Saturday, 7 June 2008

Remap the keys on your S60 device

Something that many people ask about on forums is how to remap the buttons on their device. Thanks to Z-Mario of Symbian Freak, I now bring you news of a way to remap these keys as you see fit, including the gallery button that is hated by so many!

Download MagicKey HERE. Remember, it's unsigned so you'll need a developer certificate or to have hacked your phone.

1)Open MagicKey
2)Press the right direction key on your D-Pad
3)Go to options and then Edit
4)Go to options and then to Add
5)Press the green call key so the numbers change to 999
6)Press the button that you want to map and the number will change accordingly
7)Scroll down to Maps to and choose the function that you want to map the button to and press OK.
8)Go back and then hit the left directional key
9) Go to options and select start on boot.



  1. Anonymous

    works well. although do i map applications to the keys e.g. map an app to the multimedia tiles key on the n95 8gb? cheers

  2. G.R.G.

    Unfortunately that isn't possible at the moment. Maybe in Leftup's next revision something like that will be achievable.

  3. Anonymous

    Once again a really good, high quality post!
    Thanks for the job, now, the key doesn't work really got. ;-)

  4. Anonymous

    haha i didnt even know i had my multimedia key

  5. Markz


    I'm very new to S60 and just got my first S60 device, a US-spec at&t Nokia 6650 fold.

    Can someone explain to me how to hack my phone so I can install this app? I would DEARLY like to destroy the at&t dedicated GPS and at&t Media Net keys.

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