Monday, 14 April 2008

Improving the performance of your S60 browser

The default browser that comes with S60 v3 devices is in my opinion one of the best if not the best mobile phone browser available. Pages look just like they do on your desktop computer/laptop but of course, it's on your phone! With some tweaking the browser can become quite a bit faster; a faster browser means a better browser...Read on to find out more about these little tweaks.

Tweak 1:

The first tweak that I'll be performing is disabling Javascript and flash. Javascript and flash are used for alot of big adverts on the internet meaning that if you have them enabled in your browser, your phone will spend extra time rendering them and of course it will use more data. To disable javascript open up your browser and go to Options>Settings>General. Scroll down until you see Java/ECMA script and disable it by pressing your select(middle) button:

To disable flash it's Options>Settings>Page. At the top you'll see Load content, click it and then select Images(no flash):

Your pages should now load quite a bit faster!

Please note that some sites require that you have Javascript enabled for them to function properly so you may need to enable it from time to time.

Here's Windows Live Hotmail with Javascript and Flash enabled:

Here's Windows Live Hotmail with Javascript and Flash disabled:

Tweak 2:

If you use WiFi frequently for browsing on your phone, this tweak may interest you. It involves disabling the power saving option in your WiFi settings. Unfortunately, this means that your battery will take a bigger hit when WiFi surfing but this I personally feel that it's a relatively small price to pay for such improved performance.

To disable WiFi power saving, open the menu and go to Tools>Settings>Connection>Wireless LAN. From here press your left softkey(options) and then click on Advanced settings:

A message will come up asking if you want to continue, select yes:

Scroll down to the bottom and then change Power saving to disabled:
When you have power saving disabled, your browsing speed should increase, you'll also be able to discover your wifi network from further away than with power saving enabled. This tweak isn't restricted only to the browser... Most applications that make use of WiFi should be faster, for example EmTube which (for me)is much faster at loading videos. Don't take my word for it though, try it for yourself!

This is my real download speed with power saving on:
This is my real download speed with power saving off:

Try it!


  1. Anonymous

    Why has no-one commented? This is the BEST thing you could have done for me! I was looking for ways to free up ram, but configuring my browser correctly fixed it! Thank you a lot! WOO HOO! :D

  2. gart

    Glad to know that there are others out there that care to help keep Firefox safe. As for Opera it will always be #3, never #2 for choice of browsers. Even when FF becomes #1, Opera will still be #3!!!

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