Saturday, 25 October 2008

S60 YouTube crisis

Do you like YouTube? I do. I like YouTube on my laptop and I also like YouTube on my phone, it's fantastic. Some of you may remember a few months ago that my favourite S60 YouTube player, emTube, stopped working out of nowhere. It's happened again, but this time on a larger scale.

EmTube doesn't work. MobiTubia doesn't work. Damnit, even CorePlayer can't play YouTube videos now!

What is going on? Does anyone know why this keeps happening to US, the innocent S60 users... What have we done to deserve this?

If you've got a way to play YouTube videos on your S60 device in great quality like emTube once did, please feel free to share.


  1. Anonymous

    You could try Vtap

  2. Anonymous

    Thanks for that but unfortunately the quality just isn't up to par.

    Might come in handy in an emergency though. Thanks for commenting!

  3. Anonymous

    Try mobitubia, is a good youtube client, you can also save your favorite vids on your card for offline watch...

  4. G.R.G.

    I've tried MobiTubia, it doesn't work either. When trying to play a video it simply crashes. Thanks anyways!

  5. Anonymous

    That's strange, mobitubia is working for me.

  6. Anonymous

    my way is a bit convoluted but always works, and means I can have them offline like the 3rd party apps.
    I use to get the flv off youtube, then use ffmpeg on my linux box to convert the flv's to 3gp's then the built in real media player works, it is a long way round but it gives damned good quality and I can convert a couple weeks worth of different vodcasts in an hour or so, I have an 8gb sd card so no issues with storage.

  7. Anonymous

    vTap is great, but the problem is it does not work only on port 80 like emTube.
    You need port 7000 to login, you have to create an account and it has too much features.
    Additionally you cannot save videos like in emTube.

    Let's hope there will come a new version...

  8. Anonymous

    Stranger than fiction ... I now find that if I visit Youtube with the built-in Browser, clicking on a video opens Realplayer and I can watch it. The file may be saved but only as a .ram link. I have E90 with June 2007 firmware.
    David C

  9. Anonymous

    Mobitubia still works for me but not most of the time as it use to. Coreplayer just doesn't load any youtube file anymore. I think YouTube did something with their video formatting that mess everything up. There's a discussion at the Coreplayer forum regarding this issue. Hopefully, there is an official response on whether it will be fixed.

  10. Anonymous

    @Anonymous, thanks for the suggestion but I'd prefer to be able to play the videos immediately. Just incase you didn't know, there are some oline converters that could take out the need for a computer for you.

    @David C, Sounds to me like you're browsing the mobile YouTube site. If you update your firmware you should be able to play the videos within your browser window.

    @Kiyo21, MobiTubia is working for me too now but just like you said, it doesn't work all the time. I really did like using CorePlayer as a YouTube player, it would be a viable replacement for emTube if only navigating and searching wasn't such a huge pain.

    Thanks for the comments and suggestions people!

  11. Anonymous

    i had the same problem..
    but mobitubia is working again for me.

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