Wednesday, 2 April 2008

How to install ANY applications using platform hack!

This guide is outdated. Please use THIS NEW GUIDE.


  1. Renjer

    Ok, I've done all those, and now I'm trying to put route66.SIS into my mobile. The unsigned file is on my memory card btw, and I'm using n95 8gb.

    When I open MobileSigner, what do I enter into "sis file"? The full path of the file, or something else? I can't enter in route66.SIS because it'll say "Error load sis file".

  2. Anonymous


    thnx for the tut.

    it works fine on a n82 and n95.
    tested :)

    renjer try another sis..alot of people seem to e having problems with route66..

  3. G.R.G.

    renjer, just press the middle select button on your phone and then browse to the location of your sis file. It should be able to sign Route66.

  4. Anonymous

    hi there

    i am a problem.. i tried installing rocknscroll and shakesms using the first hack via the python script. it all seemed to go ok and both icons appeared in the menu. however nothing happens when i click the icons!!

    is there anyway to uninstall these? also i have replaced and changed quite a few files during this process.. is there anyway to restore everything back to how the phone was originally (with no modded files)?


  5. Renjer

    Ok, route 66 successfully signed, a new file appears (route66.sisx). I click on this file to install it, but halfway through the installation, this message comes up:

    "Unable to install a protected application from an untrusted supplier."

    Aargh maybe it's just route66 that's causing all these problems, refusing to get installed.

  6. Anonymous

    The quickest way to get it back to normal would be to hard reset the phone.

    You will lose all of your settings, messages, contacts etc so back them up first.

  7. Anonymous

    i have done all the steps...checked several times, but ...the installation starts and then i get message "unable to istall protected apps from untrusted supplier" .. any ideas?:)

  8. Anonymous

    I cannot download the 00000001 from speedshare, says that "your url is not valid"!

  9. G.R.G.

    HMMMM, I seem to be having trouble with this too.

    I'll re-write it later.

  10. Anonymous

    works as a charm on n82

  11. G.R.G.

    I've updated the guide and can confirm that it's working on my N95 8GB.

    Re-read the guide and try again.


  12. Anonymous

    Thank's now it works on my N81!
    Great tutorial! ;)

  13. Anonymous

    Hello man , thanks for alll your help and we appreciate this much

    i installed everything without problem and also made new sis files but i get this message "unable to istall protected apps from untrusted supplier" when i try to install the sis files....and there is no folder called "EC696702" in Nokia 95 8G

    would you please help me man?

    thanks again,

  14. Anonymous

    About N95 8gb and EC696702 folder:
    I don't know which one of the two things I did actually worked, anyway:

    1) I created a folder named EC696702 in C:\PRIVATE and pasted the two files there

    2) Also, I pasted (overwriting when prompted) the same two files in the (already existing) EC696702 you can find in E:\PRIVATE (yes, in the mass 8-gb memory)

    Works like a charm, my love to everyone that has worked on this "whackaround".

  15. Renjer

    Jano, it's because the folder EC696702 is only found in E:\Private.

    Thanks everyone, now my unsigned files are working!

  16. Anonymous

    does anybody know why rotateme doesnt get signed?

    thanks for this

  17. Anonymous



  18. Anonymous

    same problem here.
    I was able to install exactly one program. Now I always get a "Unable to install a protected application from an untrusted supplier."
    Deinstalled / Installed anything a few times. Doesnt work anymore.

    Can somehelp help? Thanks!

  19. G.R.G.

    All of you who said it isn't working, this is why:

    YOU MUST install the mobilesigner that I provided, not one you've gotten elsewhere already.

    YOU SHOULD install it to your phone memory, not memory card! Otherwise, it's extra work for you.

  20. JB

    Thanks a lot Mr-X. Works like a charm. Finally achieved my goal of cracking my N95 Black Beauty.

    For those who don't want to install the mobilesigner in your memory card instead of the phone memory, please note that there will be resource folder in both C and E drives. And the folder 'EC696702' can be found in the private folder in E drive. Not C. I copied the 0000001 file into both C and E and I copied the certificates into the E's EC696702 folder. Works perfectly.

  21. G.R.G.

    Also, DO NOT FORGET ABOUT MAKING ALL OF THE FILES READ ONLY. It's very important that you do this.

  22. Anonymous

    Mr-X ,

    can i have your msn please? i would like to ask for help because it doesnt work for me please is my msn , if you could add me i woud appreciate it...i just need a little help


  23. G.R.G.

    I've added you but you're offline.

  24. Anonymous


    I get the same message, Unable to install a protected application from an untrusted supplier,

    Is there any sollution.

    Thx in regards


  25. G.R.G.

    You did something wrong. Did you restart your phone during the process? Did you make the files read only?

    Start again.

  26. Anonymous

    The link don't work.

  27. Anonymous

    I can't create a folder in Resouce!

  28. Anonymous

    Mr-x plese give me a hand im having problems with my n95 8gb add me to my msn

  29. Anonymous

    wow! mr-x its so nice to see that you are helping users without any donations.
    thanks mate nice work

  30. ozatomic

    The guide was working fine on my n95 8GB but then i got to the read only step and it kept comign up saying "IS AN INVALID NAME" ? has anyone come across this

  31. G.R.G.

    Ozatomic, try this:

    Don't put the folders as read only, just make sure that everything is in place. Install active file with manufacturer's capabilities. Once you've got it installed, make swicertstore into a read only file and when it asks you if you want to make all the files and folders inside read only, say yes.

    If you still need help, get MSN and add me:

  32. Anonymous

    Mr-X just want to say thanks a lot for helping me installing STUPID SYMBIAN SIGNED files... it took me 2 days to find the perfect tutorial which is yours i finally install the rotateMe with the help ur two guides this and other one "Symbian 9.2 has been hacked!".

    thanks again... :)

  33. Unknown

    great guide I finally got it working!
    some tips for probs I encountered... If you get the invalid name when u try to change swicertstore to read only rename the dir to something simple like test (all lower case) then change its attributes. Do the same for the 0000001 file and one all folders and files are set to read only the rename them back to the original names. great work! :D :D

  34. Anonymous

    Hi, I can't find any of the files you link at speedyshare. Could you please upload it somewhere else or provide at least the filenames? In the symbian hack you write e.g. install this file, but the link doesn't work for me. So, please either send me the files to or reupload them to some other server. Thanx a lot! BTW the symbian hack works perfectly, but I have to do it via computer, cause the file needed for the proces in phone is at speedy share and I really don't know how to get it from there. The same thing happens in the files needed for the last installing guide - the opda files etc. Thanx for any help! Tom, n82

  35. Marcus

    is works like a charme on my N95. Thanks for this!
    Well, how can I undo it? Is it enough to delete the whole "EC696702"-folder and the self created folder under "private"?
    Or what I have to do?

  36. Anonymous

    Thanks a lot for the works fine on my N81 8GB.....

  37. Anonymous

    couldnt do the read only step but carried on regardless ... worked like a charm. THANKS MR X!!!!

  38. Unknown

    Very good tutorial.....
    Thanks and congratulation for the blog!

  39. Anonymous

    Thks a lot 4 4 your time & job bro.

  40. Anonymous

    Damn I get error 46 cannot make folder in YBrowser :(

  41. Anonymous

    it seems to work, but i got a message saying i can not install applications from untrust people...

    Moreover, i can t make the folders as "only read" it says the name is invalid....

  42. Anonymous

    I'm stuck at creating a new folder under C:\RESOURCE with Y-browse - each time I try it won't let me do it! Any idea why?


  43. G.R.G.

    Do you have the initial hack running? That's the only reason I can think of that wouldn't let you write to C.

  44. Anonymous

    What firmware are you guys using?
    I got 15.0.015 and i cant get it to work.
    I get the certificate error.

    And by the way mr-x, i noticed you made an error on the first hacking tutor.
    Shouldn't it be
    "When you want the hack to work, its CapsOff and if you want to turn off the hack its CapsOn ??" <- The last part says CapsOff,
    is that right that you turn it off and on with the same app?

    And another question: If you want to do it all over again,
    do you have to do a hard reset or is it enough to just delete the files or restart the phone?

  45. G.R.G.

    Arcane did you restart your phone during the process? If not, try again as I performed this hack on my V15 N95 8GB many times.

    Thanks for noticing my mistake, corrected it :)

    If you remove all the files and then restart your phone I guess it would go back to normal but I'm not sure. When I wanted to remove it I did a hard reset to be certain.


  46. No Substitute

    I'm guessing this guide is also only for Symbian 9.2, right?

  47. G.R.G.

    Hi Kim, yes, all of the hacks I've got on here are for 9.2. I haven't got a UIQ device but I have seen a vague guide for this hack on UIQ3 on Symbian Freak. You'll have to register for the Symbian Freak site to view this page:

    Please tell me here or add me on MSN and tell me your results.

  48. Unknown

    I tried this on a N95 with firmware on it and it gives me a (translated) "certificate error, please contact the application vendor." or something equal to that. Is this trick yet verified with

    To make Y-browser work, press the "save" button when the scrolling name in top of the screen starts with C:\ since it tries to use that name to save. The other file manager tool has a certificate that is expired so it won't install... chicken-egg.

  49. G.R.G.

    Thanks for the tip, Homme! I'll update the guide now.

    Are you sure you copied the cert and key files into the EC folder? I'm pretty sure that others have done this successfully on V21.

  50. Unknown

    Yes, I've copied them. The selfsign works just fine, but when I want to install the app it gives me this error. I also tried to install the firmware hack from here:
    Might these 2 be not compatible? This hack also appears not to work for me.

  51. G.R.G.

    No, that hack is required for this one to work.

    I think there may be something wrong with your swicert, dat and 00000001 files. Delete the ones you're using now and then try again.

    If it still doesn't work please add me on MSN.


  52. No Substitute

    I'll let you know how it goes.
    I've grabbed the files for now.

  53. Anonymous

    Just installed app on E51

    Im not gay.... but i love you!!
    great work!!

  54. Anonymous

    Hi Mr X
    I have the same Probleme like Homme.I finished both guides without any Problems.I can sign now the sis files and resolve sisx but if i try to install them i always get this certificate error
    It would be very very kind of you if you can help me with this problem.i tried to add you but i'm not sure if you got the request.My MSN# is
    If i'm not online (/this can be possible because of the different timezone(germany)) then write me an offline message

  55. muhgo

    works on 6120 classic :D
    very nice tutorial

  56. Unknown

    sweet tutorial, worked a treat, many thanks. cass

  57. Anonymous

    hey Mr.X
    thanks very much in helping mr out

    From the Middle east

  58. vapotrini

    Forgive my ignorance but can this work on an N73? I've tried downloading both files and gave it a try but I'm unable to make any folders on my C drive using YBrowser. The error I get is, "Cannot create folder. Errno: 46" Any ideas?

  59. Unknown

    Rener, you have to do this first:

  60. Anonymous

    Bought an n95 and was very disappointed that I couldn't use the apps I bought the phone for due to "certificate error". You guys sorted me- BRILLIANT!

    One point you missed out on though was downloading and installing "Y-browser" first.

    THANKS AGAIN!!! Reu, Saaf London

  61. Anonymous

    Same as Homme: got a "cert" but just for some apps. SmartMovie caused this error, Route 66 and QuickOffice don't. Weird.
    Anyway, what a wonderfull Tuto you have here :)

  62. Anonymous

    Thx! worked like a charm. U can also use X-plore instead of Y-browser if u prefer, when u need to change to read only go to File > attributes. It works a bit easier in my opinion.

    Also one tip, install Selfsigner before u start copying files or else u miss the EC696702 folder. Don't create the map yourself

  63. Anonymous

    Thanks a lot for your help.
    Jus a note: the link for Y Browser does not work

  64. G.R.G.

    Thanks, I'll fix that now.

  65. Anonymous

    Hey ive a prob. i cant make any map in the resource folder :( any idea?


  66. G.R.G.

    The only reason that you wouldn't be able to make folders in C: is that you didn't read the guide properly.

    Read the guide... It says that you must perform the first hack before doing this one.

  67. Anonymous

    i have n95-1 and i ve followed the instructions but when i get to signing on mobile signer it says error loading key file i dont know if it is to do with the fact there is no EC696702 file on private in c drive please help by the way i have only followed these instructions on this post

  68. Unknown

    yes it does. Make the directory manually and put the cert and keyfile in there like the tutorial describes

  69. G.R.G.

    You must install mobile signer to your PHONE MEMORY.

  70. Anonymous

    Thanks, took me a couple of gos but got there in the end, just have to follow the instructions carefully. ^^


  71. Anonymous

    i tried all the the guides thats say the guide but in one of those guide i cant find the C:\sys\bin. archive to follow the next step and the other one is i cant install y browser because the cellphone said that (certificate error contact the application supplier) any apps and any theme that i download always say the same i updated to firmware 20.0.015 i dont know if is the latest but i need help i cant use the cell to his max development plz i need your help thanx

  72. Anonymous

    Hi mr-x and others who faced this issue - Unable to install a protected application from an untrusted supplier.

    I have been able to sign the route 66 file but when I try to install it then I get the protected applicaion error.

    Any help would be much appreciated.


  73. G.R.G.

    Hi KS and others experiencing this problem,

    have you tried signing and installing a DIFFERENT application to see if that works?

    If you get the error while trying to sing RotateMe for example, it means that you haven't followed the guide well and have gone wrong somewhere.

  74. Anonymous

    Tried Rotate Me but the same error - would try to uninstall everything and re-do the whole thing tomorrow..thanks for the prompt response! any suggestiong would be helpful..cheers

  75. Anonymous

    i cant instal The ybrowser and can find the c/sis/bin file plz i need help

  76. Anonymous

    Tx alot its working and tested on N95-8gb with 15.0.015 software.

  77. Anonymous

    thanks. when i got to the protecting files to read only and it wouldnt work i was so frustrated i tried for like 5 mins because it randomly worked on one file. then i read the next line in the instructions and it explained about C: needing to be visable. i felt so stupid.

    fool proof instructions so long as the fool reads the entire instructions

  78. Unknown

    Thanks for a nice guide....

    I followed the guide exactly but when I try to install a sis file it says that it cannot install program from an untrusted supplier. Anyone have an idea on how to solve this.....btw I have a Nokia N95.

    But nice guide and thanks

  79. Unknown

    you need to sign it (and make a sisx) first. The trick is that you can now sign yourself without a cert or anything

  80. Unknown

    Everything works....the signing is a success but when I try to install the app its says it wont install app from untrusted supplier....followed guide perfectly and can write to c: to hack works....any ideas??

  81. Unknown

    are you trying to install the .sisX, not the .sis?

  82. Unknown

    Yes I used the .sisx file. I get either certifacte error or program not trusted. Follwed the guide exactly. Installed new firmware 21.0.16 a few days ago. Might me the problem?

  83. Unknown

    Straaange......when I try to install the sisx file I get the error that the supplier of the certificate is not trusted. But if I try to install the normal sis file it works just fine and app install without a problem....strange old N95 I have :)

  84. Unknown

    To my former post: only worked once so guess it still dosent work for me. If anyone have any ideas on how to fix it on N95 please let me know...thanks for nice blog!

  85. Unknown

    Bingo! Just did reformat of phone and now I got Route 66 installed. Thanks alot for all the help in here!

  86. Durex

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  87. Yobotje

    Can I use this platform hack for a Nokia E90 as well? Any experience?

  88. Anonymous

    I cannot ad a Map in C:\Resource on my e90. Any suggestion?

  89. G.R.G.

    yobotje, the hack should work but I don't have a E90 available to make sure.

    Anonymous, you have to have done the first part of the hack that I've linked to near the top of the guide.

  90. Anonymous

    if u copy the the 2 files (cert en key)
    u need to add them to
    and make on on

    i got problems with the this is not safe to instal bla bla
    aka ("Unable to install a protected application from an untrusted supplier.")

    and this is the solution to that
    greets to all and thanks for the tut
    workt on n82

  91. Anonymous

    I have a little question.
    I have done everything like mentioned on this site (cracked my N95 first with TRK and the Python file, than installed the Capson and Capsoff and Mobilesigner)

    In the future, do I have to leave the software TRK, HelloCarbide, Capson and Capsoff installed on my phone?
    because now I have the program Mobilesigner installed on my phone; is this program on its own enough to install unsigned software or do I have to use Capsoff and HelloCarbide everytime I want to install software?

    What I need to know is: are alle these programs necessary to unsing software? (TRK, HelloCarbide, Capson and Capsoff)
    Or can I delete them and just work with Mobilesigner?
    xxx barbara

  92. G.R.G.

    Barbara, yes, if all you want to do is sign applications, you can uninstall all the other applications that we've used except for mobilesigner.


  93. Anonymous

    yeah working fine on n95 8gb...
    gr8 work mate...

  94. JB


    I have been doing the SelfSign for a long while and it has been working perfectly. But now I updated the firmware to the latest version. And when I have hacked it as per instruction (I had to) and did the self sign, it says success. But when I try to install the sisx file, installation fails with the old certification error. Can you help me out? I have an N95 8GB and my current version is v20.0.016.

  95. G.R.G.

    Hi JB,

    This may sound annoying but the only tip I can give you is to do the hack again carefully. I have the same phone as you with the same version and everything works perfectly.


  96. Anonymous

    I have a n95 8gb and went through the process with patience and it all works great. Hats off to the people who figured this out.

  97. Anonymous

    Using nokia E65 not able to create foders under resource?? but able to create folders under C:\ pls suggest.

  98. Anonymous

    Good work.

    Just successfully completed this process first time of trying on my new N95 8Gb.

    Have successfully self-signed Symsmb and Slidehangup so far.

    Route66 people: Install the GarminXT satnav instead. It works fine and if you acquire the right version doesn't need any of this signing business anyway.

  99. Tony


    i make a new route.sisx file but stil asking for a productkey for the map


    help anyone..

  100. Anonymous

    hey guys

    i've done everything but when i restart my phone and press capsoff it still doesnt show me the hidden files like private etc

    it used to do this but not anymore

    anyone know whats up?

  101. Anonymous

    Hello guys,
    I've got a problem.
    I can't add the map sciwertstore in the folder c:/Recource. I followed all the steps above. and I did this things below.

    I installed and opened(on my nokia n95 8gb) Y-Browser and went to the map c:/RESOURCE. then I went to options,file,add new map. then I entered the name: swicertstore, but if I click the ok button it says: Can't add map ErrNo: -46.

    could someone plz help me? because I can't go any further now because I have to do all these steps.

  102. G.R.G.

    You haven't got your phone running the initial hack. Read the guide again but this time, click the link and actually perform the hack.

  103. Anonymous

    Hey pal, I have a sis file what is registered for a unique IMI number of a Nokia e65 mobile device and i need to install it on different phone and i use unsis and several other app to decompile it to resource but i didn't get any result, please help me on this case thanks alot.

  104. Anonymous

    I have upgraded my N95 firmware to V 21.0.016, now i can't create a folder in the folder RESOURCE (Error nr 46)
    Can someone help with this

  105. Unknown

    Awesome .... thanks for the tutorial... works like a charm ... Finally I can use SkyeQuiKey again :)

  106. Anonymous

    Now I can sign my own programs...
    Symbian Free !!!!!!!!!!!

  107. Anonymous

    i jus signed a it says sumthin access not granted.i tried self-signing NOKMOTE...
    please help

  108. Anonymous

    I ran the same guide everything works as far as bypassing and getting !!!candidate!!!! but the CapsOff and CapsOn application are crashing and restarting the N95v21
    so I am still unable to install apps..

    plz help !!

  109. Anonymous

    I am having trouble getting the two files you mention in step 4. So near and yet so rar 8)

  110. Anonymous

    i did carefully of the steps, but when i sucessfully installed Y-browser then i can't create sub-folder in Resource folder it says ErroNo:-46. I use N82Black with fireware 20.0.062

  111. Anonymous

    some times the nokia indeed wont show some hidden files the best way to unlock them is to restart ure phone a couple of times or reset it to FD
    it helped me

  112. Anonymous

    Thanks for the great guide, i definetly do something wrong, i installed MobileSinger on the phone, but to be sure i created those folders(EC... and sw...) in both C and E, i put read only at the swicertstore folder, on both drives(C & E), when i open the MobileSinger at sis file i browse for PhoNetInfo.sys and then option and hit the SelfSign button(but on key and cert it's just blank), it says operation succesful and it creates a PhoNetInfo.sysx, when i wanna install it, ater the security warning and the details tab, it gives me that error with "untrusted supplier". Kinda trying to make this work for 3 days, any ideeas pls? when i have to reboot the phone? maybe i'm missing something, i don;t know....Thanks

  113. Anonymous

    Hy, it seems that i found a very easy way, i just hope that it's safe :D. On your site a found a post with a installserver9.2.exe . I installed that in C:\sys\bin\ and now it dosent even ask me anything, i can install everything i want and i dont need to sign the sis files. So, the method is safe?

  114. Anonymous

    Dear All who owns Nokia E90

    this method of hacking is not working with the E90 version ( 210.xx.xx) & ( 300.34.84)

    but it works well with previous firware..:((

    mine is the latest (300.34.84)...:(..cant hack

    any one can issue for the latest firmware??

    best wishes

  115. Anil

    Hello Friends,
    Please help me,
    Whenever I am try to install mod 1.1.sis in my nokia n8,
    it raise an error
    “Unable to install a protected application from an untrusted supplier”
    Please Please …………. Help Me…
    Thank You.

  116. Anonymous

    hi mr-x,help me i have already sign my sis file but it says protected application while i am trying to install anyone suggested about this would be appriciated

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