Thursday, 12 June 2008

Installing unsigned apps... For newbies

In all of my previous guides, I assumed my readers(like me) did not just want to install unsigned apps but also make their phones work how they wanted them to work, with the help of ROMPatcher for example. It has however been pointed out that this is not the case, some people just want to install unsigned apps. Because of the way my previous guides were made/written, they were confusing for the viewer so I've now made a newer guide that will ONLY demonstrate how to install unsigned apps, making the whole process absurdly easy.

Download the zip file HERE and copy the appropriate folder for your phone to your memory card.

If you're unsure of which version of Symbian your phone runs on, refer to my Devices List.

If for some reason you can't watch the video or it still isn't clear enough, here's a basic explanation of what you need to do:

1)Install Y browser and HelloCarbide from your Hacks(9.x) folder.
3)Open HelloCarbide and go to Options>Menu1>Yes
4)Open Y browser again and navigate to your Hacks(9.x) folder, copy installserver.exe to C:\SYS\BIN.
5)Restart your phone.

Please remember that any apps you install will be granted ALL capabilities. Don't go around installing naughty .sis files for goodness sake!


  1. Anonymous

    after i did this hack i cannot install any other legal application, how do i deativate this hack?


  2. Vlad

    I wrote a tutorial about an even simpler solution that doesn't involve hacking at any level.

  3. G.R.G.

    Martin, that suggests that you copied the wrong file. What phone are you using?

    Vlad, using secman IS hacking, it uses AppTRK. Plus, it doesn't work with newer phones/firmwares so this guide(the one above) is the easiest way to install unsigned apps in any way. Besides, using secman you still have to sign the app. This method is so much more simple... Just copy one file over and you never need to worry about signing again.


  4. Anonymous

    hi, 2 question:
    1. with the above methord, do i still need to install the cappsOn and cappsOff?

    2. with the above methord, is it i can just install any unsigned apps? do i still need to sign it to .sisx before install it?

    thank you.

  5. G.R.G.

    Allan, with the above method there is no need for capson/off. There's also no need to sign apps. Just install unsigned apps as they are!


  6. Arjen

    Martin: installserver.exe is a hacked version of the original installserver in ROM. Even though it can install most SIS files (signed and unsigned), it has a problem with software that is protected using OpenBit or License Manager (some of the software you can download using the Download! application on your phone is protected that way).
    The only way to install this kind of software is to remove the hack (run HelloCarbide again to make the \Sys\bin folder visible and remove installserver.exe from that folder - no reboot necessary). I wouldn't recommend this installer anyway, since it completely bypasses PlatSec which also allows malicious software to be installed (which for example can send expensive paid SMS's or spam from your phone - something you won't even notice until you get your phone bill or until your data-subscription is suddenly cancelled due to a TOS-violation).

  7. Anonymous

    Thanks Mr-X. here another question, the Y-Browser is .sis file, meaning that it is unsigned. so will it be able to install before i hack the symbian? isn't that symbian 3rd edition only accept .sisx file type?


  8. G.R.G.

    Allan, Y browser is already Symbian Signed I believe so there's no need to resign it.

    Just try it.

  9. Anonymous

    I don't think this method is perfect.
    Leaving holes for all the malicious software is not a good idea at all.
    IMHO the best way is to combine both methods:
    Use this method (which works on new firmwares) but not to install hacked "installserver.exe". Use it to install "00000001" (hacked root certificate) instead. So you can sign with "gensign.cer" only those apps, which needs to be signed!

  10. G.R.G.

    Yagiza, indeed this method is less safe than using Leftup's custom key and cert BUT when I posted that guide up, people still had problems although it only had a few more steps to it. The only reason I've made this guide is because it IS the easiest method.

    When a new, safer method arises that is still as simple as this, I will of course write up a guide and remove this one.

  11. Unknown

    I dont have C SYS directorium on my n95 8gb ..i have c: system but there is no BIN directorium there.What should i do?Tnx

  12. Anonymous

    Stefan , use X-Plore with "Show system files/folders" option ON.
    If after starting hellocarbide you still have no access to the folder, there's something wrong with your device.

  13. Unknown

    Tnx i figure it out:)
    But now i have problem instaling psiloc irremote. I have 3 sis files 1. psiloc iremote signed 2.drm signed
    3.crack unsigned. And that crack unsigned instals but still program not working. Same those 3 files before cople of mounts my friend used when he instaled it on his n95 8gb.But he signed that crack on symbiansigned or something like that:( Any idea what should I do?

  14. Anonymous

    Stefan, as I wrote above, don't use the method described in this article. Instead, use combination of this method and the method described here:
    This will allow you to sign any unsigned apps with an universal certificate from FCA00000 (most of them are coming already signed with this certificate).
    And this method will not break anything!
    Also this method won't open doors for viruses and malicious software to your device.

  15. Unknown

    i did it the way it was shown in the video, after doing it i cant install any application. It just says 'file currupt'. I have a N73 ME and i used hacks v9.2. Please help!

  16. G.R.G.

    Prabhjot, that's the wrong file. The N73 is a Symbian 9.1 device.


  17. Unknown

    oh alright, so how do i change it now? because after installing it i cant see the SYS folder in C:\ anymore, neither can i uninstall hellocarbide. Thanks for your fast reply, i've added you to my msn please accept!

  18. Unknown

    i cant install the hack 9.1 files just says file currupt. please help.

  19. G.R.G.

    Restart your phone and then run hellocarbide again but this time copy over the 9.1 installserver. Make sure you delete the old one first.

  20. Anonymous


    is it really dangerous if I hack my N95-8Gb this way? is there a real big risk (how many %) that bad software will be installed on my phone?? viruses?

    I always download my software at ipmart-forum. Is that a site where I can download dangerous software?

    If it is really dangerous, can you please give me the link with the previous tutorial to install unsigned files (the tutorial where you need to install the software "selfsigned" and sing every unsigned software you want to install).
    And in this case, how can I uninstall this hack, please?


    PS: are there others sites where I can download hacked software?

  21. G.R.G.

    Hi Barbara,

    If you only install files that you know came from a legit source, there's of course a 0% chance of getting viruses. There aren't even any viruses for S60 3rd yet anyways.

    IP-Mart deals with cracked software so be careful with what you install from there.

    I've removed that previous guide from the blog as in comparison to this guide, it's far too complex for the 'normal' user.

    If you want more hacks, I recommend the Symbian-Freak modding forums.


  22. Anonymous


    Thanks for the quick answer!
    Could you re-post the previous guide, or mail it to me at ? I already used that guide with my previous phone, so for me it is no problem. I also need the software/files for that hack.
    Could you also tell me how to remove this hack?

    I want to install the previous hack, because I want to install things I download from Ipmart with no fear. Or is it the same? If I sign a .sis file (with the previous hack guide) that contains a virus, will the virus disappear?

  23. G.R.G.

    Hi again Barbara,

    I'll see if I can find it.

    Even if you sign the apps from IPmart with the custom cert used in the old guide, you will still be susceptible to viruses as the certificate used grants the application all capabilities, so you're really beter off with this method(installserver.exe).


  24. Anonymous

    I have a problem: there is a software which I can't install anymore (jar file EA.Mobile.UEFA. EURO.2008.v4.8.36). My phone (N95-8Gb) starts installing it, but at the end of the installing process, it says "problem with certificate". Installing other software (even unsigned) is no problem. what can I do?

    @ Yagiza:
    can you explain in detail how I can combine both methods, and also where I can find the software to do so?
    And is it enough to delete the file "installserver.exe" to undo this hack?


  25. Unknown

    This is neat! Working fine on my Nokia N77..

    Tanx man.

  26. Anonymous

    Works like a charm! Thank you!

  27. Anonymous

    @Barbara :

    Did you figure out how to use the combined methods?
    I'm intrested as well.
    Any idea how can I contact Yagiza?

  28. G.R.G.

    @Adam and Barbara, I no longer have the guide that included sing Leftup's cert so if you still need it, I recommend you head over to the Symbian-Freak modding forum.


  29. Anonymous

    @ adam
    no, I haven't figured out yet and I don't know how to contact him
    let's hope he will read our posts :-)

  30. Anonymous

    If I understand correctly, the difference is that instead of using the hacked installserver.exe(after you hacked the system so you can use c:) you use some hacked cert that can grant most of the permissions. Am I correct?

    In case this is true, the only difference is that the cert is able to grant less permission that can risk your system?
    Is there any way to be able to assign permissions manually?
    It's abit disturbing that there is an option for malicous app to auto send sms etc...
    If you guys could explain the security holes I'll be thankful.

  31. JB

    Hi Mr-X. Thanks for this simple guide. Seems to work perfectly. However, I do have an issue with certain installations though. I have installed unsigned Shut Up and RotateMe released by Samir. I have N95 8GB. It allows me to install without any hassle but when I try to run, it tells me "unable to execute file for security reasons". Can you please help me out in fixing this issue? My version is v20.

  32. Unknown

    Hello please can you help?

    I have just had a new nokia 6124 classic and I am trying hard to download some sis files (oops!!)

    after reading your post I have tried to download Y-browser and HelloCarbide but I keep getting certification error on my phone! Im not a tech whizz so please be gentle lol.

  33. Anonymous

    its me justie lee my phone is n80 and my question is what version of hack the 9.1?or the 9.2? and when i follow your directions... in no.4 there is no bin folder do i need to make a bin folder? and after this... do i need to restart my phone? after this could i install now the unsigned file? FYI: i want to install a rotateme on my phone but the file is unsigned.

    help me please...

 my yahoo msger

  34. Anonymous

    I am stuck on the last stage of the process.
    I cannot find ActiveFile.EXE in the BIN folder to paste the copied file. Where can I find it or have it show up on screen.

    Please help. Thanks!

  35. Anonymous

    do i have to install only in my phone memory?

  36. Anonymous

    it does not recognise installserver.exe.i have a n95 and it says that feature is not!!!!!

  37. G.R.G.

    Please watch the video/read the instructions and do exactly as it shows/says.

  38. Anonymous

    when i install this application can i hack with super bluetooth hack an other device without permission????????????please tell me!!!!!!!!!

  39. Anonymous

    as I understand, there´s no way to hackmac the 9.3 series, including the 6220-classic?!?!?
    the zip file only contains 9.1 and 9.2 hack...
    So plz tell me what to do with my one.
    don´t say " buy a 9.2 device:-) thx alot...
    sorry for terrible engl. I´m viking... ):o=

  40. Anonymous


  41. Anonymous

    I can't install either Y browser nor Hellocarbide on my Nokia E51, it says that the certificate is wrong. I've used 9.2 folder and copied it on memory card. I've also tried to install these via PC Suite with no luck. PLS help!

  42. Anonymous

    HI Mr X,
    I did exactly as you said and it worked perfectly so thankyou very much.

    now i have rotateme installed, is it possible to "unhack" my phone and leave rotateme in there ?

    thanks again,

  43. Anonymous

    Hi Mr X
    Thank you for help me to instal unsigned applications.They work all.Thank you.
    (Eldar from Bosnia & Hercegovina)

  44. Anonymous

    Mr X,


  45. Bethsie Beauty Clinic

    I have e71 but when i want to install hellocarbide for the first time n i hit Menu1 then it shows "FreeLogicalDrive" with yes/no question not "done...probably" instead, what is wrong with that?? pls help me...

  46. Anonymous


    Mr. X, I use Nokia N80, which is in 9.1 pack and I did all the steps mentioned. However now whenever I try to install any file I get the message "File Corrupted". Before using the hack given aboev I used to get Certificate error. Please help

  47. Anonymous

    thanks a lot Mr-X, it works fine with my n95. i have installed route66 and no need to sign the application. great job, man.

  48. Anonymous

    What about Symbian 9.3 Devices Nokia N96 ?!!??!
    Please give a reaction !

  49. Anonymous

    v31.0.014. can it be hacked?

  50. Anonymous

    Nope, the N95's V31 is unhackable.

  51. Anonymous

    Hello from Denmark
    How can i downgrade my software My pohne is N95

  52. Anonymous

    Hi Mr X, will this work for E71 as well ? I tried installing the file according your video but couldnt. It said "certificate error, contact the application provider"

    Can you help ?

  53. Anonymous

    I installed hellocarbide in my phone 5500 i done all through procedure given when i started hellocarbide and selected menu1 in option and selected yes then hellocarbide automatically closed what i have to do now?pls tell me

  54. Anonymous

    I installed hellocarbide in my phone 5500 i done all through procedure given when i started hellocarbide and selected menu1 in option and selected yes then hellocarbide automatically closed what i have to do now?pls tell me

  55. Anonymous

    u awryt mate? installed this and worked perfect thank you very much just fot future reference if i was to remove this how would i go about it?

  56. Anonymous

    I installed hellocarbide in my phone 5500 i done all through procedure given when i started hellocarbide and selected menu1 in option and selected yes then hellocarbide automatically closed what i have to do now?pls tell me


  57. Anonymous

    I followed the steps correctly.

    My phone is a Nokia N80 so I used the 9.1 hack.

    However applications don't install now, it says "File corrupted"

    can you please help me? thanks!

  58. Anonymous

    What's the compatibility with the Samsung I8510 Innov8? It runs on 9.3.

  59. Anonymous

    Work very fine for me.


  60. Anonymous

    It works! Thanks! Sari.

  61. Anonymous

  62. Aaron Mojilip

    hi there Guru!!!...just using Nokia E 71 and yes im still a newbie...i noticed that when i tried to paste the "installserver.exe" C:\SYS\BIN...i noticed that my phone does not have a BIN i tried creating one BIN file and paste the "installserver.exe"...then tried installing apps..but with failure...wuts the solution? thanx

  63. Anonymous

    Mr. X You rock...

    Thanks a lot now I have rotateme in my N95...I'm really happy thanks to you

  64. Anonymous

    Hi Mr. X is N95 V31.x makes problems with hello carbide and i could see Info half year ago it is unhackable... is it now? or can i use Pyton/ Trkapp for opening System for the server.exe - file?

  65. Anonymous

    Hi Mr. X,I have problems installing hack .sis and .sisx on my Nokia E71. Before I just change the date and set the checking of online cert to off and everything works. This started after I had my Nokia's firmware upgraded. How do I install .sis or .sisx files? I keep getting the same certificate error message and it is really very frustrating. Please help.

  66. Anonymous

    NOKIA N95
    IMEI 356962019095703
    FIRM WARE 31.0.017

  67. Unknown

    when i install hellocarbide my n95 gives an error that "expired certificate" now what do i do ?

  68. Unknown

    ok guys what i did is right click on the hellocarbide file and click on properties to see its date of modification and then set my mobile date to one month later then that modded date...and there i have installed
    this method workks on my n95 v31.17
    i hope thats the solution for those who get expired cert. error

  69. Unknown

    lol after i have installed the hellocarbide i cant do
    menu1>>then app get closed nothng there is no SYS folder in my C:/ drive
    i think my n95 cant be hacked
    see if mr X has the solution

  70. Anonymous

    Hello the Mr. X I have an N95 when i tried installing the 9.2 Ybrowser or hello carbide the phone gives me the Expired certificate error what should I do about that ?

    Thanks for any response Fernando.

  71. wweeww

    I got a nokia n79 which has Symbian OS version 9.3 but 9.3 folder is not included in the zip plz tell what to do?

  72. Nick

    Actually, i don't have "C:\SYS" folder -.-

    So, where do i copy it ?

    Can you send me an email , please?

    Thank you very much

  73. Anonymous

    hi Mr. X.I just about to paste the Installserver.exe to C:/SYS/BIN but found out I don't have any SYS in my C directory.So where should I navigate.I already have V.30 firmware in my N95c phone.Pls. help and thanks.

  74. rotate me

    i cant install rotate me can u help me please?

  75. Anonymous

    I hav just hacked my nokia n73 me as u said but i still cant install naughty.sis in my phone. It say naughty.sis not supported. Ho w do i instal the aplication?

  76. Anonymous

    hey i am newbie is this so pls help is this hack compatible with 5233 and what is naughty.sis?

  77. Anonymous

    it shows expired certificate on my mobile
    nokia 5233 do something
    my mail id

  78. Anonymous

    is there a hack fo3 9.3 devices yet thanks

  79. Anonymous

    hello there, got a lil bit a of a problem. i can't install the program on my cellphone is says something about certificate not granted and so on...i got an N95 ..

  80. Unknown

    hello frnds not need to hack mobile just sign it and install it visit

  81. Anonymous

    Very useful! Thank you! Installed and working on E61i perfectly.

  82. Anonymous

    does this work on Nokia 5800????

  83. Sushant

    hello mr x i am using nokia e63 with letest firmware of 2011 i install fp1 of Drakkarious but the app hellocarbide doesnt works so i cant hack plz help me

  84. Unknown

    Mr. X: I have a Nokia E71. I got your zip file and downloaded the Y Browser and hellocarbide I do not see a SYS file anywhere in Y browser nor does the Menu 1 option do anything on the hellocarbide how do I fix this?

  85. Anonymous

    Awesome! It worked Mr.X Thanks a lot for the wonderful idea! but what ever softwares i install shows two icons for some reason! nonetheless! thanks!

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