Friday, 14 November 2008

Samir's HandWave launched

Finally, after over 2 months of waiting, HandWave is available for download! HandWave is an application that uses the front camera of your S60 device to detect movements from the user's hands and then registering these movements as corresponding keypresses on the device. You could call it a touchless interface for S60...

I've been using HandWave for a few minutes now and I am rather impressed. It's very accurate, even in dark surroundings. There's a little box at the top left of the screen that can be used to show when a movement is registered.

Users may want to turn this off though as it will obstruct some of the information on your screen. Unfortunately, such an option does not exist in this beta.

I had no problems using HandWave to control my phone from atleast 1 meter away so this could be great for using with TV-Out. The application can be optimised for different uses by changing the values of the pixel and image 'sensibility'.

HandWave is a great application that can be useful but I know i'll very likely be using it just to show off!

HandWave is currently donationware, meaning you can only get it by donating to Samir, the author of the application. You can donate as little or as much as you wish. After donation, a download link will be sent to you instantly.

Get HandWave HERE.


  1. Anonymous

    Does the application slow down the phone at all?

  2. G.R.G.

    It does seem to slow down my gallery and I think it may have caused my gallery to close but I do have over a thousand pictures/videos.

    I'm sure Samir will address most issues with later releases of the app.

  3. Anonymous

    Where can I download it?

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