Friday, 20 June 2008

EmTube returns!

For the past few months, emTube (arguably the best YouTube client available for S60) has been rendered useless in streaming YouTube videos. This was likely because of changes on YouTube's end but unfortunately, Sebastian seems to have dissappeared and so no new versions of emTube were created....

However, I've been recently trying to get it to work again by manually editing user agent strings and xml files stored in the system folders but with no luck.

I tried again this morning and to my surprise I was able to load and play videos fine on my N95 8GB, no errors at all!

Is your emTube now working? Reports at HoFo seem to suggest so!


  1. Anonymous

    whoah .... gr8 newz.. thanks for the heads up....

    1.0.10 works fine.. 1.0.11 doesnt

    gr8 because mobituba keeps crashing for me

  2. Anonymous

    Thanks for letting me know, I kept it on my phone this whole time only so I could play my own encoded .flv files (It's a very good general flv player). It is working fine for me now (N95 plum euro v21.0.016) and it wasn't before.

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