Tuesday, 27 January 2009

S60 has been hacked once again!

Finally. It's happened, my friends. All of you with 'unhackable' firmwares, read on.

None of this would have been possible without the great work by DeltaFox and FCA00000!

What you'll need:
-A strong certificate, like the ones that OPDA give out. If you don't already know how, check out my guide HERE on how to get one.

*Please read through the instructions atleast once before starting the procedure*

Download THIS zip file and extract it to your computer. Open the 'HelloOx' folder and sign every sis file within the folder.

1)Install 'HelloOX.1.03.Unsigned' to your phone's internal memory. If you're getting any certificate errors during the installtion it either means that you haven't signed the application or the certificate you used isn't good enough. Remember, OPDA provide the correct certificates.

2)Open HelloOx from your phone's Applications folder

Wait until it tells you that it's finished (takes about 1 minute).

If you wish, you can uninstall HelloOx once it's finished.

That's it. You're done!

If you have a Feature Pack 2 device for example a N96 or N85, you'll need to sign your unsigned applications with the certificate and key files in the archive named 'Leftup_CertKey' which is inside the HelloOx zip that you downloaded.

If you have a preFP2 device like the N95 or N73, you can now enjoy installing unsigned apps without ever having to worry again.



  1. Nathan

    Mr-X I love you!!!!!! Without you my phone would be so boring man!

    Thank you so much for this i've been waiting for so long for it

    THANK YOU!!!

  2. Mr-X

    I'm happy to have helped ;)

  3. Anonymous

    Mr-x, if I have a hacked phone already (N82 V21), can I skip the signing part? As far as I know, if I update to V30 or V31 with the hack already installed, I'll be still able to install unsigned apps, right? What do you think?

  4. Mr-X

    Anonymous, yes. What I recommend that you do is to create sys\bin in your Y drive and then paste installserver in there. I'm not sure if the N82 has a Y drive, so if it doesn't then just paste installserver in C:\sys\bin and update as usual. Hopefully UDP will preserve it for you.

    Good luck!

  5. Anonymous

    any progress on fp2 devises?

  6. Mr-X

    Yes, this *should* work on all Nokia devices now (for accessing system files, not installing unsigned apps) if you want to install unsigned apps on your FP2 device, you'll have to wait for a new custom installserver.exe to be made

  7. Anonymous


    i have a 5320XM 3.26

    this solution is not working for me:/

    when i try to install mapdrives,it says required application access not granted .

    what should i do?

    (i cant sign it with my opda cert. signers wants a key password,but i dont have one.without pass,the signed file wont works.)

  8. Mr-X

    @Anonymous, I recommend that you apply for another OPDA certificate. It's a crucial part of this hack.

  9. Mihai

    I had to pay for a downgrade for my N95, after I upgraded it to 31.0.014. It is good that a new hack is discovered. I think I will remain with my current firmware (21.0.016). I still don't understand how will there be a Y drive (as a mapping) after upgrading the firmware...

  10. Mr-X

    @Mihai, thanks for pointing that out actually! Some phones don't have the Y drive but with Modo you can instead paste it into C:\Sys\Bin :)

  11. Ronny

    Hi Ya all i tried all what was said ,ether got certificate error or not supported.please anyone did that on n95 8gb v31.0.015,just please post anything,thx

  12. kloklo51

    work fine my n82 f/w v31 thanks you are god !!!!

  13. Anonymous

    it is work for 6120C??

  14. Anonymous

    it is work for 6120c V6??

  15. Anonymous

    Mr X

    I've signed with my OPDA Cert. But it always says required application access granted.

    What should i do?

  16. Anonymous

    application access granted.???what can i do??

  17. Anonymous


    application access granted.???what can i do??

    sorry its me asenvip..
    i can do it.. with sign self..sorry.. iwant try for my 6120c v6..hope can. sorry for my english

  18. Anonymous


    i can install modo>>>application access granted.>>>what can i do??

  19. Mr-X

    Have you got an OPDA certificate like I linked to? Self-signing with Symbian Signed won't work.

    You're getting these errors because the certificate you used doesn't have enough capabilities. If you used an OPDA certificate, you'll have no problems.

    Apply for an OPDA cert and then try again, Asenvip.

  20. Yagiza

    Yeah! I did it 2 days ago and it worked for my E90!
    So, let's wait for the new firmwares. I'm sure they are coming soon.
    On Symbian 9.4 (S60 5th Edition) this hack won't work 'cause brand new installserver.exe is used. It can be started from Z drive only!

  21. Mr-X

    Thanks for letting us know, Yagiza. That sounds like bad news, it seems Nokia were prepared for the possibility of a new hack this time. I still have faith in our dedicated community, though, so I'm sure something will be figured out soon enough.

    Thanks for commenting!

  22. kloklo51

    once I install the n-gage to make next reboot format phone memory

  23. Anonymous


    i can install modo>>>application access granted.>>>what can i do??

    i have cer and key from yesterday from opda... but i can install modo...

    for map drives i can...untuil my handphone has drive V..

  24. Anonymous

    I have done it,THX for all of U guys who made this possible,I hacked N95 8GB with V31.0.015,using Deltafox method combined with other,Working Superb,for all of U having trouble with it make sure U got A OPDA cert/Developer Certificate for your phone,otherwise u not gonna make it,LOL to ALL and Big THX to ALL WHO MADE IT HAPENed

  25. Naufees

    i try to install 1 MapDrives v1.00 DiskAdmin Unsigned file in my N95,it shows "Certificate error.Contact the application suplier" and the installation stops.What should i do now?

  26. Anonymous


    THX THX and THX my handphone now Hackable!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Anonymous

    Thanks buddy you rock!!!

  28. Anonymous

    hey does anyone know whether this covers drm solutions and installing psiloc applications and also installing n-gage games?

  29. Anonymous

    Does this allow me to access the private folder in C:?

  30. Anonymous

    it takes a long time to apply open4all and i have nokia 6120c v.6

    what to do?
    please help me

  31. Anonymous

    Hi . Does this currently work n 6220c? i mean i have opda to sign apps at the moment so that isnt a problem but want to do stuff like remove camera shutter sound etc which CANNOT be done any other way .firmware is 3.46 im using . thanks in advance.

  32. Mr-X

    @Anonymous: It should work on your 6220c but I don't currently have one to test this on. I'm not sure if all patches will work on FP2 devices but there's a chance that a good number of them will.

    Please try the hack and tell us how it goes!

  33. Cornea

    Mr.x please help me. I can`t get a opda certificate.my phone is n82 and IMEI 35808201594925

  34. Anonymous


    I've hacked the phone properly,i can install everything,but N-Gage games (by BinPda) are giving errors (KERN-EXEC 3 etc.).Some games are playable,but still trial.

    What should i do?

  35. Jose Castillo

    hi guys i got a problem, i alredy hacked the phone with this method, but i was having problems installing ngage, so i decided to do a hard reset, i did it, now im trying to hack again the phone but it takes so much time applying patches, dont know what to do

  36. Anonymous

    Does this allow me to access the private folder in C:?

  37. One Mill

    I've got a problem with this method.

    I can install and run ok, but when I run HelloOX, it hangs on "Applying patches".

    I've done a factory reset and tried again, and it still does the same thing!

    I'm using an n82 v30 firmware... Help!

  38. Anonymous

    Very nice tutorial but how the fook do you sign a sis file ???

  39. Anonymous

    My N96 says : Cannot install, constrained by certificate

    what do I do ?

  40. Anonymous


  41. Mr-X


    If you're having problems signing files, please try this guide from SymbianWebBlog:


  42. Anonymous

    Hi Mr. X,
    the opda.net.cn-Site is no longer available...

    Best regards, Chris

  43. Anonymous

    So, is OPDA down for good? What's going on with the site?

  44. Anonymous

    OPDA is back up, BTW....

  45. Matze

    Thanks for the tutorial!

    everything works fine with the OPDA cer.!
    but i got the same problem as one mill

    can install and run ok, but when I run HelloOX, it hangs on "Applying patches".

    Its now working for 15 min on that!
    So any suggestions!?

    Thanks anyway! ;-)

  46. Anonymous

    Nice try, but doesnt work for me (N95 8GB 31.0.015)

    Here is a tutorial that works on mine and i think for n82 too!

    I didnt write it myself but it WORKS! Thanks @ all who help to make it possible!

    How to hack:

    1 - Install "Jbak TaskMan"
    3 - Install Signed "MapDrives v1.00 DiskAdmin" then Install it in your phone.
    4 - Copy the file "MapDrives.txt" to the root of the memory card(replace the existing one)
    5 - Copy "Installserver" to the folder E:/Hack/sys/bin/ (create the folders)
    6 - Run Jbak TaskMan --> press '#' button --> find the program "Map Drive" --> click Menu(left softkey) --> Program Rules --> Check "Autostart" checkbox
    7 - Restart.(If all of a sudden something went wrong - Remove Memory Card, reboot, read the article again)
    8 - Remove "MapDrives"
    9 - Install "MapDrive_Y"
    10 - Then run the program "MapDrives"
    11 - Install "Modo"
    12 - Take Installserver, which we downloaded, and put it in the Y:/sys/bin/ through "Modo"
    13 - Now try instally any UNSIGNED file, if error occurs, then run the "Modo" again and copy the file to "C:\sys\bin"(it must be accessible now with write permissions)

    If, however, that it did not succeed, remove all MapDrive folder Hack, reboot, rereads the article, and do it again.


  47. Anonymous

    org. thread


  48. Anonymous

    THX man
    worked fine for me with 31.0.017. Really good job, thanks man.

  49. Mr-X

    Hi guys, I've now updated the guide with the updated version of HelloOx.


  50. Anonymous


    Hi Mr-X, First thanks for this tutorial well done.
    However I've got a problem on my N95 8GB V31.0.15.
    When I run HelloOX, it hangs on "Applying patches". I've tried 3 times and waiting 10 minutes each time but no results.
    So can you tell me what's wrong ?


  51. Anonymous

    same here, hangs on "Applying patches" with a 6120 classsic...
    Can anyone help?

  52. Anonymous

    i was tryin to sign this but don't know were to get the certificate , do u know anyway that u can or can u do it?..

  53. Anonymous

    @ all who doesnt have it jet :-(
    just read the hole thread than you will find how to do it! ;-)

  54. Anonymous

    It doesn't seem to work with Nokia E51 v300.34.56
    It just hangs during applying open4all (or something like that)
    I've acquired a certificate and signed the apps, installed just fine, but when I start HelloOX, it gets to open4all and just stays like that.
    Tried after a factory reset (*#7370#) with a clear phone, but still nothing.
    Any help?
    Pretty please?

  55. Dali

    It's working for me. I'm using E66 FW 110.07.126
    For you guys who's dealing with "Applying Patch" for more than 1 minute, try to turn off any connection established (Eg, Bluetooth, Wifi).
    It was happened to me and after I turned off my bluetooth, HelooX finished successfully

  56. Anonymous

    I have the files now to sign my sis files ect but how do i sign them with it? Any help would be great.

  57. Anonymous

    Great help, mate!
    It didn't cross my mind at all!
    I've put it to Offline profile and I ran HelloOX. Now I'm liberated!
    (Nokia E51 v300.34.56)

  58. Anonymous

    A stupid post mayby, but im new to the phone. Il search around the web ofcourse, but wan't to ask anyway in here. How do you sign Sis files for the N95?

    The tutoriel for the hack is very easy to understand, but nothing about signing sis files...

    Thx in advance

    Dearly regards SpaceCow

  59. Anonymous

    Found this little program to sign files, looks like it works.


    Dearly Regards SpaceCow

  60. Anonymous

    Where can i sign the unsigned "helloOX"? i have the certificates from Opda...

    Best regards, chris

  61. Anonymous

    great work man......i have generated the certificate as u advised but nw dont knw hw to sign helloox using this certificate. help please!!!

  62. caliboy99

    Ok got my cert and Key but how do i sign the "HelloOX.1.03.Unsigned" file before install it to phone?

  63. Anonymous

    i cant install this hallo sis file to my phone?
    and cant hack my phone too. pls help.

  64. Anonymous

    how on god's earth do you sign the files?

    no point in saying all this and then not showing us how to sign files with the certificates from opda.. useless!

  65. omar play

    It keeps saying 'Applying patches...'


    What shall I do?

  66. JB

    Hi Mr.X

    I have got the OPDA certificate and key as you suggested. I have transferred the files and HelloOX into my phone and used SignSis to sign HelloOx with my certificate. When I try to install, it says "access not granted". I'm not sure what the reason is. My phone is N95 8GB 31.0.015. Hope you can provide me with a solution.

  67. dm

    thanks mate it's working nice very nice

  68. toheed asad

    HI MR-X
    I have nokia n85 and i want to install insigned applications on my mobile i use the same process to do it

  69. Anonymous

    Hello everyone!

    Sorry for beeing useless but could anyone PLEASE tell me how to sign the files??!!!

    I really want to get this to work!


  70. anvesh{n82}

    Mr-x how to attach opda certificate to helloOX application

  71. zoellner86/zoellner.tk

    Nice 2 see that U are using my "pySMS" App! ;)

  72. Anonymous

    E90 is FP1 or FP2?

  73. Anonymous

    yea juz switch off ya bluetooth and it'll work!

  74. sul

    thanks man, i works on my N82 V31.0.016 but partialy crack.

  75. Anonymous

    its really a good tutorial to hack nokias

    i use 5320 xm nokia phone. what is its type? Pre FP1 or FP1? i think it uses s60 v 3.2 platform os.

  76. Anonymous

    akhilesh:sir plz plz help me when i try to apply for my certificate in opda there comes an option of entering my phonbe no. whatever phone no. i type it says that it is incorrect pls help me sir plz..........my phone model is nokia 5320xm v4.13

  77. Anonymous

    Best Information like this post Sony href="http://dailymobiles.blogspot.com/2009/10/press-comverse-teams-up-with-sony.html"

  78. Anonymous

    thank for the hacked information Sony

  79. Sourabh

    Mr.X, thankyou for your GREAT work,
    But now i want ur help I have nokia n86 v20,previous hack disappeared after formatting otherwise it was working after upgradation, Help please in hacking..... waiting for ur reply

  80. arjay

    thanks MR X. it worked in my N95 8GB V31.0.015 just make it offline and turn off any connections and it will be done and not suffer to an hour-applying patches. GREAT WORK MR. X! TWO THUMBS UP FOR YOU!

  81. Anonymous

    it worked with my n95 8gb 31.0.015 thanks to MR. X! just make ur phone offline to have the patches applied. NICE WORK MR X!!!

  82. Anonymous

    I also have to say thanks to Mr X. My N95 v31.0.017 was hanging on applying patches. Need to move his post nearer the top so I don't have to read through a hundered people asking in the wrong place "How do I sign?"

  83. JASE

    For all of you with applying patches hanging: When you install in memory card it will hang. Installing in helloox in phones internal memory will solve the problem.

  84. Anonymous


    kai thatu nathi be,,,,,!!!

  85. Anonymous

    e90 on applying patches it stuckssssssssssssssssss

  86. Anonymous

    how to solve this problem??????????????????

  87. Anonymous

    e90 stuck on applying patchessssssssssss<<<<<>>>>>

  88. Anonymous

    Fof all who get stuck on applying patches, you must signd 4 files which are installed by helloOX , located on mass memory,in HelloOX folder (or memory card) , and than replace the unsigned files with the signed one, and be careful to have the same name.If stucks again , cancel it and try again and than 100% it will work. Hacked my N95 8gb V31.0.015

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