Sunday, 27 April 2008

Updating your phone despite Nokia Service Layer host error

Many users of Windows Vista have been plagued with errors whilst trying to update their phone's software. However, there are ways to overcome these errors and still be able to update your software without having to install a different OS or use a different machine.

First of all, when you're updating your software, you'll most likely get an error that says "Nokia Service Layer Host Process has stopped working".

When you do get the error, just press 'Close program'. Now open the task manager by hitting Ctrl+Alt+Del and then terminate the NSU process. Your phone now has a blank white screen and doesn't respond to any keypresses, don't worry or panic, it's OK.

Make sure you don't disconnect your phone from the computer or alter it in ANY way when it becomes blank!

Now all you have to do is open NSU and run the update again and everything should work just fine.

Enjoy your new firmware!


  1. Anonymous

    Thanks for this mate!

  2. Unknown

    Hi Folks,

    What I did was, open NSU folder and change the software properties to run it with XP SP2 compatibility. Done!

    Unfortunatly my E65 was already up to date... ;)

    Good luck!

  3. Anonymous

    A more correct way do work around this issue is to do:
    Disable ICS go to (Control Panel > Admin tools > Services > Internet Connection Sharing = stop)
    and then start NSU

  4. Anonymous

    This Nokia updater is such bullshit!

    Killing the process doesn't work for me. ICS is already disabled on my machine. Unbelievable that this shit has been doing on for years and they still can't fix a damned update program. C'Mon guys, what the hell is up with this Nokia?

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