Sunday, 8 June 2008

Feature Pack 2 theme: Mountains

I've been trying to get these themes to work on FP1 for the past few days and now with P@sco's help I'm ready to release the first one to the public. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you... Mountains!

This theme will be included in some upcoming FP2 phones. Here are some screenshots:

These screenshots really don't do the theme justice. On my N95 8GB it really makes the screen leap out. Good job to whoever is responsible for this theme!

Things to note:
1)These themes don't seem to work on pre-FP1 phones like the N73.
2)There seems to be issues with some themes when in landscape mode (image looks pixelated)

I'll be adding more FP2 themes here as I finish on getting them to work so stay tuned!

Download Mountains now!


  1. Mike Macias

    does this do anything different than normal FP1 themes?

  2. G.R.G.

    Nope. For example, when I put the haze theme onto my N95 8GB the fireworks effects weren't present. Maybe I'll be able to change that, though....

  3. Anonymous

    No, you won't. Don't waste your time. "Effects engine" is not there in N95. Theme is only capable to configure the effects, not to "play" them.

  4. Anonymous

    Great theme! Thanks! Working perfect on my N95-3.

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