Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Nokia strikes again: FCA00000 hired

FCA00000 was a great man. He played a huge role in the Symbian community being able to now do anything they wish with their phones, something that Nokia aren't too happy about. So, what better way to stop the hack progressing and to prevent it ever happening again than to hire the man behind it.

This morning I tried to contact FCA00000 via MSN to see if there were any new developments with the hack. This is when he told me that he couldn't help me with that due to him now being under NDA. Naturally, I was shocked. He then continued to inform me of the details of his position at Nokia.

His role is as the Principal Software test Engineer, and he'll be moving to the UK for his new job. He also tells me that the agreed wages are amazing.

UPDATE: FCA00000 has sent me a video in which he says his final goodbyes and bids good luck to you all:


It was good to know you, FCA00000.

R.I.P FCA00000, another man lost to the ongoing war in Finland.


  1. Unknown

    Yes, and I am quite happy about it.
    I just couldn't reject the offer; it will allow me to work on something I really enjoy.
    See you ... from the other side.

  2. Anonymous


  3. G.R.G.

    I hope you have a good time, my friend.

    Hopefully you can help to get Nokia to ease the limits on our phones.

  4. Anonymous

    please, dont do it!

  5. Anonymous

    April FOOL everyone :P :P :P

  6. G.R.G.

    Aza, this is no joke.

  7. Shaf77

    Nice work FCA00000, respect!
    Please let the new FP2 phones be open as FP1 phones are today hehe..

  8. Anonymous

    Thanks a lot FCA00000 for all your great jobs! Without your sharing the Nokia sucks becuase then there is only a little of software for it.

  9. Anonymous

    well . i cant say that i am not happy for u man .. u earned it completely .. u have given us alot through out the symbian days .. back with the siemens phones like the sx1 and now with the nokia ..

    i say go and enjoy ur success man .. i still hate nokia tho
    that was a cheap shot

  10. Anonymous

    April Fools Joke by any chance?

  11. Anonymous

    Argh I just updated my n82 to v30 :( now i cant install unsigned apps! :(, I think its time I went back to the good old trusty SE k810i lol

  12. imranelahi

    now what will happen to the latest firmwares, who is gonna hack it......

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