Monday, 26 May 2008

FieldTest/Netmonitor arrives onto liberated devices

FieldTest, an application that is supposedly for Nokia engineers only, is now available for all who have freed their phones. To be honest, I don't really know what the capabilities of this app are and exactly what new doors it opens for us but there seems to be a lot of excitement over this development over at IPmart and Symbian Freak.

Currently, the application can only be installed manually. This means all the files must be copied and pasted into their correct directories. I'm sure there'll be a convenient .sis file soon enough.

NOTE: You WILL need to have a hacked phone for now!

Here's the file containing everything you need. Just install the .sis file, making sure you either sign it with a certificate with all capabilities or simply hack your phone.

If anyone knows what types of cool stuff we'll be able to do with this app, please leave a comment below!



  1. Anonymous

    Hey, thanks for your Information. I love your blog!

    I've found a 2G/3G Netmonitor netmonitor. A kismet-client for wifi is also implemented.
    Please take a look at:

    I'm using it since version 0.6x, it's really awesome! :-)

  2. G.R.G.

    Hi Jake2kone, I'm pleased that you're enjoying the blog!

    The link you provided does seem very interesting and I'll check it out later. Thank you very much!

  3. Anonymous

    If you have any questions, you can write me an e-mail or ICQ#158534332 (ya, a "kraut") ;-)

    The PyNetMony is from a german guy from
    it supports
    - WarWalking,
    - BlueWalking and
    - 2G/3G Netmonitor
    - Kismet export,
    - yahoo maps,
    - (A)GPS ^

    I proposed a wifi spectrum analyzer, but it's to hard to realize this, because nokia hasn't open the wifi interface only for scans over 10 secs.
    Probaly the promiscuous- and/or monitor-mode aren't available for teh chipset... we will see.

    Now I will check out your suggested program.

    Have a nice day!

  4. Unknown

    i don't have a hacked phone,what can I do?

  5. go1979

    Anybody knows if Fieldtest works in a N85-3?
    I just installed it in my mobile but it does not start and says "loading configuration" for a long while.

  6. Anonymous

    I installed it on an N95-4 (with a Dev17) and most displays are either "0", "x", or nothing; though a few pages seem to work (out of hundreds).

    It was more fun installing Pynetmony than using this program.

    There are some Docs here:

    and for older versions of this software:

  7. Ubaid

    Can we export the information from Field test to a text file (Log)? can It be linked or accessed through com interface to a computer?

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