Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Nokia are the world's largest maker of digital music players

The people at Nokia Conversations recently uploaded a poster of Nokia's music related milestones onto their share on Ovi channel. Something that particularly interested me was that Nokia sold 146 million music playing devices in 2007, putting them at the top in terms of units sold, even surpassing Apple's iPod range. Quite the achievement.

Let's not forget that Nokia are number one in camera sales aswell, beating the likes of Kodak, Nikon and Sony. Oh yeah, Snakes is the most played computer game and the Nokia 1100 is the most sold consumer electronics device... Ever.

Don't forget to click the image at the top to see it in full size.


  1. Unknown

    Oh good lord, that chart is all full of wrong! The 8gb iPhone (6.29.07) was released months before the N81 8gb (10.22.07) and the N95 8gb (10.15.07) and their own product, the N91 8gb (12.??.06) was released long before any of them.

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