or second method?

    How did you get those 4 RESOURCEpy files into the C:\RESOURCE folder of your phone?

  32. Anonymous

    need method for UNINSLALL apps) maybe you want to upgrade it?
    also need choosing file by simple python filemanager. i think its simple for update? and we want try it)

    P.S. You GREAT brain buster)
    Thank you!!

    (CODeRUS from forum)

  33. Anonymous

    Mr-x i couldnt get to copy the 4 py files in the RESOURCEpy folder into my C:\RECOURCES. It keeps saying error. I have installed python and Y-browser. Are there any application that im missing? Im new to this so please forgive my negligence.

    Please help. Thx!

  34. Anonymous

    4)On your phone, open the UnsignedInstaller using Python and wait for it to finish and your app will now be in your applications folder!


  35. G.R.G.

    To copy the 4 py files, you must be running the hack from here:

    To open the script from python, open Python>Options>Run script>UnsignedInstaller.

  36. Anonymous

    Hi also I´ve got a problem...
    where do I get Python for S60 3rd?

  37. G.R.G.

    Malekith, I've edited the guide with a download link.


  38. Anonymous

    hi i did all the things above and did the 9.2 hack

    but when running script it says:
    IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: E:\rotateme2.sisx

    but the file rotatme2.sis is on the mass memory root.

  39. Anonymous

    Yeah ive got the same problem as the guy above.

    Mass memory root is where all your videos and songs are located right?

    Pls help. Cheers!

  40. Anonymous

    mass memory is ur memory card..

    so on root e:\

    i tried different files but still the python script says no such file or directory

  41. G.R.G.

    The root is where the folders are located, paste the file there.

    If it still tells you it can't find the file/directory, change the extension in the python script from .sisx to .sis

  42. Anonymous

    Hi Mr.-X
    I`ve got a N95-2 crate a folder called Python on my phone and put inside... Then I copied,, and into the folder witch existed RESOURCE. Now I saw your link to Python so I installed PythonScriptShell_1_4_2_3rdEd.sis
    but what should I do with Perhaps you can help me. Excuse my bad english and have a nice day
    best wishes Malekith

  43. G.R.G.

    Malekith, you don't need the zip file. Like I said, just download and install the Actual Python for s60 app along with the scriptshell.

  44. Anonymous

    you mean this one PythonForS60_1_4_2_3rdEd.SIS didn`t you?

  45. G.R.G.


    BTW, for anyone who gets the error that the file isn't there, change the python script from .sisx to .sis

  46. JB

    Got the application to copy the files. I ran the script in Python and it seems to successfully execute it. It showed the files that got copied in the C:/Sys/Bin and the files are there. BUT the application I installed (slidehangup) is not listed in my Applications folder. Can anyone tell me how to get that started?

  47. G.R.G.

    Hmmm, JB, try restarting your phone.

    If that doesn't work, this mat just be an application that doesn't work with this method.

    I'll be posting a new method later on in the day so keep checking back.

  48. Anonymous

    Always I get the error "ImportError: No modul named sisinfo" Perhaps this is because I have a N95 8GB and copied the files to E://resources because i couldnn`t find the phonememory c:// what shell i do is there any possibility to accces c:// on a N95 8 GB or can i change it in the fiel itself?

  49. JB

    Restarting resets the phone to default. I cannot access the Sys/Bin files after that. I have to start hacking from the beginning.

    I hope you can help me out. I really want to unlock my N95 8GB. I have updated it's firmware to V15.

  50. Anonymous

    hi jb,
    i read you also have a N95 8GB perhaps you can help me if you want see my last post...

    Always I get the error "ImportError: No modul named sisinfo" Perhaps this is because I have a N95 8GB and copied the files to E://resources because i couldnn`t find the phonememory c:// what shell i do is there any possibility to accces c:// on a N95 8 GB or can i change it in the fiel itself?...

    How did you install the 4 files on c:// ???

  51. Unknown

    hey mate,
    great guide, but I need some more help...
    I got the hack working, python working and the app installed. It created the ap icon in the applications menu but when I select it nothing happens. its like i didnt press a button...


  52. Unknown

    i forgot to add my phones is a n95 8gb...

  53. Anonymous

    @ Everybody who have a N95 8GB

    It would be nice if YOU could help me!

    How did you copie,, and into c://resources ?

    Would be nice if YOU help me. Nice day.

  54. JB


    For all those who have N95 8GB and are struggling with copying the 4 files into the Resource folder, please do all the steps in Section 1 and 2. Once you do both (WITHOUT RESTART), use xPlore and copy it to the resource folder. What I did was plug my computer as Data Transfer and copied the files to my e drive. Then I copied them using xPlore into the Resource folder. Hope that helps.

  55. G.R.G.

    Malekith, you have to be running the System hack that I've made a guide on here:

  56. Anonymous

    Thank you ver much. I thought I only has to read the chapter on this page... my mistake... so now i have to do every thing till 3)This hack has been confirmed on the N95, N95 8GB, N82 and some others. If you perform this hack, please tell me your phone model or?

  57. Anonymous

    Hi mr-x, ive changed the sisx to sis in the python script but it still doesnt do any good.

    You have any idea what went wrong?
    Thx for your help. Cheers.

  58. Anonymous

    Hi jb,
    thx perhaps you can tell me one more think how can i move folder in xplore? and how can i unlock him?

  59. Anonymous

    Hallo its me again the hack_perms fenster opens and close again without any think

  60. Anonymous

    I can't see the number in brackets there are now brakets what can i do?

  61. Anonymous

    So i got it now...
    But i could only sign Nokmote and ShutUp I weren`t able to sign Route66 and rotateME2 I don't know why but hope you will fix it

  62. Anonymous

    anyone else having the same error like me ?

    i did the hack installed everything

    then i put the sis file on root of mass memory (123.sis) i edit the script 123.sisx (tried also 123.sis) i run the script from python.. but it says there is no such file/directory e:\123.sis

  63. Anonymous

    It seem that some programms run and some not...

  64. Anonymous

    @anon, Malekith
    You could try using letters instead of numbers. I had this error when I did not write the file name case sensitive, in other words i wrote "route" instead of "Route". Try it, good luck!
    Unfortunately, I experience another error, " = zlib.decompress(data)MemoryError". Trying to run Python from E: now

  65. G.R.G.

    If you're having problems, try my new guide here:

    Feedback appreciated!

  66. Anonymous

    Thanks for new vision..but how to sign a aplication for N73

  67. Anonymous

    is this only for 0s9.2?
    try it on my N91?

  68. Anonymous

    hi,thanks for the tutorial mate but i am stuck with Pythan Run script

    IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: E:\rotate.sis

    changed the extension in the python script from .sisx to .sis and evrything but no use... any ideas?

  69. G.R.G.

    Yes, at the bottom of the guide it says if you're having trouble to try my new guide:

    Try that...

  70. Anonymous

    Glad that work but...what about the people that cant even install Y Browser? (9.1 symb )

  71. G.R.G.

    Gogo, I don't know.

    I'm covering Symbian 9.2 so you'll have to find out yourself, sorry.

  72. Renjer

    Perhaps X-Plore ( will do the job as well as Y Browser.

  73. Anonymous

    I got a problem.

    did the system hack
    even got it to work after reboot

    managed to install an unsigned sis
    however the app just closes right after I openning it. the screen goes blank (only shows the theme in the background) and after 2-3 seconds goes back to the app folder.

    app in question: symSMB 2.0 (btw the demo work fine)
    device: E51

    the bigger problem is that I can't uninstall it, it just goes back to the app folder after 2-3 seconds.

    how do I make it work or at least uninstall it.

    yigalkron AT gmail DOT com

  74. Anonymous

    ok problem solved but what a fucking nightmare.

    what I did was use the other (SelfSign) technique (btw that guide is wrong it's e:\private not c:\private) and then installed the new sisx, it didn't fix it but it did enable me to remove it, then I tried installing again and now it works.

    so thanks I suppose, also I recommand that you remove this guide and keep only the SelfSign one, which is way easier, faster and works.

    [and why do I have to clear the cockies and reconnect just so i could post as Anonymous again?!]

  75. Anonymous

    Hi all,

    new problem.
    I am useing a N95 8gb ...

    1. i runned the hack
    2. installed python, PythonScriptShell_1_4_2_3rdEd_unsigned_freedevcert.SIS and PythonScriptShell_1_4_2_3rdEd.SIS
    3. started the script
    4. script runs upto = zlib.decompress(data) Memory Error

    Somebody knows about the error?

  76. Prudvi

    i am not able to create a folder in C:/RESOURCE

    Cannot create new folder error -46

  77. G.R.G.

    You don't have the hack running. Read the WHOLE guide...

  78. proxet

    i tried all the the guides thats say the guide but in one of those guide i cant find the C:\sys\bin. archive to follow the next step and the other one is i cant install y browser because the cellphone said that (certificate error contact the application supplier) any apps and any theme that i download always say the same i updated to firmware 20.0.015 i dont know if is the latest but i need help i cant use the cell to his max development plz i need your help thanx

  79. Anonymous

    I followed it to the letter and got the error 46 whenever I try to create C:\resource\swicertstore subdirectory with ybrowser - it will let me create C:\swicertstore but not C:\resource\swicertstore. The only thing that happened differently for me was that when I doubleclicked to activate Hackperms a blacked Dos screen flicked very quickly on and then off (in about 1/2 a second) and I didn't have chance to see whether the !!!!!!!!!candidate!!!!!!!!!!! in blue appeared

  80. Anonymous

    Hi, I have the exact same issue as Anonymous above, can not create c:\resource\swicertstore
    Pls help!

  81. Anonymous

    Hi, I installed y browser and hellocarbide, but i cant find y browser in my apllication list. its in the application manager. iv tries reinstalling it aswell.

  82. Zaib Malik

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  83. Zaib Malik

    how r u all
    dear i hav nokia n95 (RM.159) firmware v35.0.002
    i want to hack my cell so i can njoy all the applications that are not making me allow to use
    kindly help me out what is the method to hack my cell fone


    my email id is

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