Thursday, 17 July 2008

New updates coming for Nseries?

If you're registered with my Nokia, you probably received an email telling you that your phone has a software update available. In My Nokia, I have my N95 8GB's IMEI entered and if you can still remember, the N95 8GB last received a firmware update in April, so why are Nokia sending out this email a good 3 months after the update came out?

Some are saying that this could be a sign that Nokia are planning to update a slew of Nseries devices sometime soon and that My Nokia were a bit quick to jump the gun on sending out the emails.

It does make sense, right? The N81 recently got an update adding menu transitions and mentions of TAT's Kastor have been found buried in the firmware of some phones. Maybe these updates will bring new, revamped UIs?

UPDATE: I just received another message from My Nokia (this time as a text message) saying that my phone had a software update. WTF, Nokia?

Maybe we'll all be getting some update love soon?


  1. Anonymous

    Aha,So this means the rumors are coming true again,But hope they'll release a firmware with no bugs this time.

  2. Anonymous

    Ah ha i thought i was the only one getting the emails.

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