Saturday, 2 August 2008

ESeries themes: Dark and Light

I know for a fact that the new themes that come preloaded onto the Nokia E71 and E66 are liked by many. So, today I bring you two of those themes: Dark and Light, for your downloading pleasure.

All of these themes are fully signed and will install onto any S60 V3 phone. Many thanks to my good friend P@sco for the certs and keys!


Download Dark HERE.


Download Light HERE.


  1. Anonymous

    Good day Mr.X!

    Thank you for the Dark & Light theme you created for us, i installed and used it on my N82. Is it possible that you can create an SVG version of the "Light" theme? i noticed that the background graphics didn't occupy the whole screen when you go to menu and its sub-menu's.

    I hope you can grant my request. Again thank you sir.

  2. Anonymous

    Doesn't work on my E50 :(

  3. jb

    Does it work on e65?

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