Friday, 17 October 2008

'Comes with music' launches in UK

Nokia's comes with music service was officially set loose in the UK yesterday, the 16th of October. Comes with music means that you can buy a phone that (by using Nokia's music store) gives you free, legal and unlimited music downloads for the duration of your contract(18 or 12 months are available) or if you're buying a pay as you go phone like the 5310 you'll get 12 months of free music. Nice.

On my daily commute to school this morning, I picked up the free Metro newspaper and was surprised to see the service advertised on the entire cover. Here are some pictures of the advertisement:


  1. Anonymous

    I saw that too!nice to see nokia advertising their stuff more aggressively

  2. Anonymous

    Three will soon be offering the N95 8GB with comes with music.

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