Saturday, 13 September 2008

How to: watch BBC iPlayer on your N95

The Nokia N96 will receive its very own iPlayer app next month. We don't yet know whether or not this application is exclusively for the N96. So, while you're waiting to find out, maybe you should check out some of the latest shows from the BBC... Using your current phone.

What you'll need:
A wifi enabled mobile phone.
A good wireless connection.

1) Open up your phone's browser and go to

2) Find the show you want to watch by navigating through the different categories. Click on the show.

3) When you're at the show's summary, click on where it says 'click to play'. RealPlayer will open and the show will start playing

The videos are encoded in 3gp at a 320x176 resolution and 192kbit/s bitrate. Although the quality isn't as good as the iPhone's version of iPlayer, it's still O.K. for a bit of mobile entertainment before you go to sleep. I hope the N96's iPlayer looks better than this though, otherwise that's one of the main selling points of the N96(atleast for me) gone.


  1. Anonymous

    doesnt work, do you have to install iphones_que?

  2. Anonymous


    I've already tested this on my N95 8GB with no browser modifications.

  3. Anonymous

    Thanks, working on my N82.

  4. Anonymous

    Seems iplayer is now out of beta and this no longer works...

    Anyone have any ideas?

  5. Anonymous


    Thanks for the tutorial, it's been useful :)

  6. Anonymous

    it doesnt work it says this phone does not support bbc iplayer n i got a n95 8gb

  7. Anonymous

    It does work on standard n95 after you get the latest nokia update. Iv'e had it working for ages. Streams through Real Player. Thing is now, went on to it, told me to update so i did and now there are no available programs!!

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