Saturday, 8 November 2008

Samir's AikonLab is alive!

Ask any person on Symbian-Freak who their favourite individual software developer is and you'll very likely be given one of two answers: Wook or Samir. Wook is a talented developer that likes to get the most out of his S60 device by not adhering to the limitations imposed by Symbian Signed while Samir is a Symbian celebrity who is probably best known for his accelerometer driven applications like RotateMe. As some of you may recall, Samir launched AikonLab back in September but was never to update it again until yesterday, November 7th.

Samir has now made nAlertMe available for download on his site. nAlertMe is a freeware security application that uses the inbuilt accelorometer to raise an audible alarm if your phone is moved from a stationary position. The alarm can only be deactivated after the user positions their phone in a pre-determined sequence of orientations.

Here's a video of nAlertMe in action:

Uploaded by AikonLab

You can grab nAlertMe by heading over to AikonLab and then navigating to the projects page.

Now all I'm waiting for is news on HandWave... Godspeed Samir!


  1. Anonymous

    I think I speak for everyone when I say WHERE IS HANDWAVE!

  2. Anonymous

    I am interested in to know who requested such waste software.
    My cell is in my pocket and not at a place where I cannot see it.
    Sorry, but there are programs they are more needed than this one.

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