Friday, 19 September 2008

Nokia are at it again, N82's V30 unhackable

Earlier this year, Nokia successfully blocked FCA00000's python S60 v3 exploit... For a few hours. FCA00000 replied with his own version of HelloCarbide - the most powerful .Sis file that has ever existed in the history of Symbian. However, the release of the Nokia N82's V30 firmware marks the beginning of a new chapter in this cat and mouse game between Nokia and FCA00000. One man challenging a company of 117,212 employees.

HelloCarbide no longer works with the N82. There are some claims from some members of Symbian-Freak that following this update method will keep the hack working. I cannot confirm if it works as I don't have a N82 but it should be worth a try, right?

How to supposedly keep the hack on your V30 N82:
1) Format your V20 N82.
2) Hack your N82 using HelloCarbide and copy installserver.exe over to C:/Sys/Bin
3) Back up your phone using Nokia PC Suite.
4) Update your firmware
5) Restore using Nokia PC Suite.

If that doesn't work then you'll be stuck with a standard, locked down N82 until FCA00000 (hopefully) finds another exploit.



  1. Anonymous

    Hopefully, if FCA00000 finds a working exploit he won't release it right away because if he does that, the N96's (and probably other models too) firmware will get patched immediately against his new method. I guess there will be around 3 or 4 major firmware updates for the N96 having the first or the second one include a protection without a possible backdoor would not be much fun.

  2. Bethsie Beauty Clinic

    Is it e71 unhackable? cos i try to hack it with hellocarbide it doesnt show "done...probably" but it show "FreeLogicalDevice" with no/yes option??

  3. Anonymous

    if you press yes until the question boxes disappear it should work

  4. manoj

    do u have any idea how to increase brightness in a nokia n82 with v30.0.0.19 seems it is is unhackable..please help me..

  5. Anonymous


    Mr.X, I tried the hack for newbies given at below link

    I use Nokia N80, which is in 9.1 pack and I did all the steps mentioned and installed the .exe in sys/bin. However now whenever I try to install any file I get the message "File Corrupted". Also I am not able to use any existing application (like messaging, contacts etc) unless I restart the mobile.Before using the hack given above I used to get Certificate error. Please help

  6. Anonymous

    nokia n82 with v30.0.0.19 firmwareit it is is unhackable..please help us

  7. Anonymous

    Latest firmware for the E90 is hack resistant too.

  8. manoj

    nobody to help us???????nokia n82 v30

  9. Anonymous

    And to us the same! E90 v300.34.84

  10. G.R.G.

    Sorry people but it seems that this time 'round FCA00000 is having a bit of trouble. However, I have faith that he will eventually succeed and when he does you can be sure to find the details right here.

  11. Anonymous

    look forward to it

  12. Anonymous

    Plz mister can you upload a backup file for us ?
    Cuz we have upgrade our N82 to V3O without making a hacked backup !!!
    Thank you in advende

  13. Anonymous

    Any updates to install unsigned apps on N82?????

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