Thursday, 11 September 2008

Use the E71's browser on other Eseries!

-MiniMe- has been kind enough to extract the E71's default web browser and pack it into a lovely .SIS file. The E71's browser has a few differences when compared to the E90's. Let me show you one of the killer features of this new browser...

The E71 can browse in full screen mode. This means that the bars at the top and bottom of the browser window are removed, allowing you to see quite a bit more information on the screen than before.

Another thing you may notice is that the icons have been changed to those used in the E71.

You can download the browser HERE.
It's unsigned and you'll need a strong certificate or the ability to install unsigned files to get it running on your phone.


This will REPLACE the default browser on your phone.
It will NOT appear in application manager (it won't uninstall)
I've tested this on the E90, it worked. On the N95 8GB it refused to open.
If it doesnt work on your phone, remove all installation files manually.
Full screen browsing on the E90 is beautiful!



  1. Anonymous

    "Fullscreen" always present in the built-in web browser of E90!
    The same option in the menu.
    So I don't see any differences.
    There is a lack of a lot features in E90's browser (on ability to open another browser window manually, no ability to download and save files of any type etc.), but it seems that E71's browser is the same.

  2. Anonymous

    Ah, I see. Guess I was a bit too excited! Thanks

  3. Anonymous

    how do you uninstall it? Thanks.

  4. Anonymous

    I've tested this on my Nokia E51 and it's working great so far. No bugs, no issues afaik. Been only an hour of browsing on it actually. Still a nifty upgrade from the default old browser. E71 tweaks are welcomed anytime!!

    I wish there was a signed version available somewhere. I want to share this with some of my friends who don't have their E51 hacked yet. Any help on the matter is appreciated.

  5. Anonymous

    'If it doesnt work on your phone, remove all installation files manually'
    But how ? i own N95 8GB.

    thanks in advance

  6. Anonymous

    tried to install, but reports "certificates error"

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