Monday, 26 May 2008

Symbian Signed now undisputedly and totally pwned.

Can you see what you've done, Symbian Signed? Because of you taking away our developer certificates, Symbian 9.2 was cracked wide open, something that I thought was impossible. I believe that if developer certificates hadn't been revoked, we would still be waiting for the likes of FCA00000 and Zorn to come around and save us from our evil overlords. Anyways, today I bring you news of yet another development from the hacking community, this time from SWmail. This new (stupidly easy)hack allows us to now not even need to sign an app at all. Just install unsigned applications at your discretion. Video guide after the break!

NOTE: To have the necessary access to C:\Sys\bin, you will need to hack your phone! Use ROMPatcher to achieve this.

If you have a Symbian 9.2(feature pack 1) device, download THIS file.

If you have a Symbian 9.1(pre feature pack 1) device, download THIS file.
Symbian 9.1 devices:

Nokia E61i
Nokia E65
Nokia N93i
Nokia E62
Nokia E50
Nokia N77
Nokia N93
Nokia N73
Nokia N80
Nokia N71
Nokia N92
Nokia E70
Nokia E60
Nokia E61
Nokia N91 8GB
Nokia 3250
Nokia 5500

Symbian 9.2 devices:

Nokia N82
Nokia E51
Nokia N81
Nokia E90 Communicator
Nokia N76
Nokia N95
Nokia N95-3 NAM
Nokia N95 8GB
Nokia N81 8GB
Nokia 5700 XpressMusic
Nokia 6110 Navigator
Nokia 6120 classic
Nokia 6121 classic
Nokia 6124 classic
Nokia 6290


  1. Anonymous

    cant find SYS/BIN folder on N93 with Y-browser. any tutorial/guide for N93?

    thanks in advance!
    note: 1st guide was excellent! be able to hack my N95 classic. thanks for that!

  2. G.R.G.

    There is currently no way to hack the N93/N93i, sorry.

  3. Anonymous

    cant find SYS/BIN on my nokia E51 either.. Did i miss anything? Do i have to hack it in any other way beforehand?


  4. G.R.G.

    Yes, you must hack your phone before-hand. I'll update the guide now.

  5. Anonymous

    Did the ROMPatcher. Did the copy and paste in this tutorial update.
    Mr.X u are the man.

    No more unsigned problem.
    Thanks :)

  6. Anonymous

    i am lovin it

  7. Anonymous

    THIS FUCKING WORKS 100%! Just tested on my n95 8 gb. Was trying to install rotateme for very long time,after installed this hack,no longer singing fucking problems!!! Mr-x YOU ARE A LEGEND!

  8. Anonymous


  9. Anonymous

    does hacking your phone void the warranty or anything?

    and is there a risk of anything happening to my phone?

  10. G.R.G.

    I don't know if it voids your warranty but there's no way for them to find out anyway. If they do, they'll be invading your privacy. Besides, you can undo the hack just by deleting the files you've added or doing a hard reset...

    No, there are no direct risks in hacking your phone... Only benefits.

  11. Anonymous

    I followed your steps, used RomPatcher, installed a unsigned application, but none of them work. I installed rotateME and Nokmote. Maybe there is something wrong with them. I'll try something else.

  12. G.R.G.

    Sorcerer, it sounds like you haven't got the Acceleromete plugin installed on your device. If you've gotten unsigned apps to install then it means you've succeeded!

  13. Anonymous

    The software didn't even launch. I have the accelerometer somewhere, i'll install it and try again.

  14. Anonymous

    I'm unclear - What exe file are you supposed to copy to sys/bin ? Most of the unsigned programs I want to install are .sis files...

  15. Anonymous

    Hello Mr-X,

    I have moved the installsever.exe into C:\SYS\Bin. However, when I restarted my N73, I found the unsigned cannot be installed. It shows me a message: File Corrupted. What's going on? Thanks.

  16. G.R.G.

    Conan, that means that you've pasted the wrong version of installserver. Download the version for Symbian 9.1 and try again.

  17. Anonymous

    Thanks a lot.
    It is working perfect om E90 with the newest firmware!

  18. Anonymous

    Hi mr-x,

    Thanx a lot for the tutorial.
    No more headaches over unsigned installation.

    Keep up the good work. :D

  19. Anonymous


    Did the ROMPatcher got Y-Browser and everything looks good. But i cant find the installsever.exe in my E:?? I just got a Nokia N95.

    pls help.

  20. G.R.G.

    Gayan, you first of all need to download installserver on your computer and then transfer it to your phone's memory card.

    Try this guide instead

  21. Anonymous

    Thanks mr-x this is amazing!! it is working now!!! U r then MAN!!!

  22. Anonymous

    i tried installing both on my n80, both come up with " file corrupted"

  23. Anonymous

    good job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You are the best!!!!

  24. Anonymous

    i tried installing both on my n80, both come up with " file corrupted"


    I Were installing the ''wlan wizard'' to nokia n80 , guaranteed to work , but vomes up as ''file corrupted''

  25. Anonymous

    Thnax a lot ..will try and let u know..

  26. Anonymous

    hi .. the rotateme2 and landscape are installed coz of ur method but they are not opening..can ne one help on this plzz ?

  27. Anonymous

    hi,this worked fine,very nice,but then I wanted 2 much(tomtom) maybe and I crashed,now I am regenerating but ...failure,now he sais at startup:can not install from mmc cane someone tell me what possibly went wrong,plz Mr-X,you rule

  28. Anonymous

    hi can someone tell me how to do this for a begginer. I dont have a Y browser on my phone??? I have a NOkia N95 8GB.
    can you reply to

  29. Anonymous

    this is great mr-x u just saved my life =)

  30. Anonymous

    not working on my 3250 plz help!!!

  31. Anonymous

    Very, very good guide.
    I no longer have access to c:\sys after rebooting which is a bit odd. I want to turn off the sound the camera makes and the red light, I want to take pictures of my kids without them realising.

  32. Unknown

    cant find SYS/BIN folder on N95 8gb with Y-browser! Please help

  33. Anonymous

    Hi bro, you rock, man! I was so dead with my phone, but now I'm so happy with it.(Nokia 6120 Classic) This worked fine with me! It's truly great. I was stumped for hours about how to get my Symbian softwares signed, & you solved that problem for me! Thanks so much, brother! May God bless you and continue in your great work.

  34. Anonymous

    Anybody has this working on a N73?

  35. Anonymous

    if i restart the phone, do i need to do this again?

  36. Anonymous

    HOW DOES THIS work? i will be able to install unsigned? but what is with the certificate then?
    please explain some1

  37. Anonymous

    I have the same problem. After doing this correctly (i tripple checked), I can't access C:\SYS. I can't copy installserver.exe

    It just doesnt exist anymore. Also, Ybrowser also isnt refreshing the C drive.

    Anyone have a way of fixing this?

  38. Anonymous

    Nevermind, I fixed this issue.

    Turn off "Plat. Security" in SecMen. Then run Ybrowser again ;)

  39. Anonymous

    doesn't work for me...i have e50 and i placed the installserver file in the sys/bin...but i still cant install unsigned files..

  40. Unknown

    i have a n81-3 and rotateme and landscape pro is installed but it wont open

  41. Anonymous

    cant find SYS folder on N95 8gb with Y-browser, only System folder.... Please help

  42. Anonymous

    works perfectly on a n82!

  43. Anonymous

    Need your help. I did all the TRK and ROMpatcher stuff, and I installed nokmote and other unsigned apps without problems. But when I try to run them, it says: (translating from an other language) "The file can't be run because of security reasons". What have I done wrong?

  44. Anonymous

    Need your help. I did all the TRK and ROMpatcher stuff, and I installed nokmote and other unsigned apps without problems. But when I try to run them, it says: (translating from an other language) "The file can't be run because of security reasons". What have I done wrong?

  45. Anonymous

    Hi! Does this hack work on E71?

  46. Anonymous

    Yes it will work on the E71.

  47. Anonymous

    me too i can't find sys folder in my 6120c..Plz help..

  48. Anonymous


    I can't install TRK on my N95 after upgrading it to v30.0.015... any one knows how to fix this?


  49. Anonymous


    And I can't find the C:\SYS\Bin on my device, I'm using Y-Browser and ActiveFile 1.27.

    Please advice.

    Many Thanks.

  50. Unknown

    used the procedure on nokia e50 with firmware v, of course ROMpatched it before, but whatever I try to install, i get the error message "File corrupted".
    Of course, something in the process went wrong, but what?

  51. Anonymous

    not working on n95 v31.0.017

  52. Anonymous

    no working on n95 8G v30.0.018 firmware. you get the error when trying to install the TRK. should be any update for this TRK?

  53. Anonymous

    thanks a lot, thats my 3rd phone that i have hacked xD with this tutorial you can do it very easy :D (hacked phones nokia: e65, n73, n95

  54. Anonymous

    Bi, i've got an N82 but no cable, can you do this over bluetooth?

  55. Unknown


    still can't find c:\sys\bin... i'm using 5800XM

    pls help...

  56. Anonymous

    I cant find C:/SYS/BIN in my N82, through Y browswer.
    but i can see a Y drive..
    Please do help....

  57. Anonymous

    no one is fucking helping!
    can't see C:/sys/bin
    only see system file with y-browser
    and with x-plore only see c:/sys
    tried also hellocarbide and cappoff

  58. Anonymous

    cant see c:/sys/bin
    in y-browser and in x-plore
    even if i tick on show hidden folders and roms
    this folders cannot be shown

  59. Anonymous

    Is express music 5630 can be hacked also using this method S60 os 9.1?

  60. Anonymous

    i have a n95 8gb, i can't find SYS/BIN..
    pls help..

    thanks in advance.. :)

  61. Anonymous

    i installed this in c\sys\bin on my e62 phone and rebooted. did not work. i couldnt install amazegps.


  62. Anonymous


    i have a n95 8gb, i can't find SYS/BIN..
    pls help..

    thanks in advance.. :)

    Thursday, 10 September 2009 10:44:00 o'clock BST

    install the rom patcher and go in options and disable caps. you will see it.

  63. anjo

    does it work on e63?

  64. Anonymous

    hi man..look i need help for hacking my n95 8gb.V 31.0.015.I see many tutorials but none of them step by step so can u tell me step by step how to do noob so pls help me..:)my email adress BUDY...

  65. Oscar

    Dear Mr.X
    whenever i try to install an apllication it says file corrupted,I suspect I did not use the rompatcher in the right way.I put the installserver in the sys/bin folder.
    I have a nokia 5730 running s60v3
    thank you in advance

  66. fuzz

    can anyone give me a walkthrough of what exactly to do, i'm baffled.

  67. Anonymous

    How can i install .rar files in my nokia n95 8gb?
    i am trying to install y browser but all in vain.
    Please help

  68. Anonymous

    not worck on N95 8gb

  69. Anonymous


    Hy, does it work on E 66?

  70. Anonymous

    hw does it work on n81

  71. Anonymous

    Dear Mr. X,
    just got my hands on a N82 with the latest firmware (V35.0.002). I read a lot that this hack depends on an older firmware version and that the V35.0.002 could not be hacked with it. Can you confirm this rumor or can I just go ahead with your above shown tutorial?
    Many tnx in advance,

  72. Armaan

    You rock, man. Thanks so much!

  73. Anonymous

    hey mr.X
    m using a nokia e71..i cannot find installserver.exe file..plz help

  74. Anonymous

    hey mr.X
    me agan,e71..
    i cnt find C:\SYS\BIN.
    plzzz help

  75. bishwash

    i install it shows "\sys\bin\patcher*.LDD" not found.and i try to access c:\sys\bin with y broswer and x-plorer but it says "can't creat directory.plz help me out
    nokia e72(355974047837189)

  76. Anonymous

    cannot find sys\bin

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