Thursday, 29 May 2008

New hack available; E90, 6120c and N95-3 users rejoice!

FCA00000, you are so good to us. Just a matter of days after Nokia released new firmwares for their devices blocking the hack, FCA00000 has delivered once again. This time, the hack even works with the N93! Guide after the break!.

OK, first of all, download THIS zip file, extract it and copy the 'Hacks' folder to your phone's memory card.

1)Open your file browser of choice and then keep it in the background by hitting the menu button. In this guide I'll be using Y-Browser.

2)Open HelloCarbide from your Applications folder.

Press Options
Select Menu1 and a message will pop up saying "done...probably", just press yes.

3)Open up your file browser again and navigate to the Hacks folder that you copied over. Depending on which phone you have, either copy the file inside installserver 9.1 or installserver 9.2
into C:\sys\bin. Tip: If you don't know which version of Symbian your phone is running, refer to my Devices list.

4) Restart your phone.

5) Now install ROMPatcher.

That's it! Now whenever you need to gain access to C:\('hack' your phone), just run ROMPatcher from the Applications menu and select 'Disable caps' from options.

Now you can install unsigned applications and activate handy patches! Enjoy.


  1. Anonymous

    i thought FCA00000 was hired by nokia? does that make this an official nokia realease?? lol

  2. Anonymous

    I just received an E90 for free, and being a hobbyist programmer I was really excited about the potential for developing on such an awesome platform. Naturally the first thing I did was change the product code and update the firmware to support the Asian languages I need. Then Symbian Signed gets in the way :(

    I really hope FCA00000 finishes his proper workaround soon. Otherwise this thing is just a brick and I'll trade it away for a WM6 device that lets me develop for it with no hassles.

  3. G.R.G.

    Don't worry, I'm hearing word that the hack will be readied very soon now.

    If I were you, I would never trade an E90 for a WinMo device! That's madness!

  4. Anonymous

    Used this on an E50. The hack itself works, and after rebooting I installed CapsON and CapsOFF. Activating CapsOFF reboots the phone. So there is still a bug in that software.

  5. Anonymous

    Works now.
    Please note that there are two versions of the CapsON and CapsOFF software. The version for FP1 and the version for pre-FP1.

  6. G.R.G.

    Indeed, thanks for reminding me! Will update the guide now.

  7. Anonymous

    I have an n93 but when I open caps on or off my telephone restart! Help me please!!!

  8. G.R.G.

    That means you're using the wrong version. The N93 is symbian 9.1.

  9. Anonymous

    No I have istalled the 9.1 version

  10. G.R.G.

    OK, I've uploaded to a different host, please download it and try again.

  11. Anonymous

    i have e90, i tried installing unsigned CRACKED quickoffice 5.0 but it gives certificate error message. i already activate the CAPSOFF, does this hack NOT apply to quickoffice?

  12. G.R.G.

    I'm not going to help you install cracked apps but did you even read the whole guide? This guide doesn't allow you to install unsigned apps, the link for that is at the end.

  13. Anonymous

    Well, I've done this and now have access to C:\sys\bin and i copied the installserver file there, so now I can install unsigned files. But the problem is that I still require the TRK thing,for installing a game, but when I try to install it, it fails half way through. Anyone know why this happens?

  14. Anonymous

    The program doesn't work on my n93!!! Why?!!?

  15. Anonymous

    I have a question : does it work on n93? Are you sure?when I open the program my phone reboot...

  16. Anonymous

    how is that theme called and where can i get it from mr.x?^^
    i really like it.
    Oh and your hack worked very good aswell,thanks for it!

  17. sugbug

    Hi I have a 95 8G and just can't get this to work.
    How do you get access to C:\sys\bin??
    I am in F\sys\bin?? is that the same?? Many thanks

  18. G.R.G.

    Anonymous, yes, the application works on the N93, are you sure you downloaded the Symbian 9.1 version of capson/off?

    Danny, the theme is black and aqua by pizero if I remember correctly.

    Sugbug, Hmmmm, what file browser are you using? Have you made sure that viewing System/hiden files is on?

  19. Anonymous

    But is there anyone that have tested it on n93? Because I do everything the guide says but when I open the program my phone reboot.
    P.S. I have installed the 9.1 version

  20. jon_jai

    Does this work with N78 ??

  21. G.R.G.

    Yes, it will work with FP2. If you do perform the hack, could you send me some screenshots of it from your N78?


  22. Anonymous

    I m using N95, but I cannot see C:\sys\bin either. I can see C:\system.

  23. Farfan

    Works like a charm on a E65

  24. Anonymous

    hi, mr-x

    I am using n95-8gb and your unsigned solution works fine for me, I install any unsigned-app using python unsigned-installer script. I wonder You wrote any python uninstaller script, because I can not remove installed unsigned-app, it can not see under uninstall menu

    Thanks for solution

  25. Anonymous


    Link to download file on MediaFire looks broken. Is there any other way to download it?


  26. G.R.G.

    Hi there Giles,

    Thanks for pointing that out! I've reuploaded the file to Google so please try again.


  27. Unknown

    how about n93i?

    Have someone succeed yet?

  28. Unknown

    i wanna know which theme you have on your phone (i mean that one in the images above), and where can i get it.
    p.s.: excuse my english

  29. Unknown

    Hello, i used this method on my nokia n78 and it worked great, without any problems. I was worried it woudnt work on FP2 but it did. Thank you very much!!

  30. Anonymous

    Thank you. Just got my N95 8GB today. This was a life saver.

  31. Anonymous

    Absolute Genius!!!!

    Success on Nokia N95 8GB

  32. matthewharmon102

    just tried this on my n95 and i now cant do anything! no apps will open, cant install/uninstall anything, not even really basic system apps like messages or contacts will open. will re-install firmware and try again

  33. matthewharmon102

    thanks alot:D just re-installed firmware and re-tried method and it worked!!!

  34. Anonymous

    I have a problem... I'm running a N82... I've updated it to firmware version 3.0... So now I'm doing it like you said, step by step,even by the video posted on You Tube, but it doesn't show me the sys/res file... I tried it several times but no use...The only thing why I'm trying this is to get brighter screen... So can you help me? Is it the new firmware? Right now I'm really pissed off, cuz I'm not a hardcore newbie at this stuff... Thanks for any help cuz my brain is dead! :)

  35. Anonymous

    Edit on my previous comment... After a few minutes I red the post here for the V30 firmware...Guess it really is the firmware...Guess the whole excitement overwhelmed me and made me ask stupid q;s without checking first... :)

  36. Anonymous

    Hey Man.I am realllllyyyyy reaallllllyyyy thank ful to that guy who has discover this whole process.Keep on man.This is bloody damn good bro.Just keep on.

  37. Anonymous

    thank you

    working 100 % on N95 8 Giga

  38. Anonymous

    My sys folder is empty, I cant access it! Help me please!!

  39. Anonymous

    I have a problem... I am using N80 on 3(UK)network. I have tried using your hacks for installing unsined application... for my N95 phone and it works fine... I need help in N80 do you know which verison to use 9.1 or 9.2... I dont have sys file so I am tring to crash the system to get sys file... but my phone stops working as soon as i click menu1 and press yes... I need your help asap....

    thank you

  40. Anonymous

    Any body has the hack for new firmware v 06.01 for Nokia 6120c RM-243. I tried Hello carbide but could not get access c:\sys. FCA00000 Please Help

  41. Anonymous

    not working
    no access to c/sys/bin
    n95 v3firmware

  42. Anonymous

    Waaahh.. I badly need to hack my N82.

    I tried what you said. I installed hello carbide, opened it and clicked on menu1.

    after that a bunch of messages popped up before the message 'done probably' appeared. should i click yes on all the messages? and should i stop once I clicked yes on 'done probably' because a bunch of messages still popped out after that.

    I went to my LCG X-plore but SYS is still unaccessable.. What did I do wrong?

  43. Anonymous

    Any way to hack for new firmware v 06.01 for Nokia 6120c RM-243. I tried all methods available in the websites. Hello carbide, Python script. Nothing works. Is there any way to Flash the firware to old versions.
    FCA00000 Please Help

  44. Anonymous

    I tried hellocarbide to my Nokia 6120c ver 05.11 and its not working.. Do we have updated hacks here?

  45. Anonymous

    Guys, if you've updated your firmware/bought a new phone/taken your phone in for servicing in the last 3 months or so there is simply nothing that I can do for you. Nokia have blocked the hack in the latest firmwares. We might get a new hack soon, though. If a new hack is created you can be sure to find all the details here on FinestFones.

  46. Anonymous

    not working on Nokia E71 althouth when i run hellocarbide
    free logical drive yes
    exp ffffff yes
    exp 0 yes
    post load1 ffffff yes
    post-dev_read 1 yes
    post-dev_read 2 yes
    post-dev_read 3 yes
    dir 80000da0c yes
    FP1.1 80000000 yes
    tamR0 791b1640 yes
    tamR1 40000004 yes
    tamR2 0 yes
    tamR3 0 yes
    tamR4 c000000 yes
    tamR5 41d848 yes
    tamR6 0 yes
    tam 64199ce8 yes
    tamR0 791b1640 yes
    and hellocarbide closes
    I have nokia E71 with fw

    yes is the option i replied now plz tell me what to do

  47. Anonymous

    I couldn't install Rompatcher or HelloCabide software on my N95 8G. It's say: "Certificate Error". Firmware is: 20.0.016. Can you guys help me out?

  48. Anonymous

    Got a Nokia 6220 classic with latest firmware 3.46. I know the crack doesn't work so when is there going to be a new hack. I really want to install unsigned application. Even symbian signed don't work. Any where else that could posibly get my dev cert.

  49. Anonymous

    when i use HelloCarbide
    my phone can't show pop up "done probably"
    but show "freelogicaldevice" and etc until atless eightten times and i just press "yes" repeatly

    myphone is 6120c with firmware v 06,01

  50. Anonymous

    Hi Mr- X

    Thank you very much for developing this but am having some problems and I will appreciate you response.

    I am using an E90, and trying to install unsigned applications without success.

    1) on stage ''done...probably''. a lot of messages appear before and after the ''probably no'' message which I press No to, but press yes to the message wanted.

    2)I dont seem to find the C:\sys\bin at all.

    would you please explain in daftly details if possible.
    Thank you for your support again.

  51. Anonymous

    new hack out!helloOx

  52. Unknown

    i am getting the message that the certificate is expired .....plz help

  53. Anonymous

    its showing certificate expired plz help...

  54. Anonymous

    ive done this hack before i updated but i tried with the new firmware on my n95 and it doesnt say 'done proberly' it says 'free logical device'. im sure im not doing anything different from last time is my phone still hackable with the new firmware?

  55. Anonymous

    hey gay. don't work on newest firmware!!!

  56. Anonymous

    I cant copy the installserver file in the sys folder. Please HeLp!!!!!

  57. Anonymous

    I have a n95-3 v11.2.011. will this work on my phone even though its not updated? also when I try to move the installserver.exe to C:/SYS/BIN theres no SYS folder. do i need to do something else to make that show?

    Thanks alot

  58. Anonymous

    thats work to n95 ?

  59. ch

    Hi Mr-X

    I have n95 with firmware 03.0.018
    I copied the installserver.exe to c:\sys\bin
    but while installing Rompatcher it says file corrupted.
    Help plzzz...

  60. MBA

    hey i am using 6120c i am not getting a bin folder in c/sys istead thers a hash folder wat to do help me plzzzzzzzzzzz

  61. Anonymous

    is that work on n85 cuz i tried so hard

  62. Anonymous

    hi I am using nokia n95 upadte last month to version, But not able to hack my phone, can someone help me hack this new version Thanks in Advance


  63. Anonymous

    how to hack my n96

  64. Anonymous

    someone can help me pls

  65. Anonymous

    I'm Using E90 with the latest firmware
    can this hacked using the above steps?
    Nokia E90(26)
    and if cannot, how can i downgrade me E90?
    o ya, i don't understand of this mean..wat is FCA00000 ???
    where can i c it in my phone?
    thanks ^_^
    need your helps

  66. Anonymous

    Hey little help... I`ve a 6120c but it doesn`t show any "done probably" just a lot of messeges to click YES or NO and afterwards hellocarbide closes, what am i doing wrong? help plzzzzz

  67. Anonymous

    trying to run hellocarbide crash on E65, any clue?

  68. Anonymous

    not for E90...been search can't get. Anyone with a clue??If NO, i'll move over to HTC

  69. Anonymous

    pls I have nokia 6120c.if I install unsigned application it is given me an error message.pls somebody help me

  70. Billy

    Hello. I Installed Y-Explorer and followed your steps. But after running HelloCarbide i still don't see the sys folder in C. I have N81 8GB. Any help please?

  71. Anonymous

    Need help with E90 400.34.93
    21.04.2009 Ra-6
    Hellocarbide problem - 16 errors with yes/no and no Done mesage .... Please post solution ....

  72. Anonymous

    Hey, i Just wondering i got N95 and had it for a while now, but That HelloCarbide File wont open,
    Keeps saying Certificate expired :S

  73. GascaNebuna

    i have an nokia 6120c and i cannot install hellocarbide because the certificate has expired

  74. Anonymous

    I cannot instalin hellocarbidge. So i cannot folowing ur hackin instruction. What i supose to do? Please reply my post. thanx

  75. Anonymous

    please help does this method works on AFTER n95 RECENT Update? YES OR NO?

  76. Anonymous

    when i finished the hack on an N80 and tried to install, it says "file corrupted!". Any ideas?


  77. Anonymous

    When I install Hello Carbide, it shows this message "update error", thats why I am unable to hack my 6120 classic (v 06.01).

  78. Martin

    I would like to contact you directly but the 'contact me' form seems not to be working... is there another way?

  79. Anonymous

    my nokia n95 shows a whole bunch of yes or no stuff when i run menu1 then when i press all yes y- browser shows the sys folder but there is no bin... help pls... thnx

  80. Meow

    mine 2... y browser shows the sys folder after hellocarbide crashes it but there is no bin folder in it... there is only hash, install and uninstall folders.. this was on my nokia n95 8gb

  81. Anonymous

    I can't install rompatcher it says that require access application not gauranted
    what should i do....??????

  82. Unknown

    i need to hack nokia 5233 (s60v5)
    but hello-ox2 does not support my firmware
    will hello carbide work on my cell?

  83. Anonymous

    The easiest way to hack your phone is to get your certificate first. Just go to Register yourself then apply you cert. Use helloOx. all done!

  84. Unknown

    hey how can i restart my device? there is no option like restart device in x-plore 1.20 in my 6120c
    help me

  85. Anonymous

    It DOES. NOT. WORK! To be able to install these applications required they MUST. BE. SIGNED!

    And you always get some effing "certificate error"
    All these guides babble about install this and install that, but 95% of the files provided for this always have "certificate error".


  86. fatir

    i have nokia 6120 classic but there is no bin folder in c:/sys

  87. Anonymous

    When i try to install 'HELLO CARBIDE' and 'ROM PATCHER' a error comes expired certificate.HELP ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. naturesniper

    am about to try on n95 i will give u the feed back later

  89. nic

    hi i download all but it says update error help me

  90. Anonymous

    Hi! i try your tutorial for my Nokia 6120c but i am stuck in copying the installserver thing in c:\sys\bin\.... i am using Netqin Mobile guard v2.4 for that matter since neither the Y-Browser nor X-plorer could locate the c:\sys\bin\.... i was about to paste the installserver thing but the MGuard says: unable to copy".... i tried to explore the c:\sys\bin\ and i found installserver.exe.... i do not know where that thing came from but i have suspected it's from the secman or drakarrious that i had installed before.... i thought it will be ok so i proceed on installing the ROMPatcher and pressing the Disable Caps.... is there any other apps that could copy that install server in bin??? and another thing, the hello carbide was asking some more questions other than the "done...probably" that you had mentioned above, i just pressed yes on them, is it ok?? the value that shown on "done...probably" on mine was 0, not 1 in which shown on the picture above, what does it mean??? please reply me through e-mail if it is ok.... thanks in advance and more power to you!!


  91. Anonymous

    wer do u download hellocarbide from

  92. Anonymous

    mine is Nokia 6120 Classic v06.01
    after i open the hello carbide this is what is shown:
    FreeLogicalDevice: 0
    exp: ffffffd2
    exp: 0 [yes]
    post-load 1: fffffff
    post-dev_read 1: ffffff
    post-dev_read 2: ffffff
    post-dev_read 3: 0
    dirAddr: 8000cfdc
    FP1.1: 80000000
    tamR0: 7d0c5640
    tamR1: 40000004
    tamR2: 0
    tamR3: 0
    tamR4: c000000
    tamR5: 41d8b8
    tamR6: 0
    tam: 64199ce8
    tamR0: 7d0c5640

    then hello carbide close....
    i go bACK TO XPLORE but the sys folder is still not accessible.... it supposed to have the "done...probably", an indication that the system OS is hack successfully but it was not there as shown above.... please help me...


  93. Cenamontarz

    Hw nd where can i get hellocarbid??

  94. Owner

    I was no find C:/SYS/BIN
    Please help me

  95. Owner

    do not copy any file from C/E disk to C:/SYS/BIN

  96. Owner

    hi fnd, help me........
    I using N95 4gb nokia hendset
    I want to hack my mobile .
    I try for hacking but i missing.
    I no find C:/sys/bin
    So help me.........

  97. danieleliakim

    olá! muito show seu video, mas no meu cel, quando eu vou em "MENU 1" ele nao me da a opção yes ou no , ele pergunta freelogicaldevice e nao consigo instalar o hello cabine!! me ajude Ramalho!! desde já agradeço...

  98. Anonymous

    pls help me..i could not browse on my nokia 6120c

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