Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Nokia N95 8GB 'replacement' coming in April?

Eldar Murtazin is a highly respected man in the Symbian world, he always lands devices before almost everyone else and regularly sees phones still within their early proto stages. Yesterday, on the mobile review forums, he hinted at many things coming from Nokia.

In response to Awesome_Alek's question of whether he had seen the supposed 16GB N81 successor due out at the end of the year, Eldar replied "not right it will be N95 8 Gb replacement - but not the end of the year, think it will out around April".

An N95 8GB replacement in April 2009? That's too far away! Maybe something half decent will actually come out this year...

Check out all the other ramblings from Eldar throughout this page in the Nokia announcements threads, there's other little hints.... Including Kastor UI!


  1. Laurence

    Hmm I assume that EldarMurtazin was talking about April '09...

    I only just got my N95 8gb at the start of this year and still enjoying all it's fantastic features.

    Would love to see what it's replacement will be.

    Damn these 24 month contracts!

  2. G.R.G.

    Indeed Laurence, please excuse me for my mistake. I wrote this post in a rush before going to school.

    I'm also loving my N95 8GB but I am dissapointed that there still aren't any real alternatives to it available from Nokia... Except for the E90 maybe.

    By the way, what kind of madness possessed you into signing a 24 month contract!? My contract was 12 months and my upgrade is coming in October.


  3. Laurence

    sadly down in Australia land we mostly have 24 month contracts...

    I was going to leave my service provider cause of their horrible service, countless mistakes and doggie acts.

    Thou they called me up at the end of my previous contract and offered me the Nokia N95 for $10 a month of my contract... down from the usual $30...

    I was going to by the phone out right... but for that price...

    Am i crazy? I hope not.

    Oh! I currently setting up the multi touch box now! Thank's for the tip.

    Will post a comment on how I go!


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