Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Symbian 9.2 has been hacked! Guide/Tutorial HERE

I brought you news of a way to get certificates despite Stupid Symbian Signed locking you out. Now I bring you a way to not even need to sign applications to use them on your phone!

Thanks to FCA00000 and others in this thread for coming up with this solution! Thanks also go to Neanton for the basic guide!


It will allow you to install UNSIGNED applications. It will allow you to give applications FULL permissions. Basically, it will give you FREEDOM.

Download ActivePython HERE, install it.

Download and install PySerial from HERE.

Download and install AppTRK (to your phone) HERE.

Download Hack Perms HERE.


Let's get to business:

Connect your phone to your PC via USB in PC Suite mode.

Go to Control Panel>System>Hardware>Device Manager>Ports OR in Windows Vista it's Control Panel>Hardware and Sound>Device Manager>Ports.

Once you're there, look for your phone, in my case it's called 'Nokia GSM Phone USB (COM3)'. Make a note of the number after COM, you'll need it later.

Open AppTRK on your phone and press cancel when it trys to connect via bluetooth. Go to options>settings>connection and change it to USB. Go back and press options then connect. This is what you should see:

Now open up the Hack Perm python file in notepad on your PC, press CTRL+F on your PC and search for "ser =" (Without quotation marks, of course). Once you're there change the 5 that's in the brackets to the 1 less than the number that followed COM in the step above.

For example, if your number was 7, you would change the number in the brackets to 6 and if your number was 5, you would change the number in the brackets to 4. Once you've done that, save the python file (JUST SAVE, NOT SAVE AS).

Once you have done this, just double click the Hack Perms file and wait for about 5 seconds, during this time, you should see this, notice the "!!!!!!!!!!!candidate!!!!!!!!!!!", this shows you've been successful:

Now to make the hack computer-free:

Download THIS file and copy the contents to a folder in your phone.

1) Using your file manager of choice copy the CProfDriver_SISX.ldd file into C:\sys\bin.
2) Install CapsOn and then install CapsOff.

That's it! Whenever you want to run the hack just select CapsOff and the hack will be working! No need for a computer! If for some reason you want to turn off the hack just select CapsOn... Yes, it really is THAT EASY.


If for any reason this guide didn't work for you, use THIS one.

Things to note:

1)I will not be held responsible for anything happening to your phone. Nothing bad should happen anyway.

3)This hack has been confirmed on the N95, N95 8GB, N82 and some others. If you perform this hack, please tell me your phone model.

Don't forget to check out how to install unsigned apps here.

Here's to a bright future for the now truly open S60!


  1. Anonymous

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  2. Anonymous


    works on N95 with firmware 21.0.016 ;)

  3. Anonymous

    no work on my n73 :(

  4. Anonymous

    Worx like a charm on my N95 with latest firmware m8. Thx 1000 times.

  5. Anonymous

    Nice guide, couldn't get any easier than that. Thanks to those who originally created this. Worked on N95-3 :)

  6. Anonymous

    Its not working on N73 music edition.

  7. Anonymous

    people! This is a guide for symbian 9.2! Your n73s were able to be hacked many weeks ago!

  8. Anonymous

    Doesn't look good on my E90 - still got invalid certificate error...

  9. Anonymous

    duh thats cos E90 is Symbian 9.1

  10. Anonymous

    no success on E51.

  11. Anonymous

    No work for me...

    Can find sys/bin with explorer!!
    Folder sys excist but there is no subfolder /bin

    I'm sorry!!

  12. Shaf77

    Hi, doesn't seems to work on Nokia N95 8GB f/w v15.0.015 Have try'd the new updated tuto.

  13. G.R.G.

    Shaf, you're doing something wrong then.

    I have the N95 8GB with the latest firmware and this worked first time. Try again and make sure you do the first part of the guide before starting on the last part.

    This is a FP2 guide!

  14. G.R.G.


  15. Anonymous


    works on N82, E90!!

  16. Anonymous

    E90 is not FP1 is FP2 and it works ;)

  17. Anonymous

    I will use instructions but not work on N82...

    When I replased its not overwrite...becouse file in C:\sys\bin is CProfDriver_SISX.ldd not CProfDriver SISX.ldd

    I rename file to CProfDriver_SISX.ldd
    and also not work...

    why ???

  18. Anonymous

    point to some funz-gamez site.
    Is the link correct, or it's just died ?

  19. G.R.G.

    You MUST install the profiler to your PHONE MEMORY, not memory card.

    Try again.

  20. Anonymous

    N95GB fx

    ran up as far as successful "candidate" message. However unsigned apps still give cert error.

    Also running carbide profiler , results in reboot of phone , but doesnt prompt me for sim code.

  21. G.R.G.

    Seperate steps must be taken to install nsigned applications. I'll post a guide once I know more so keep checking back to the main page.

    I don't know why the profiler isn't working for you, I use a N95 8GB with V15 and everything runs smoothly.

  22. Shaf77

    have set the phone back to factory settings, and this time i come to as far as, copy file to dir C:\SYS\BIN\
    How many files should it end up with. 3 files?
    CProfDriver_SISX.Idd (the pasted one)

    But still getting cert-error when installing unsigned app's (such as rotateme)

    Plz help :-)

  23. Anonymous

    I instaled on phone memory. Overwrite the file but doesnt work...:(

  24. G.R.G.

    Well, you're certainly doing something wrong then.

    Start again.

  25. Anonymous

    I am used instucton. the same and the same... doesnt work...:(

    But today h..p://

    generated me cert :) and problem cert disappeared :p

  26. Renjer

    Hi I'm trying to install route66 on my nokia n95 8gb, and I managed to get through all the steps. But I still can't install this software on my phone.

    Pls help.

  27. G.R.G.

    Renjer, are you talking about cracked route66 or the genuine, licensed one?

    Either way, I don't know anything about them. Sorry.

  28. Renjer

    Btw it says certificate error, pls contact the application supplier. I think the hack failed for me.

    Yes mine's the unsigned version, Route66.Mobile.v7.3.545.Multilanguage.S60v3.x.SymbianOS9.x.UnSigned.SIS

  29. G.R.G.

    I see. The hack didn't fail you, it's just that for you to be able to install unsigned applications, further steps must be taken (Manually placing the installation files in their appropriate locations) but hopefully, there'll be an easier method, if there ever is, you know where to look ;)

  30. Shaf77

    That's right Mr. X, you have to put the installation files in the corret directory's but what is the correct directory's in general then? i managed to install the iPhone browser regarding to a tutorial found on (browser is really fast now), but couldn't success with rotateme. I'll gess we have to wait for a permanent solution, otherwise we have to learn python :-). Thx anyway for this hack.

  31. G.R.G.

    Shaf77, check out the bottom of my guide here:

    Thanks to si33 you shouldn't have any problems now!


  32. Anonymous

    How to do this in Symbian 9.1 (mainly N73 atp.)?

  33. G.R.G.

    I don't know. I'll try to find out.

  34. FatMixG

    It worked on my N95!!! Ver. 20.0.015 13-11-07 RM-159

  35. JB

    I'm having trouble finding the Sys Bin Folder as well. I have the N95 8GB by 3. I have managed to change my product code and got the updated firmware version. I think the version is v15.0.015. However, I cannot find the folder Bin. Can anyone guide me on how I can get that folder? I would really appreciate it.

  36. Anonymous

    hi i did this hack in the last step it said !!!!candidate!! so it worked

    so far i tried to install rotateme and nicelights both gave a certificate error

    latest firmware

  37. Anonymous

    Uhg, i can't get TRK to connect to anything, i've set it to USB, correct port and everything. It doesn't even begin to look for BT devices when i first run it.

    This is on an E62 btw, i really need this hack to work so i can fix java nag.

    Any help?

  38. JB


    I've managed to get the Sys Bin folder and I was able to do the modification. But after I did the 2nd steps to avoid restart issue, I tested it and it didn't work. I tried starting the Profiler and it starts as Initialising and then says Error:Generic Error. Can someone tell me how to fix this issue?

  39. G.R.G.

    JB, I don't know why it isn't working for you, try starting from the beginning.

    When I get home I'll update the guide with an even newer method to apply the hack!

    Check back in a few hours.

  40. JB

    Thanks a lot Mr-X. I hope you can help me out. I really want to unlock my N95 8GB. I have updated it's firmware to V15. Hope that helps.

  41. Anonymous

    Can't find the C:\SYS\BIN\?
    1. Open X-plore.
    2. Press on your mobile '0' button.
    3. Select "Show system files/folders" and give it a check.
    4. Go back and you will see now de SYS and BIN folder!


  42. Anonymous

    Can't find the C:\SYS\BIN\?
    i did this stip
    1. Open X-plore.
    2. Press on your mobile '0' button.
    3. Select "Show system files/folders" and give it a check.
    4. Go back and you will see now de SYS and BIN folder!

    but Can't find the C:\SYS\BIN\?
    my hany is n82

  43. Anonymous

    Strange, because I've also a N82. Do you have also the latest version for your N82? Because I've that.

  44. Anonymous

    Works on E51 :)

  45. Anonymous

    Permanent Hack doesn't work on my E65...As the 2 automated methods to install unsigned sis...Anyone can help me?

  46. rahav

    cannot download the last file that have to be renamed pleas help

  47. Anonymous


  48. rasta lavs

    Mr.x I need help pls..
    I'm using nok5700. when try to hack, at the trace I see :
    Read memory 60000148=1e -1 -1 -1
    And message say " incorrect ". I dont see any notice "candidate"
    Any suggest's
    by rasta

  49. Anonymous

    The cracked worked fine on my Nokia 6120 Classic phone. Thank you.

  50. shorto

    I have a really stupid question;

    I have a Nokia 6630 can I update it so it'll have Symbian 9.2 insted of 8 (I really need the v3 for navigation and it currently has on v2.4)?

  51. G.R.G.

    Shorto, sorry, it's impossible.

  52. gwegdabest

    hi all!
    i don't usually post comment but i want to say a big THANK YOU!
    i worked 6 hours yesterday(i m bad in informatic i'm forklift driver!lol) and it works perfectly!
    just a small question: what about updates?
    Can i install firmware updates?
    will i have any probleme if i upgrade my firmware?

    Good job all!!
    i just wanted to say a big thank you from France!!!!
    i m bad in english but i can did that so if you have any problem stand relax and try to do exactly what they wrote!!!

    G R E A T J O B !! T H A N K Y O U

  53. gwegdabest

    i ve got a N95 8G for information.

    T H A N K Y O U A I G A I N !!

  54. G.R.G.

    Gwegdabest, of course you can still update your firmware but before you do I suggest you hard reset your phone to remove any traces of the hack.


  55. gwegdabest

    you are a father for me !!lol

    a hard reboot?
    will mobile signer work after hard reboot?
    i love this application!lol!

    thank you again!

  56. G.R.G.

    No, a hard reset will remove everything from your phone memory, this includes your contacts and messages. This means that if Nokia update NSU to check for the files you've used to perform this hack, they wont be there.

    Once you update your firmware just come back here and do the hack again...Unless Nokia fix it.

  57. Anonymous

    The last step is my problem,

    When I double click the script a CMD window appears quickly and disappears just as fast. Seems it didn't work on my N95

  58. Anonymous

    hi TRK ignores me!
    when i press connect nothing happens.

    i am desperate, pls any clue?
    drivers are k, pc suite shut down.

    pls, answer on my e-mail

  59. jamal

    what do you do if when you connect your phone it only shows in the device manager nokia n95 8gb usb it doesn't show a com number no mater what i do i looked at all the other hacks that you have and they all mention the symbian hack then redirect me to this page but i don't see or know what the symbian hack is please hell it is very frustrating for me because i know i'm not an idiot i have successfully completed other tutorials that were much more complex so if there is something i am missing will some one please shed some light on this please i just got my n95 8gb and would like to install rocknscroll and rotateme any help would be appreciated

  60. gwegdabest

    you have to look at on your COMPUTER: DEVICE MANAGER
    if you have problems here you can forgot the hack! lol
    go to OPDA !

  61. jamal

    i'm looking at it right now the nokia n95 only tell me usb i have a communications port which is on com 1 and a printer port which is on lpt1 all the n95 has is usb

  62. Anonymous

    I know Jamal, this hack didn't work for me either. I just signed Rotateme for my N95 in Symbiansigned using a bogus temporary email from skeefmail to open an account. It took me TWO DAYS! to do it (I didn't take a bath BTW) but it finally worked.

  63. Anonymous

    i got a problem...i see on Port Com & LPT:

    Port_#0006.Hub_#0001 USB

    i have uninstalled PcSuite some days ago and just reinstalle yesterday...

    how can I know what COM use my phone?

  64. Anonymous

    FULLY WORKING ON N81 8GB ! (N81-1)
    so I did yesterday FIX my phone with this works like a charm ! I got couple errors when running python script but It did say !!!!candicate!!!! and after it couple errors but what ever it works!

    after I did install Y-browser and did wicertstore and dat and copied 0000001 file when i tryed to make READ ONLY the folders and the file I got some wierd errors but after couple trys i could get the folders
    READ ONLY but never got the file it self but what ever...

    after i tryed mobile singer and SELFSINGED some apps and they did work indeed :) nice hack thanks.

  65. Anonymous

    jesus guys. if you want a free developer certificate click the bottom link.

  66. Anonymous

    Hi it dont work on my nokia 6120 Classic with firmware 4.21.

    Script executes but the line with candidate doesn show up.

  67. No Substitute


    Any luck on finding info on how o do this with Symbian 9.1? I'm sitting on a SonyEricsson P1i, which has S9.1 and UIQv3. Would love to be able to install unsigned apps.

  68. Anonymous

    Got it working on E51 first time round.

    Many Thanks!!!!! :)

  69. Anonymous

    Same problem here with N82. Don't have a Bin folder on C:\SYS. :/

  70. Anonymous

    Yahooooo Grrreat....!!

    working perfactly with n82

    Thanx man U R GR8

  71. Anonymous

    pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee help me before i pass out i have got ot the bit where it says to make the hack computer free how do i get these on my phone N95 8gb can some one simplfy how to do it im confuzled

  72. Anonymous

    i tried all the the guides thats say the guide but in one of those guide i cant find the C:\sys\bin. archive to follow the next step and the other one is i cant install y browser because the cellphone said that (certificate error contact the application supplier) any apps and any theme that i download always say the same i updated to firmware 20.0.015 i dont know if is the latest but i need help i cant use the cell to his max development plz i need your help thanx

  73. Anonymous

    i tried to install apptrk in my phone and it says certificate error, please contact application supplier.

    btw im using symbian 9.3. is tht why?
    any way to get it to work?

  74. Anonymous

    Hello there! work great on N95 last firmware v

    Thanks at all!

  75. Anonymous

    great work on n95-8gb fw

  76. Anonymous

    hello bro, thanx for this tips. btw, can i use this trick on N81-3? my firmware now is v.11.0.045 (29-11-07). thanx in advance bro. :)

  77. Anonymous

    Bloody beauty! Works perfect on my 6120c with latest firmware. Thanks alot! :D

    V 04.21
    Nokia 6120cEM76.07

  78. Anonymous

    I'm using XP and my Com Port isn't listed. Any ideas how I can find it?

  79. Anonymous

    i got the c/sys/ but i cant get the bin carpet it supposted to be on the sis carpet but it isnt i need help plz

  80. Unknown


    i have a problem: when i run HackPerms i get the mess:"Frame does not end with 0x7E"

    what should i do?

  81. Unknown

    "Frame does not end with 0x7E=-1"

  82. Anonymous

    Hi, i want to remove the hack from my n95.

    How can i do that?

    i have a problem, now my phone ask me for date and time everytime i turn off and on.

    Thanks for the help.

  83. G.R.G.

    Anonymous, the hack hasn't caused problems for me nor anyone else, this means you've probably messed with some sensitive files.

    The best and most efficient way to remove it is to do a hard reset.

  84. Anonymous

    Installed everything and seemed to work fine and as said but things such as RotateMe 2.0 still want a signed certificate.

  85. Anonymous

    Dear, thank for the effort, however, AppTRK is not connecting neither from the usb or the bluebooth, I did everything twice to make sure, and also I have instaleld it on the phone memory but still it's not working...Cna you help me???

  86. Anonymous

    Hi mr-x, i would like to ask for ur help.

    I ran into the exact prob just like the guy who posted comment#10 and many others as well. The prob is about locating the C:\SYS\bin directory.

    My unit is an n95-2 (8GB) recently updated to firmware 20.0.016 and I use X-plore 1.21.

    The problem is, X-plore can show C:\SYS, but is not showing C:\SYS\bin. (Details indicate no subfolder exists aside from the parent SYS folder)

    I'm thinking the prob is either one of these 2 possibilities:

    1.) X-plore is not displaying the bin folder (which I'm skeptical about because X-plore is already set to display hidden files and system files/folders)


    2.) The bin folder in C:\SYS\bin does not exist.

    If the prob is situation 1:
    Maybe i could try to find another file explorer program which can addresses the phantom bin folder problem? (Good luck to me. Finding a signed app for 9.2 is not exactly a walk in the park.)


    If the prob is actually Situation 2:
    Should i manually create the folder "bin" in C:\SYS?

    I'm skeptical about doing #2 because, after all, it's a system folder and who knows what kind of hell I'll unleash on my phone if i make a wrong move there.

    Any ideas?
    Much thanks in advance. :D

  87. Anonymous

    Hi guys,
    strike my last post. I have identified the problem.

    Apparently, AppTRK got installed to mass memory (supposedly to phone memory as it should), hence the reason for the missing bin folder.

    I reinstalled AppTRK to phone memory and repeated the steps from there.

    My bad. A tiny overlooked detail can cause so much problems. Sigh.
    All steps have successfully completed.

    But now theres another issue.
    The app (CapsOff) doesnt seem to work.
    Clicking CapsOff (as well as CapsOn) does nothing (no app window launches or such, and no indication that it is running).
    Testing installation of an unsigned app still gives the same negative results as before.

    Any ideas whats going on?
    Thanks guys. :D

  88. Anonymous

    Hi again. :D

    After a number of hours, i've finally got everything working. Yey! :D

    Performed the hack, and followed the guide to installing unsigned applications (link on page), then tested it. Works 100%.

    Useful note: The apps CapsOn & CapsOff are active when u have clicked on them, even when they dont show any indication that they're running.

    I confirm this guide to hack
    and the second guide to installing unsigned apps WORKS.

    For those who might ask if these work on firmware 21.0.016, YES these do.

    Kudos to mr-x for these guides and to all the brilliant people who have shared their talent and creations with the rest of the Symbian users out here.

    Keep on rockin' guys! :D

    TNX! TNX! TNX!

  89. Anonymous

    THANK YOU! It works! All hail the mighty people who did this!

  90. Anonymous

    N73 WORKS!!!

    Nokia_PC_Suite_rel_6_85_14_1_eng_us_web.exe... not work with 6.84 and 6.86
    s60_3_0_app_trk_2_7.sisx... not 2.8 25k... not 19k!

  91. Anonymous

    Confirmed on latest Nokia E90

  92. Anonymous

    Not easy BUT:

    Worked on my nokia 6120 classic with firmeware 4.21

    Now i can sign all my applications

    thumbs up !!!

  93. Anonymous

    Tx alot its working and tested on N95-8gb with 15.0.015 software.

  94. Anonymous

    Ei guys, just a slight typo error...

    In my last post i said firmware "21.0.016". it's supposed to be 20.0.016 (latest for N95 8GB as of this post).

    I hope that didn't cause much confusion.


  95. Anonymous

    I have a problem because in my device the folders SYS/bin does not exist. Even "SYS", just "SYSTEM", but with no "Bin" subfolder.
    I have a NOKIA N95-4 8GB (850-1900 UMTS) -the one that works on america-
    Firmware version: V1.2.011
    Nokia N95 (A6.01)

    I don't know what to do!

    thanks again!

    Sicerely, Marcos

  96. ALI RAZA

    plz can any1 help me to hack n73 i really need it....plzzz

  97. Anonymous

    SO NICE!!!!!
    rite now i can fully utilize my n95 8gb!!

    thanks all!

  98. Anonymous

    hey! first i'd like to thank you for helping the world ! i'm sure your help is much apretiated.

    the second thing i'd like to says is.. well.. i got a problem :( i was hoping you would know the anwser.

    when i run the phyton file i don't get the ****candidate****
    meaning the file wasn't sucesfull. i get errors and it shuts down.

    i have a nokia e65.

    ...hope you can help.

  99. Anonymous

    HI First it doesn`t work on my N95-1 (RM-159) v21.0.016 but when i perform hard reset(cold reset) - this back phone in full factory settings and delete every user data in the phone. I make backup of my data, but not PC Suite backup!

    With this few steps it must work -100%

    First I download and install this:
    1)Download ActivePython and install it. (Pc)

    2)Download and install PySerial (PC)

    3)Download and install AppTRK (Copy to N95 and install)

    4)Download Hack Perms (only download)

    Then i do that:

    5)Connect my phone to my PC via USB in PC Suite mode.

    6)i go to Control Panel>System>Hardware>Device Manager>Ports OR in Windows Vista it's Control Panel>Hardware and Sound>Device Manager>Ports

    7)I see COM4 in the port section and replace in the file the number of the port.Example my was COM4 and i set it 3

    8)I start AppTRK app in my tel in USB mode.

    9)I click double on file and in few seconds ot write !!candidate!! and window close.

    10)I start X-plore app (In N95)
    and "vuala" - i browse C:\SYS\BIN




    2)COPY .....ldd file to C:\SYS\BIN

    3)Install CapsON and CapsOFF on my N95 from FP1 folder!!! NOT FROM preFP1 folder

    AND When I Restart phone and strat CapsOFF - vuala at last I browse C:SYS\BIN.

  100. Anonymous

    hack worked great woooooooo but do i have to keep x-plore and caps off and caps on installed on my phone anymore?

  101. leontancfa

    on the "look for your COM port number" step, I could see only com 3-11, all Bluetooth com ports. but no "nokia GSM phone USB".

    what can I do?

  102. Anonymous

    Works great on E51. Thanks!

  103. Anonymous


    i look for the: 25k... not 19k

    ho work whith N73
    Lobomau said...
    N73 WORKS!!!

    thank for all. 25k... not 19k!

  104. Anonymous

    can someone tell me where to get a working version of x-plore?? I'm at the final steps but don't know where to get x-plore, so i'll be able to copy the file in the sys/bin/ map.


  105. Unknown

    hi guys.
    i have tried time and times to sign up with...
    but it it doesn't accept any kind of email address such as. hotmail, gmail, yahoo and so on. even i try it with, but it didn't work again.
    so, i basically can not get fexplorer, so, itried V_Browser,, but then again, the problem is that it can not see,
    so, i'm really stocked, any help is really apreciated as i am really desperate to install nuance talk.
    by the way, i am running normal N95 with version of 21 update,. (if I'm not wrong though).
    thanks again

  106. avoicefromheaven

    This hack don't work on n95 latest firmware 21.0.16 i confirm because no matter which app trk program you download it keeps on restating when you are trying to connect to pc through usb.

    Please is there another way to hack this latest firmware.

  107. Anonymous

    Hi, man! for E-51 it's realy?

  108. Anonymous

    This worked for me on N76 (Symbian 9.2), using this (very recently-released at time of writing) firmware V 31.0.014.

    Thank you so much, and kudos, for freeing my phone, which I bought using my hard-earned cash, so that I can run my C++ code unhindered on my hardware.
    Next is to free myself of the ugly Win32 "Carbide C++" (hacked Eclipse).

    Using this and the other hacks, I cut the build part of my build/test/edit cycle by the couple of secs it takes to execute signsis, and my friends can try my app on their phones without signing crap! Yay!

    You rock. Symbian Signed sucks. Symbian and Nokia, listen to the community here.

  109. Anonymous

    Yes! It works on my E51! Thank you! Thank you! No need for Symbian Signed. By the way, for the less initiated like me (who just made a recent switch from PPC to Symbian), I had a bit of a problem wondering how I could get to C:\sys\bin. Finally, someone in a forum said to get Y-browser. Only then did it occur to me what you meant by file manager of choice :) Silly me but in the end, it worked. So, thanks again.

  110. Anonymous

    Opps spoken too soon it seems. Now when I reboot the phone, it either says 'start up failure contact retailer' or something or 'system error' and then it goes crazy and hangs. Anyone faced this before? Thanks.

  111. Anonymous

    I tried to restore it to factory settings. Now when I start my phone, it flashes the white Nokia screen and the desktop appears for 2 seconds and it restarts and repeats the whole thing on its own. I can't turn the phone off unless I take the battery out. Have any advice as to what I should do?

  112. Anonymous

    Ah, ok. I've resorted to the *, 3, send key option. So far so good. Thanks.

  113. Paco

    It's not working in my new N95-3 firmware... V 20...

  114. sugbug

    Is there any way of doing this without internet connection????

  115. sugbug

    Is there any way of doing this without internet connection

  116. Anonymous

    Worked for me on my N82. All of you people having probs with accessing your c:\sys\bin folder, go to following address ( and install a demo version of SysSMB on your phone. This tool lets u into your SYS folder and does the job. Good luck!!

  117. Anonymous

    I can connect my phone to my PC but not my phone to the internet.
    Can I still get this on my phone i have tried and tried but can't find the C/:
    Any help at all would so much appriciated.

  118. sugbug

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  119. Anonymous


  120. G.R.G.

    Well, you're on the internet now. All you need to do is download the files I've provided and then follow the guide.

    There's no need to use the internet on your phone to do this.

  121. Anonymous

    Thanks very much for the answers.
    But I just can't get to the C:\SYS\BIN\

    Does it work in the

    Is that the same thing??
    Sorry but I have spent days trying to get this to work. I am not good with computer stuff but i really need to get pysmsflooder to work.

  122. Anonymous

    thanx a lot for this :),
    it made me some problems with my home network i can`t share files, do u know how can i reverse this proccess on my comp?

  123. G.R.G.

    This shouldn't affect your file sharing. The source of your problem is something else, sorry.

  124. Anonymous

    works on N76

  125. Anonymous

    you are a genius!!!!!!!!!!! Works great!!!!

  126. Anonymous

    Thanks you for the time you spend on this. This really makes my phone a lot more fun.

  127. Anonymous

    do you think that i can try it on motorizr z8
    without problem ( symbian9.2 uiq3.1)

  128. Anonymous


    Worked for me on my N82. All of you people having probs with accessing your c:\sys\bin folder, go to following address ( and install a demo version of SysSMB on your phone. This tool lets u into your SYS folder and does the job. Good luck!!

    ((( NOT WORKING )))

  129. Anonymous

    great work guys!

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  131. Anonymous

    hi just wondering what i should edit the 'hack perm ' file to , if my com port is 1? cos '0' wont work?!?

  132. Anonymous

    Folder sys excist but there is no subfolder /bin

  133. Anonymous


  134. Anonymous

    Hi, where it says - download hackperms 'here', when I click I get a page already similar to a notepad file. No option to download anything.
    The instructions say to open a .py file??

  135. Anonymous

    That's probably due to your browser. Try right clicking on 'here' and selecting save target as or something along those lines.

  136. Anonymous

    Cool, thanks - all working now.

  137. Anonymous

    Hi all.Does anyone know how to do this with latest firmware 21.0.008 for n81

  138. Anonymous

    I think you are right! Thank you very much!

  139. Anonymous

    More than this I came to know that there are lots of tricks and hacks that we can do with symbian powered mobiles after

    reading this.this one really helped me a lot.

  140. Unknown

    Hi all,

    I couldn't install App Trk on my N95-8G. it says: Unable to check certificate validity online. Firmware: 20.0.016

    Could anyone help me out?


  141. Anonymous

    work on N95-1 FW 31.0.015 ????

  142. Anonymous

    sorry 31.0.017

  143. Anonymous

    There's a new hacking method for phones with "unhackable" firmware:

  144. Anonymous


    I m having N81, when I try to install App Trk application, it says "Unable to install.. Component already built in"

    Please help

  145. Kittu

    When i try to install App Trk to my Nokia E71-1 on the phone memory, i get an error message "Unable to install.. Component already built in"

  146. Anonymous

    its the firmware

  147. Anonymous

    I also got same problem, cant install (s60_3_1_app_trk_2_7.sisx) to my n95 says "Unable to install..component already built in"

  148. Jerry

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  149. Anonymous

    everything is all set except i do not know What file manager to you use to paste cprofdriver to c:\sys\bin.

    thanks for the help.

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    i did it a year back on my n95 works a 100% guys just follow the instructions carefully
    and then theres a link up there for newbies
    thats very easy to do

  154. Anonymous

    Where can I find X-plore? Anyone.....


  155. Anonymous

    Mr-X I got as far as clicking save and now when I double click on hack perm file I dont see candidate............What should I do...........

  156. Anonymous

    will this work on n86,i was not able to istall app trk. if not please tell any other pracess to hack n86

  157. tomakali

    For a jailbroken Nokia N95, what are the other softwares compatible?

    eg; can Nokia 5800 software be loaded onto a Nokia N95?

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  160. Shock

    no me abre el x-plorer en el anycool T618 ayuda!! ni ninguna otra aplicacion

  161. Anonymous

    Will It Work In 6720 Classic plzz reply.........

  162. Daily Mobile

    ilove this blog ;-)

  163. gucci

    thnx for the tut dude...
    great job..

  164. Candra87

    nice info...

    this is link, how to hack symbian with HelloOx Metode

  165. Anonymous

    When I installed app trek on my said there's a certificate error. How can I solve this?

  166. Anonymous

    I can,t use s60_3_1_app_trk_2_7.sisx in my Nokia E63. why ??

  167. Anonymous

    I can,t use s60_3_1_app_trk_2_7.sisx in my Nokia E63. why ?

  168. Anonymous

    Nice post!

  169. zubin

    apptrk says unable to install component is built-in plzz help

  170. Brad Fallon

    I am pursuing B.Tech & want to explore the world of SYMBIAN Application Development. Please guide me regarding how I can start with this.
    I have knowledge of C# language. Please tell me if this is helpful in SYMBIAN Application Development !

  171. Anonymous

    i can't complete the 'computer-free' trick on my N95. I have the latest version of firmware and I've installed Caps off and on successfully, but when I activate caps on there is still no sys-bin folder appears using x-plore even if i've set it to show hidden files and folders... help please...

  172. Anonymous

    no good with my 6220c you in advance....

  173. Anonymous

    its no good with my 6220c...plssss help..thank you in advance..

  174. Anonymous


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