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How to enable FP2 style transitions in FP1 devices

Menu transitions and effects are just a few of the new features included in Nokia's Feature Pack Two S60 devices. These subtle animations really do make a difference and give S60 a feeling of "newness". The N81 of all devices was blessed with a firmware update that enabled these effects, despite the N81 being a Feature Pack One device. That firmware update has now allowed users of the N95 8GB and maybe some other devices to take advantage of the theme effects, too.

Download the file HERE!

Please note that this hack is only working on phones with V20 firmware! V30s, V31s, V11s, V10s, V12s and others will NOT work.


You'll need:
-A hacked phone with ROMPatcher and a file browser(like Y-Browser) installed.
-To make sure that all of your themes are installed on the C drive(internal memory).

1)Download the KastorUI zip file from here: extract it and then copy the Kastor UI folder to your phone's memory card.

2)Disable platform security either by using CapsOff or ROMpatcher and then use a file browser navigate to the KastorUI folder and copy the KastorUI.rmp file to the patches folder on your memory card.

3)Copy the entire effects folder(from the KastorUI folder) into C:\Resource.

4)Copy the effects.sel file(from the KastorUI folder) and then navigate to C:\Resource\skins. In here, paste the effects.sel file into each of the folders and then rename it to the name of the folder. For example, if the name of a folder was 2000d1c3, you would rename effects.sel to 2000d1c3.sel.

5)Exit your file browser and then open ROMPatcher. Enable the KastorUI patch and set it to start automatically.

6)Navigate to the themes application, highlight your current theme and press options, select theme effects and then turn them off and back on again. *DO NOT EXIT THEMES* Instead, press the Symbian Menu button to open the menu and voila, your theme effects are working!

Every time you turn off your phone, simply repeat step 6 to get your theme effects back.

I've only tested this with my N95 8GB. If this works for you on a different phone, please leave a comment saying so!


  1. Anonymous

    The fw30 doesn't have theme effects on N95-1

  2. G.R.G.

    Well, I've kept my N95 8GB on V20 so I don't know if it'll work in V30. Anyone got any info on this?

  3. Anonymous

    I tried it. Everything works well until step 6. I have done everything right. But when i click options in themes application, the only choices are help and exit. So where is the theme effects option? Please help me.(P.S. I am using N95 8GB v30)

  4. G.R.G.

    I've just found out that the hack only works on V20 firmware. Unfortunately, you won't be able to use it on your N95 8GB for the time being. If the developer of the hack fixes this, I'll mention it here on finestfones.

  5. Anonymous

    No good on my N82 V20. The theme effect option never shows.
    Also, my theme folder was "dd5f2ea6667e3bee". A bit weird to me :/

  6. Anonymous

    Won't work on E51! No Option for Theme effect options.

  7. Anonymous

    You might need to use the "Enable hidden Menus" patch. Still there are no options to turn effects on/off on E51.

  8. Anonymous

    pls help, i use n82, n i didnt find ne skin folder in my resource folder...

  9. Anonymous

    fanks, but it is one Lonnnnnnnnnnnnng hack.

  10. Anonymous

    @Ali Abbas, have you tried installing atleast one theme onto C:\? If that still doesn't work then try creating the skins folder and then installing a theme onto C:\.

    @Anonymous, yup, it's a pretty long hack but I think it's worth it!

  11. Anonymous

    Hi Mr. X everything except the transitions within the menu's works on my N95-3. For example when I click the applications folder in the menu, there is no transition. Please let me know if there is a fix for this, otherwise amazing hack. Thanks.

  12. Anonymous

    Hi Adam,

    I don't think there's any way for you to get the folder transitions unfortunately. It seems that the different N95s have different effects available for them. For example, I believe the N95-3 has smooth scrolling while my N95-2 does not.

    If a way to change this arises, I'll edit this post with the method. Enjoy the hack!

  13. Anonymous

    i use n82, n i dnt find any skin folder in my resourse folder. is it possible to do it on my n82?

  14. Anonymous

    i cannot connect my phone to data storage mode, it always says "unable... memory card still in use" thorugh i killed all da applications running. wat can i do? thanks.

  15. Anonymous

    in my settings option of my n82, wen i get to choose my theme, there s no option(as shown on the video) as use animation. there s no option atall.. n wen i try to connect my phone in data transfer mode it says unable coz memory card still in use, though i killed all the applications running, even by showing all da hiddin applications running, i killd everything unnecessary, dut still i cant? wat can i do?

  16. G.R.G.

    Ali, if there's no option for theme effects on your N82 then that means this hack won't work for you due to your firmware.

    The reason for you not being able to enter mass storage mode is that there's an app using your memory card. It doesn't require that the actual application is open, just a few processes from it. An example of an application like this is Psiloc's Xelnex recorder.

  17. Anonymous

    thanks X. im actually using dat software. my phone have firmware 2. how can i change my firmware? wat can i do? i got n82 black. i bot ir few days back, bt da OS of n85 charmed me? the menu style, the menu animations n da theme effects. s der any possibilities do make my n82 look lyk dat?

  18. Anonymous

    is there any other hack for n82?

  19. Anonymous

    hm... is it work on 6120?
    because it doesn't work on E51, i doubt if it will work on 6120.

  20. Anonymous

    Is there an updated link for the file? The link appears to be down or the file taken off their servers? Thanks!

  21. Anonymous

    it's not work in my nokia n95 v31.0.017, i'll tried it..
    please help me mr X...

  22. Anonymous

    When it will works in nokia n95 8gb v.30 & v.31
    I hope that will be soon

  23. Anonymous


    hello, its seems i wont work on my everything did as instructed but when i'm applying the Kastor Ui patch, there is an error and my phone restarted itself..any solutions?

  24. Anonymous

    something is wrong, there is no such directory as 'Patches' on my n95 8GB. And I did use Caps off. Can you help me?

  25. Anonymous

    I tried it in my n95-4 and it worked, except the menu transition. But, whenever a hit options, screen turns clearer and then the phone restarts, what is happening? Is there a way to fix it??
    Great hacking!

  26. Anonymous

    work on n95 v31.0.017 ? the folder with theme have name : 74681df86a9ef for exemple
    what i can do?

  27. Abhishek verma

    I had tried all the above things shown in video but it does'nt work in my "" N79 ""

  28. Anonymous

    se puede en noia n73

  29. Anonymous

    i hve a n82 v20.. bt there is no option in themes fr theme effects.. plss help me

  30. Anonymous

    Tried it on my N82 V20 and it did not work..there's no option for "theme effects"

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