Monday, 26 May 2008

N95-3 can now play fair with the big boys: V20 update out!

This thread on Howard Forums confirms that the new V20 firmware for the US3G N95 is available on NSU NOW! It's even earlier than Nokia themselves predicted by a good few days!

Early reports from Goldskin and Mrweiser say that the phone is now much faster in booting up, starting the camera(and saving pictures) and in general use which implies that demand paging is now present on the N95-3.

The search application has now been integrated into the standby screen AND Flash Lite 3 is now added to the browser meaning that flash videos from sites (NOT just YouTube) will play beautifully without the need for any 3rd party software.

So, to my North American readers, go and get your update!


  1. Mobile Solution Blog

    I like Nokia N95, now i still use nokia N95, with firmware update, we can find many this better

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