Saturday, 5 April 2008

Need help? Add me on MSN now.

Alot of you still need help getting your phones 'hacked' using my guides...To try to help you, I'll now be offering help over MSN which should be quicker for all of you. My address is


  1. Anonymous

    Hello , i would like to thank the person who gave us this opportunity to use this way in installing softwares easier , there are only fiew people in this world who can do this and we do appreciate your help very much , thanks and Big thanks Sir

    to people who have problems ,

    i guarantee you that you wont be disapointed if you add this msn , i had some problems and he helped me to solve them and no im able to install the softwares

    thanks again
    and Goodluck anyone

  2. Anonymous

    Thanks , this helped a lot

  3. Anonymous

    Hello, i manage to install Shutup om my E51. But i cant open/run the aplication. I have install RD Accelerometer Plug-in for n95.. is there a Accelerometer Plug-in for E series?

  4. G.R.G.

    If I remember correctly, the E51 doesn't have an accelorometer.

  5. Anonymous

    Yes you are absolutely right, but Nokia 8800 Arte either has an accelerometer but somehow the phone can mute an incoming call by
    flipping it.
    So maybe there is another’s way to activate Shut up on E51?

  6. G.R.G.

    I suspect the 8800 arte DOES have an accelorometer.

    Anyways, no matter what you try, you won't be able to use Samir's accelorometer apps on youe E51.

  7. Anonymous

    What can i say other than a fantastic help! Got me up and running in no time. Thanks a lot. Keep up the good work.

  8. Anonymous

    ah man, thx alot to this genius loll, he just controled my phone from far away, made everythin okay, put the files in the right place, right folders, installed them and then i guess something was born in my apps folder loll, if u guys need help outhere... u kno wat to do... just add this genius in ur msn, start the remote assistance, let him controle ur pc and no lies, he'll fix everything for you, good job mann

    THX ALOT!!!

  9. Anonymous

    Hi their!
    I have added you to my contact list and I hope you will accept it;
    am really having big problem with E65 even though when I have installed ROMPatcher;
    cannot install anything and I get "certificate eroor"
    hanks in advance as always!

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