Friday, 18 July 2008

Nokia Tube seen in The Dark Knight!

Many reports are coming in that the Nokia Tube can be clearly seen in the new Batman movie. What are Nokia playing at?...

The Tube has not even been officially announced yet. So, if they're showing it off in a Movie as highly anticipated as The Dark Knight it's easy to assume that the official announcement isn't too far off.

Awesome_Aleks caught a glimpse of the Tube and gave a brief description, saying "Bottom keys seemed touch sensitive in the way they lit up, but they could have been like the N81 keys. The front was glossy black and the side had a orange ring around it like the N78/N81/N96. The back was black."

Have you seen The Dark Knight? What do you think of the Tube? Unfortunately, The Dark Knight isn't out in the UK until the 24th of July so I'll still have to wait a while before I can form my own opinions on the Tube.


  1. Anonymous

    it's totally the tube

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