Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Get cash for your old phones and a free SIM from Three

Do you have some old phones collecting dust in your house? Would you like to put one of those phones to use? Maybe you'd like to recycle your phone and get some cash at the same time?

Three are offering a free pay as you go SIM card for anyone interested. If you want a free Three SIM card, head over to Three's site, fill in your details and your SIM will be with you within the next 30 days. Please remember that Three requires you to use a 3G enabled device on their network. If you try using an older 2G device your service may be halted.

Three are also offering a phone recycling scheme. You send in your old phone and they'll send you a set amount of money for it. I just checked to see what I could get for some of the phones in my room:

6500 Slide=£51
N95 8GB=£127.50

To get the best prices for your phones, you must make sure that they are working. Here's Three's criteria for what they consider a working phone:

-Turn on and off
-Be fully functional (Normal cosmetic wear and tear is acceptable)
-Have a working screen
-Include its battery (you can keep memory card, charger, etc)
-Be healthy - not crushed or water-damaged

Visit Three's recycling page here.


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