Tuesday, 1 July 2008

How to increase the brightness of your Nokia N82's screen!

Many a N82 user have complained about the limited brightness in the Nokia N82 compared to much brighter phones like the N95 8GB. This is something that Nokia are surely aware of but have not fixed with a firmware update. Thanks to P@sco, it's clear that once again the hacking community has done what Nokia simply can't be arsed to do... Video guide after the break.

Download (right click, save link as) the 10200c8c.txt file HERE, then copy it to the 'others' folder on your memory card.

YOU WILL NEED A HACKED PHONE. Instructions below.

If this is the first time that you'll be hacking your phone, follow these simple instructions:

1) Download and install hellocarbide from HERE, DO NOT OPEN IT YET.
2) Open Y-Browser and send it into the background by hitting the menu button.
3) Open HelloCarbide, press options and then select menu1... When the pop-up message appears just press yes.
4) Open Y browser again.
5)Copy the 10200c8c.txt file from where you've saved it to C:\Private\10202be9\.
6)Check if there's a 10200c8c.cre file in C:\Private\10202be9\Persists\, if there is one, delete it.
7)Restart your phone.

If you've previously hacked your phone and have CapsOff installed, start from step #5.

Please note that after performing this hack, the only way to lower the brightness settings of your N82 is to delete or move the txt/cre files in C:\Private\10202be9



  1. Mike Macias

    great work! Can't wait to try it out after work.

  2. Mike Macias

    so P@sco did this hack?

  3. G.R.G.

    It was a guy called Bullet_93 that created the hack :)


  4. Anonymous

    It must be noted that adjusting the brightness is not possible after this (the display remaining at full brightness always). Also a great hack would be "retaining of camera settings" (meaning that once we set the exposure, grid or whatever, it stays that way after reopening the camera)

  5. G.R.G.

    I'll update the guide with these details now.

    About your suggestion for a hack, I don't know whether the settings for the default presets are all located in the same file as the user set ones, if not, maybe it'd be possible to replace them. Meh, I don't think I'm capable of it though.


  6. Anonymous

    Top Stuff :)
    Thanks to bullet93 and to mr-x for publishing this
    my n82 looks amazing now,
    thanks again,

  7. Anonymous

    Hi there :)

    Great work indeed! but may i know how it effect the already kinda terrible battery life of N82 from your experience? Is it very bad, or just a little bad, or not bad at all? huhu.


  8. G.R.G.

    En_a, I don't own a N82 so I can't tell you first hand how this affects the battery life.

    People at Howard Forums are saying that it doesn't really reduce the battery life seriously, though.


  9. Anonymous

    thx mr-x..great work..it really means a lot to me..

  10. Anonymous

    hi all
    sorry for a noob ques, how does his phone has 7 icons in the active standby?

  11. Anonymous

    Oopsss, i think there is a typo error here....

    "102000c8c"....with additional "0"

    It supposed to be "10200c8c", am I correct?

  12. G.R.G.

    Yup, you're right!

    Thanks for pointing that out :)


  13. Anonymous

    i didn't understand how do we lower the brightness after the hack

    explain me more detailed
    i'm a little slow with this things

  14. Anonymous

    i didn't understand how do we lower the brightness after the hack

    explain me more detailed
    i'm a little slow with these things

  15. Anonymous

    Just got my N82 and this is the first thing I did, thank you!

  16. Anonymous

    awesome!!! thank you so much. my n82 is as bright as my n95.. great work!!!

  17. Anonymous

    Hi Mr. X

    really done a gr8 work.
    Now how can we reduce the brightness to very low if we want.

    I mean if I want to reduce the brightness of N95 to N82. Is it possible according to your hacking mind

  18. G.R.G.

    I'm assuming that you want to lower the brightness of your N95's screen?

    Tools>Settings>General>Personalisation>Display>Light Sensor.

    Just take it all the way to the left.

    I hope that's what you were asking for.

  19. Anonymous

    It sucks....Its no good...it slows the phone and its blocks the aplication manager...

  20. Anonymous


    It sucks....Its no good...it slows the phone and its blocks the aplication manager...


    Bullshit... I done this hack and my N82 works perfect... no problem or bugs...

    Tnx for this this! Now my N82 is good!

  21. Anonymous

    will this work hack work the same on a E71? The screen is pretty dull. I did this to my N82 and it was perfect!

    Please let me know, thanks in advance

  22. Anonymous

    Hi i am trying this out but my c:private folder is empty. any suggestions?

  23. Anonymous

    PROBLEM =(

    I don't understand the second step, what do I exactly have to do there, and what do you mean with CAPS I installed Y-Browser AND helocarbide but when I do al the steps i copy the tekst file but when I go to C: there is NO ''private''

    what do I do wrong Can Anybody help me pleaseee...


  24. Anonymous

    good app but , i cannot set my light lower or higher or nothing ..it's just set on MAX

  25. freezal

    Thank you very very very much!!

    I really appreciate it! :)

  26. Unknown

    Same here - I think that everyone assumes that we know what CAPSOFF is???!!!
    Remember that we aren't all savvy with hacking techniques, and making things difficult to do by starting halfway thru ain't winning me over.
    I very nearly punched my monitor, 'cos I'm getting so pissed off with faffing around, looking for where I put the file in the first place, then trying to open it - failing - then pressing exit every time on 'Y-browser (again assumed that everyone has this!!!) and finding I have to restrat the phone to get Y-browser to work again.
    How about a bit of step by step instruction?
    I'm an electronics engineer, and find it easier to reconstruct a VHF transceiver than to perform this SIMPLE hack!
    One more go - and I'll try to find another site made for ignoramouses like me (and probably many others!!)

  27. Anonymous

    Please explain a little more precise.. It might not be clear to everybody what y-browser is, but i found out.. However im still stuck unable to find the "private" folder in y-browser.. Please help.. The low brightness is annoying..

  28. Anonymous

    there is no private folderin my n82 what do i do?

  29. Anonymous

    I've succesffully hack my n82 with your guide.
    Thank you.
    But somehow, the hack also affect the phone flash(too bright).
    I wish to revert back but somehow the latest firmware(30.0.19), I was unable to find the "C:\Private" folder.

  30. Unknown

    After spending HOURS on this, I gave it one last try today (been trying for two months), and I found where I was going wrong!
    The tutorial says to check that there isn't a 10200c8c.cre file in C:\Private\10202be9\Persists\,and, if there is one, to delete it.
    There was no file with that name, so I restarted evry time without success.
    Today, I thought "sod it" and deleted the 10200c8b file, and EUREKA! it worked!
    So anyone that, like me, followed the instructions to the letter - CHECK AGAIN, and DELETE FILE 10200C8B (B not c!!!).
    After all the hassle I've had, the solution was right there in front of my eyes all the time.
    So again 10200c8b is the one to delete!
    Thanks for the hack guys, and apologies for appearing dim!
    The phone is 1000% improved!
    Good work.

  31. Anonymous

    I have done all you said but no efect the brightness is the same, much as i can notice.

  32. Anonymous

    tried this method all day
    no sucess at all ,tried all different ways,
    as a last attempt i transfered the .txt file to my phone via the data cable and it worked and is definately worth doing.i had used a card reader all day to transfer the .txt file and this was stopping the method working.

  33. Anonymous

    Great, worked flawlessly on N82 v3.1 firmware!

  34. Andreus S. Chilton

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  35. Andreus S. Chilton

    AWESOME!!! After playing around the net, I was able to get around the difficulty without having to install HelloOx (couldn't get it to work with my cert and key). I'm using the latest firmware v3.1

    Here's what to do:
    Get your Cert and Key at OPDA (and there are english guides around if you search). You need those to sign your Mapdrives later.

    When you have those, follow this guide: http://www.dotsis.com/mobile_phone/showthread.php?t=141038&highlight=n82&page=2

    After you get that to work, use Modo and start from Number 5 of this guide.

    Special thanks to Mr X and all due credits for the dedication and time in creating this Brightness Tweak. Gracias amigos!!!!

  36. Anonymous

    My N82 has latest frimware. But HelloCarBide is not working in this firmware. I tried this hack in another N82(firmware-20), it worked properly. So what should i do??? Please, help, pls pls pls???

  37. Anonymous

    i can't find the "private" folder on my n82:| can anyoane please help me?:|

  38. Anonymous

    i mean it doesn't exist on "C"

  39. Anonymous

    WORKS,i tried with X-plore,but didn work (i dont know why??) i copied the txt with MODO and after restart the screen is brighter! very good!!

  40. Anonymous

    I copied the files into the folder, but there's no file in it even after copying into the folder several times. Btw, my phone restarted after I clicked Caps on? I really need some help here.

  41. Anonymous

    hello. I need the original 10200c8c.cre, could anyone send it to email inkas91@abv.bg? Thank you very much.

  42. Anonymous

    hi friends,,, my version is 35.0.002,i installed both software,But in my C:\ there is no Private Folder can anyone help me pls,,,,my ID is sumal.arfan@gmail.com pls,,,,, pls anyone help me what i have to do,,,

  43. Anonymous

    my private folder is empty,why??

  44. Anonymous

    workin gud job

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