Tuesday, 15 April 2008

iPhone price cut in the UK £269 to £169

The iPhone's price has been slashed from £269 to £169! Amazing, right? No.

The iPhone is still far too expensive for the UK market. FAR too expensive, it needed to have been free from the beginning for any sort of success over here.

Why has this price cut occurred? I suspect it's because o2 are desperately trying to move those 1 million unsold UK iPhones to try to make room for the rumoured iPhone 2.

Just to put this into perspective for my American viewers, £169 is still about $340 despite the fact that I can get a N82 or N95 8GB for free. FREE.

I'm sure the iPhone 2 will be half decent! Well, this is Apple we're talking about... I might be pushing it a bit.

Note: there may have been some very slight exaggeration in this post


  1. Anonymous

    LOL at that picture

  2. Apocalypso

    Still toooooooo much for that piece of crap :/


  3. G.R.G.

    Teo... I'm actually having second thoughts!

    I was just informed that we can get the iPhone for £169 without a contract... With the coming SDK I feel it won't be long until the number of iPhone apps available surpasses that of S60.

    Hmmmmm... Only time will tell I guess.

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