Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Eldar speaks: FP1 devices to be upgraded to FP2?

Many current S60 users already know about Feature Pack 2 and some of the new features it will bring to the table for new devices. However, word around the street has always been that Feature Pack 1 devices will always stay just that, Feature Pack 1. This of course annoyed many people(including me, at one point). So, what's this post about, you wonder? Well, Eldar has once again hinted at something big. Really big...

Awesome_Aleks of Mobile Review picked up on something mentioned in Eldar's 'Spillikins'. Talking about the 6220c, Eldar said:

"All in all, I don’t feel excited about the pared-down edition of the N82. Things will get really interesting when the original device’s OS will get kicked up to FP2."

What does this mean? Will the N82 be the first device to have an update to FP2? Will other devices, like the N95 8GB, follow? Is there any truth behind Eldar's statement? So many questions, but only time will tell!


  1. Anonymous

    If this speculation actually materializes, it would be simply wonderful to say the least. Lets keep our fingers crossed though.

  2. Unknown

    nice information, I wonder if N95 will get update to FP2

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