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Nokia Bluetooth headset BH-604 review

The Nokia BH-604 Bluetooth headset was announced back in June of 2007 at the same time as the BH-602 and BH-803. The BH-604’s size certainly doesn’t help in enticing the average, non-audiophile phone user but as with most things, they shouldn’t be completely disregarded prior to actually trying them.

Box contents:

• Nokia BH-604 Bluetooth headset
• Nokia 2.5mm pin charger
• Carrying pouch
• Manuals


The BH-604 is (as said by Nokia) a DJ-Style Bluetooth headset. Kitted out in black and silver (the only colours available), the BH-604 will be able to go with most phones and dare I say it, outfits without clashing too much. The play/pause, forwards, backwards and multifunction button symbols are all set on a contrasting background colour for maximum visibility.

The headband and cans are padded with what seems to be leather which really adds an extra touch of ‘classiness’ to the headset.

The BH-604 features two hinges on each side, one for up and down adjustment and the other for side to side.


I was very pleasantly surprised with just how quickly the BH-604 goes from flat to fully charged. After about 40 minutes plugged in, they were already displaying the green light which indicates that it’s fully charged. Nokia claims that after a full charge the BH-604 will be able to endure 19 hours of constant music playback, 18 hours of constant talk time and a very respectable 2 weeks of standby time. From my experiences, I believe that these official figures should be accurate.


Pairing is really very simple. Holding down the multifunction (call) button for about 4 seconds while turning the BH-604 on will put it into pairing mode, making it discoverable to other devices. Just search for new devices from your device and pair with 0000 as the pass code and you’re good to go.


The sound from the BH-604 is great. When paired with the N95 8GB/W660i, music was clear and loud with very good bass. These things literally vibrate on your ears in such a manner that with some songs I could feel the cans moving around slightly on my head. If you REALLY want to see what the BH-604 is capable of, it is recommended that you pair them up with an A2DP enabled computer/laptop. The sounds produced become even more rich and vivid; it really is possible to lose yourself in the music.

The BH-604 is seriously loud. Play some music at maximum volume with the BH 604s on a table and you’ll still be able to hear what is being said in a song from many meters away, the volume is comparable to some of Sony Ericsson’s inbuilt phone speakers. Because the cans completely swallow up your ears, they’re pretty good at blocking outside noises... Be careful on the roads if you’re listening to music while out and about, but if you can wear these on the streets you probably already have no fears anyway.

Call quality:

Conversations sounded clearer than with the standard phone-to-ear position. There were no complaints about voice clarity from callers.


The BH-604 weighs in at 250g according to Nokia, so they aren’t the lightest of Bluetooth headsets. Despite their weight, I found them to be incredibly comfortable, even more so than the 30g Motorola S9. The leather padding really helps in trying to forget that you’ve got the headphones on.

After periods of about 4-5 hours with the headsets on, my ears felt noticeably warmer but apart from this the BH-604s still felt great.


Although I really liked the BH-604s, there were some things about them that REALLY started to annoy me after a few days. On changing tracks with the control buttons on the side, there is ALWAYS a little bit of a lag and then a very small amount of the track still plays before the next track starts, meaning that a few seconds of the new track are wasted.

Another thing that was unbelievably annoying was when setting the BH 604 to the maximum volume using the headset’s volume control. Every time you push the volume rocker up, if it’s already on maximum a beep will interrupt your music and then eat up about 2 seconds of the song.

Others' opinions:

It’s not every day that you see someone walking about with headphones as big as the BH 604s in London so quite understandably it garnered quite a bit of extra attention.

I must say, my friends didn’t really like the BH-604 except for the quality of sound. On at least one occasion, the BH-604 caused spontaneous eruptions of laughter from my associates.


The BH 604s are a great choice if you’re not a very fashion conscious person and are looking for a pair of wireless headsets that sound great. They fit well on any head and will stay firmly fixed whilst exercising so maybe the BH 604s could also be suitable for joggers, you know, joggers who jog indoors... On treadmills.

The BH-604s can be had for £69 directly from Nokia.

Check out the gallery here for some comparison shots.

Thanks again to WOMWorld for allowing me to trial the BH-604s.


  1. Unknown

    im wondering if there is a physical on/off switch, cause one of the problems i have with my current bluetooth headset is that when i turn them off it takes very little for them to turn on again as you only have to push the button for 2sec to turn them on :(

  2. G.R.G.

    There isn't a dedicated on/off button but the BH-604s do require that you hold the button down for about 3 seconds before it turns on/off.

  3. itchy8me

    i have this headset.. i love the thing , i have had it for over 4 years now.. fast charging and durable , its an awesome headset with good sound quality. It is however bulky and as ugly as shit.

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